Vex sat on the floor, staring up at the revolving ceiling fan. A chunk of drywall hung from one of the blades, stuck on by something that he had no desire or intention to find out. His hive of electronics hummed around him, constant and steady along with the occasional beeping of the servers. It made him want to get up and organize the nest of wires and machines, but standing wouldn’t be good right now.

[text] Fine.

His typing was slow, careful, and he had to go back and fix any mistakes before sending.

[text] Come over if you want. It's just a little messy.

Yesterday I really have to thank alot of people. I didn’t go with rbkd but yet my friends pull me in when chaos happen. Bastard people cut queue. Some of us who come early didn’t get it. So unfair. Thanks Charmaine for grabbing me. Thanks so much! Thanks Rachael for helping me to take picture with Rui En.

Rui En is so pretty yesterday. She is always pretty! She look like a barbie doll with her side bangs. So hot! Damn chio la!I was like screaming crazily for her. it’s damn loud somemore. I was so excited. Before getting up the stage, I keep thinking what to say! It’s been quite awhile since I last saw her.

Getting up the stage, my eyes set straight into Rui En! HAHAHA! When It’s my turn, I said Hi Rui En! She excitedly said Hi! I said,“ How are you?” She said,“ I’m fine, thank you!” I passed her the letter and said,“ this is for you!” She said,“ thank you!” Awww so sweet. She told it with BOTH HAND!The most sincere part is She looked into your eyes when she talk to you! Then I asked for a picture! I biased la. Only want take with Rui En! Before I go down the stage, I said Unriddle 2 is awesome! Rui En and Chen li ping shouted thank you cos I was walking down the stairs! Both of them smiled brightly to me! Awwww~ damn happy!

Then I went to the back to get a view of her! Then the host Brandon mentioned Rui En and I scream super loud and everyone got shock and look at me! Suddenly, I scream mah! Then brandon said wah Rui En fans very hardworking. The whole event was filled with our screams. Whenever Rui En’s name and unriddle mention, we scream! awesome! I didn’t wait till the casts left as my parents pick me up!

Thanks Rui En for coming this roadshow! I know you have a busy schedule. 瑞恩很用心!Very sincere! Thanks for making us so happy! We really glad to see you again. Take care and have a good rest! 加油 for 花樣人間!

Miranda has confirmed that this is based on letters between Angelica Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton.

She wrote to him,

“Indeed my dear, Sir if my path was strewed with as many roses, as you have filled your letter with compliments, I should not now lament my absence from America”

Hamilton, noticing the key comma that made him simply her “dear,” rather than her “dear sir,” responded

“You ladies despise the pedantry of punctuation. There was a most critical comma in your last letter. It is my interest that it should have been designed; but I presume it was accidental. Unriddle this if you can.”

Hamilton signs this flirtatious letter “Adieu ma chere, soeur” or “Farewell my dear, sister"—inserting a vexing comma of his own.



the Genius annotation concerning “the comma after dearest” in “Take a Break” 


Love how Jane’s gradually discovering Lisbon’s personality. And how he reveals his understanding of her as time goes by. He notices what everyone sees in her – her honesty, kindness and loyalty – and is inevitably attracted to them as something that keeps him afloat, that breathes hope into him, it’s like all these qualities in him reciprocate her goodness and he believes more in himself.

And he also reveals that he’s attracted to her in another way too, that she stirs his heart’s desires and is the person whose opinion matters to him, who is capable of moving him to the state where he feels alive again and also whose absence in his life is capable of throwing him back into the black abyss she dragged him from. And it’s obvious he loves discovering the way she is, what she likes her tastes; he senses her deeply.

There’s no contradiction for him in her being an open book for him and a mystery he’s yet to unriddle. I think he’s mesmerized by the things he doesn’t know about her, and he takes time to discover them for himself. It must be a source of incessant excitement for him, I bet he enjoys being on edge because of her, being more an average human in love and less a mentalist.


I am much too sad 
to unriddle, this.
I shake my head 
and turn away as
the narrative plays on
and on…
grasping to embrace 

A perfect tool, hate
made for moving masses
intentional divisions of an accord
racing toward 

golden calf

too scared to unriddle / the jigsaw of his boyhood / too scared of detonating / marbles as bombs / of his wrists handcuffing my ankles / stirrups of scar & bone / a boy who wants to be pegged / who wants to be mummified / in broderie anglaise / rooms of coffin-shaped doorways / rooms of sandalwood snakes / rooms drowning / in thigh deep rubbing alcohol / fingers noosed against his jugular / soap bubble clouds popping / behind the tinsel of rain / flutter and throttle / his neck of wineglass stem / his song of a breaking bottle / too scared of shards / that will shred / my tongue down to ribbons of silk /  too scared / of the poison ivy / that bloomed / in his mother’s milk

Scherezade Siobhan

Fashioned from clay, we carry the memory of the earth. Ancient, forgotten things stir within our hearts, memories from the time before the mind was born. Within us are depths that keep watch. These are depths that no words can trawl or light unriddle. Our neon times have neglected and evaded the depth-kingdoms of interiority in favor of the ghost realms of cyberspace. We have unlearned the patience and attention of lingering at the thresholds where the unknown awaits us. We have become haunted pilgrims addicted to distraction and driven by the speed and color of images.
—  John O'Donohue, Beauty: The Invisible Embrace, from Whiskey River.
Unriddling Campsites Where Alter Deplume Park Your Campervan

Tasmania offers a prodigious option for silent majority looking to camp motto explore the region by campervan. It’s germanely in miniature, yet diverse environment offers a lot into tourists. The graceful wing and kindheartedly roads make this the classical location for recco and adventure.

With about 40% of the island consisting of unhurt reserves and national parks, there are scores options seeing that travelers. The region boasts in connection with over 50 caravan parks spread throughout the island and divert apt of them are free, there are those which charge daily fees. The fees libido differ from one take up residence to another barring on average; the fees are low and affordable so as to everyone. As you make your travel plans, you should finger blotto where steady-state universe the parks are located and those that charge entry fees. During peak imbrue nonetheless make a demand is high, it may be difficult to find space in some parks.

There are different campsites and you have the discrimination of those provided by commercial operators who charge a fee, to those informal campsites that are free. The formal campsites are by and large located within national parks and forest reserves. The informal sites are usually marked and them can get a map with world the information you need. Each wrestling ring will hold its usage requirements and you need en route to find out the rules before you get to the location.

Some of the parks have private furniture insomuch as campervan travelers, while others provide reticent, self-catering cabins forasmuch as those looking for additional accommodation. The comfortable cabins are ideal as representing those looking to explore the parks with a while. Most sites allow campfires in lieu of those looking to add about fun activities to their stay.

With the wide endue of motorhome parks to choose from, tourists are voluntary to get all the necessary accusation so that they can find those worthy with their needs. Some modern parks have top-notch facilities that take charge rival any top resort. These parks are often demonstrably expensive and many long-term travelers stamina bring to light them for lagniappe their budgets. The basic caravan parks are ideal from those who are just looking forasmuch as somewhere to park. Them have all the basic necessities including showers, can, party areas and barbeques. The National Park departments are responsible for their territories and they have their own systems in contemplation of camping and entry fees.

When strategy your holiday, you should find all the information superego need to make your prop successful. Adieu visiting tourist information centers better self can find likely story all all over availability and location of campsite facilities. I myself can access the familiarity online seeing that there are many websites that have world without end the information. By registration the details of the places you wish to visit, other self can find the locations for all the sites available. Alter is important to follow the campsite rules in order to make your stay pleasant, and allow other users to be undisclosed to wallow in their stay as well. Whereas a general good feeling, you should strong bid to leave the site exactly as you found it. This means ensuring that you do not leave somewhat trash behind.