unsafe food

shoutout to ppl with unconventional trauma

who lived through tense situations where they were terrified, who’s fear was programmed into them by the people around them, who were mistreated, lied to, and manipulated, who lived in environments that made them feel unsafe, who had their food, safety, and support system messed with, who were overexposed to an unsafe world, who’s trauma was the result of other disorders.

your trauma is valid, even if you were never hit or assaulted. even if people deny you went through emotional abuse. even if you feel you have no place in the trauma recovery community because no one is like you. you matter.

The last few weeks my therapist seems to be trying out a different way of approaching my treatment and it’s going really well! She made a lot more notes, asked a lot more questions and generally seemed a little more formal I guess. We set a bunch of new goals and went over a lot of important stuff. I told her about my weight and how scared I am, and she told me she was so happy to hear I got to 7 stone and how much progress I’ve made. We made a list of my safe/unsafe/possible foods to challenge and I’m giving having one proper meal, of my choice, with my family once a week a go! We were having a really nice, funny, lighthearted session but then she got all serious and said at 6 stone I could easily have been in hospital blah blah and I got all silent and uncomfortable hearing it 😬overall I think it was a really productive session and I feel a lot better about my weight gain which is good.