unrestricted movement


The types of ZPD uniforms.

1:“Athletic ZPD uniform”. This uniform fits tighter against the body and therefore allows for unrestricted movement, as compared to other uniforms.

2:“ZPD uniform”. Standard issue. Most officers will be wearing a uniform like this. Has a black tie and a gold pin with the wearer’s last name .

3: “Armored ZPD uniform” this uniform comes equipped with a bulletproof vest worn over what relatively resembles an athletic uniform. Provides increased protection.

4: “Ceremonial ZPD uniform” . This outfit sports decorative accessories, such as the yellow shoulder cord, to give it a nice appearance. Used for ceremonies such as a funeral or graduation.

5: “Ranking ZPD uniform” . This uniform is worn by senior officers who have a higher rank than most other officers. Ex: chief Bogo. This uniform has gold stars and possibly more customization options due to the wearers heightened status.

6: “ZPD training uniform”. This outfit is a loose fitting shirt and pants that provide a lot of comfort and mobility. This uniform can be worn with boxing gloves and a helmet if the wearer is in a boxing match for training.

7: “meter maid uniform” . This outfit may be worn over any of the other uniforms on this list. The bright orange vest makes the wearer visible, and the hat designates what they are currently doing.

I would imagine that all of these uniforms, ( with the exception of numbers 7, 4 and 5 ) can be worn by any officer regardless of their daily assignments. It all depends on what the wearer wants to get out of their uniform, Ex: maybe Judy wanted to be able to move faster. I would think that no one in the department would tell you that you couldn’t wear, for example an armored uniform instead of a standard one, because all these uniforms qualify as police outfits.