unruly thoughts

Bad Luck


Some days were good days. Some days Naomi would finish school knowing nothing was waiting for her at home because everyone except her sister was going to be out all night. It was on those days that the older teen would exit the school building, look around, and have no clue what she wanted to do today. It was great. 

Well, she didn’t feel like going home yet. The house would be empty while her sister was still at practice, so Naomi decided to head into town. A visit to some friends sounded nice! Most parents wouldn’t agree, since it was an empty, shabby building with a bunch of unruly young adults who thought it was funny to decorate public buildings with art that, despite its profane nature, was “strangely” not given permission to be put there. Among other things, of course. Naomi slipped into the first floor with ease, grinning at one of her friends, and then immediately getting into a fun fighting match with them.