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The suit was unresponsive to his requests. No movement, no energy, no way out - unless someone happened to walk by and open it from the back but... there was no way someone would be walking out here, let alone there actually being ANYONE here.

It was a bit of an understatement to call Os ‘somebody’. He was no more than a scavenger during his spare time. A dangerous one. So naturally when he spotted the metal suit shine from afar he was interested.
Os was careful to keep a distance. It could be dangerous after all but.. … his eyes went wide like a child during a holiday. “Holy shit….” it was nearly Impossible to not recognize the suit. “…………..” But was he alive? Os tested it by throwing a rock at the grounded iron man.

I drew this a while ago but never got around to finishing it. I got it done today.

Anyways, the story here is similar to my other picture of depressed Gallerian, upon finding out that Ma was his supposedly late mother and that their relationship was incestuous, he was in such a state of shock that he didn’t want to live with that horrible discovery in his head, so he attempted suicide by refining the fifth gift with golden dust, creating the ninth gift.

Margarita, due to having a great knowledge on gift was able to save him by removing the gift tumors and gave him millennium tree sap. However his mind was still shot that he became unresponsive for several days or weeks, when he did speak finally, he requested Nemesis to see him and ask her to end him. Though Nemesis despised him, she ultimately refused.

~please don’t take any offense to it, I’m fully aware that suicide is no laughing matter~

Delta Airlines Refuses to Believe Black Woman is a Doctor in Midst of Medical Crisis. Believes White Man.

In her own words: I’m sure many of my fellow young, corporate America working women of color can all understand my frustration when I say I’m sick of being disrespected.

Was on Delta flight DL945 and someone 2 rows in front of me was screaming for help. Her husband was unresponsive. I naturally jumped into Doctor mode as no one else was getting up. Unbuckle my seatbelt and throw my tray table up and as I’m about to stand up, flight attendant says “everyone stay calm, it’s just a night terror, he is alright”. I continue to watch the scene closely.

A couple mins later he is unresponsive again and the flight attendant yells “call overhead for a physician on board”. I raised my hand to grab her attention. She said to me “oh no sweetie put ur hand down, we are looking for actual physicians or nurses or some type of medical personnel, we don’t have time to talk to you” I tried to inform her that I was a physician but I was continually cut off by condescending remarks.

Then overhead they paged “any physician on board please press your button”. I stare at her as I go to press my button. She said “oh wow you’re an actual physician?” I reply yes. She said “let me see your credentials. What type of Doctor are you? Where do you work? Why were you in Detroit?” (Please remember this man is still in need of help and she is blocking my row from even standing up while
Bombarding me with questions).

I respond “OBGYN, work in Houston, in Detroit for a wedding, but believe it or not they DO HAVE doctors in Detroit. Now excuse me so I can help the man in need”. Another “seasoned” white male approaches the row and says he is a physician as well. She says to me “thanks for your help but he can help us, and he has his credentials”. (Mind you he hasn’t shown anything to her. Just showed up and fit the “description of a doctor”) I stay seated. Mind blown. Blood boiling. (Man is responding the his questions and is seemingly better now Thank God)

Then this heifer has the nerve to ask for my input on what to do next about 10 mins later. I tell her we need vitals and blood sugar. She comes back to report to me a BP of 80/50 (super low, to my non medical peeps) and they can’t find a glucometer. We continue down that pathway of medical work up, but the point is she needed my help and I continued to help despite the choice words I had saved up for her. The patient and his wife weren’t the problem, they needed help and we were mid flight.

She came and apologized to me several times and offering me skymiles. I kindly refused. This is going higher than her. I don’t want skymiles in exchange for blatant discrimination. Whether this was race, age, gender discrimination, it’s not right. She will not get away with this….and I will still get my skymiles….

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A man who died after being tasered by police with a 50,000 volt stun gun was not breaking into property as thought but actually visiting friends for a birthday drink. 

Adrian Thompson became unresponsive after being bundled into a police car and taken into custody in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, having been stunned. A call to the police suggested he was breaking into the property, but a friend has now insisted the 34-year-old had been invited to the scene in the early hours of Monday morning. His death is now being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.  

 A 22-year-old local resident, who did not want to be named, said he heard Thompson shout ‘help me’ after the stun gun was fired at around 1.45am. He added: ‘There were seven or eight police and I saw them dragging this bloke out.’

Police brutality in the UK


BREAKING: Coverage of Baltimore Protests (5:46 PM) [LIVE]

Proof that Baltimore Police instigated the current situation

What We Know So Far

  • Another day of violent protests erupted in Baltimore on Monday.
  • Several police officers were injured as demonstrators threw rocks and bricks, including one who was described as “unresponsive.”
  • Protesters remain angry over the death of Freddie Gray, who died from severe injuries he sustained while in police custody.
  • Some of the protesters started looting stores, including a CVS.
  • Police warned that tear gas and pepper spray would be deployed to disperse crowds.
  • Watch live video
Plane crew almost lets man die because they refuse to believe black woman is a doctor.
Houston OBGYN Dr. Tamika Cross is blowing up Facebook with a maddening story of prejudice that's sure to make you grit your teeth in frustration. Dr. Cross was flying out of Detroit on a Delta fli

Houston OBGYN Dr. Tamika Cross is blowing up Facebook with a maddening story of prejudice that’s sure to make you grit your teeth in frustration. Dr. Cross was flying out of Detroit on a Delta flight when a man became unresponsive. She jumped in to help save him, only to find herself restrained by the flight crew, who were extremely skeptical that a black woman who had ever set foot in Detroit could be an M.D.


#Racism #US

how the zodiac deal with sadness
  • check moon!
  • Aries:Impulsive, blind with rage, and fail to get worked up about their normal habits. They become oppositional, but with less enthusiasm.
  • Taurus:Become isolated, may binge-eat or become lethargic. They have a sense of “me against the world,” lack patience, and are easy to enrage.
  • Gemini:Overthink, become silent, and seem to be “elsewhere.” They’re fairly intolerable to sadness and dissociate from their feelings.
  • Cancer:Emotional, needy, and cry after insignificant events. They’re prone to stomach aches and have feelings of separation from everyone around them.
  • Leo:Display their stress, but become wound up like they’re on the brink of a nervous breakdown. They’re short-tempered and needy, and are prone to turning themselves into a martyr.
  • Virgo:Have heightened compulsions, become unresponsive in conversations, and become blunt and oppositional.
  • Libra:Have feelings of instability and moodiness, with a reduced urge to socialize. Often feel hopeless, but try to stay happy and composed.
  • Scorpio:Become hostile, isolated, and have violent mood swings. They exhibit intense melancholy with paranoia, and their own thoughts become scary to them.
  • Sagittarius:Feel lethargic and sometimes use substances to escape. They become more serious and tense, less tolerant, and are plagued with feelings of worry when thinking about the future.
  • Capricorn:Become unmotivated, hopeless, and start to overthink. They seem hyper vigilant, forcing themselves to “go through the motions,” but nothing really impresses them.
  • Aquarius:Become uneasy and silent. They isolate themselves and detach, even though they attempt to appear happy.
  • Pisces:Have obsessive thinking, and remember every bad event that’s happened to them. They become anxious, isolated, and tend to “feel everything.”
  • Temperament:Sensing
  • Mood:While Virgo may experience fluctuations in mood, it would be rare for them to display it. Instead, the Virgo will repress the emotion, which can manifest in them needing a sense of order, and nerves and anxiety. The innate reflex to worry and their negative inner voices can cause mood changes, irritability and nervous tension
  • Works From:Left brain
  • Compulsions:Virgo have naturally compulsive personalities. They are highly meticulous and habitual; liking 'things in their spot'; and having clear organization. They tend to be compulsive in their aim for perfection and their need to rationalize
  • Signs of Distress:Isolation, acute compulsions (cleaning, washing hands more etc;), unresponsive in conversations, at time blunt and more oppositional
  • Signs of Rage:Tremors/shaking, racing thoughts, increased compulsions (cleaning, hair twirling), cold and aloof, uncharacteristic violence, breaking objects, hyperactivity, inability to sit still, Virgo can hold onto their anger for quite long periods
  • Signs of Nerves:Digestive upset, restlessness, repetitive movements (hair twirling, counting) tremor, rapid thinking, withdrawal into isolated 'bubble', habitual tasks (cleaning, organizing), need to keep busy and distracted may pace back and forth
  • Signs of Happiness:Increased focus and analytical processes, decreased nerves and anxiety, less pronounced compulsions, positive inner monologue, idealism, increased self assurance, intensified urge to be of service and outreach
  • Fear:People will judge them and treat them differently if they are not at least fulfilling some purpose or usefulness in being around. They will never be 'good' enough
  • Cherry.

Effects of Lobotomies

The results of early lobotomies were difficult to interpret, because the people receiving lobotomies were already psychotic, seriously disturbed and out of touch with reality. In the late 1940s lobotomies were used on a new group: people suffering severe intractable pain : pain unresponsive to any form of treatment. Doctors had noticed that psychotic patients receiving lobotomies no longer complained of pain afterward. So it seemed lobotomies might be useful for people who suffered from pain alone, without any sort of psychological disorder. At first this seemed to be a success. Dynes (1950) wrote, “The patient [after lobotomy] was unconcerned about pain and in practically all instances he was no longer anxious and fearful as he had been prior to the lobotomy.”

When pain patients were given lobotomies, what symptoms were discovered?

However, as time went on, some disastrous consequences were discovered. Dynes found that some patients were “slowed up in thinking and acting, they were dull, at times completely lacking in emotional expression or display and showed a striking reduction in interest and driving energy.” Others receiving the same operation were “uninhibited and euphoric and they were somewhat restless with a purposeless type of activity.”

What does it mean to be “stimulus-bound”??

Lobotomy patients were said to act stimulus-bound. They reacted to whatever was in front of them and did not respond to imaginary situations, rules, or plans for the future. Many of the patients became fat. If food was set in front of them, they ate, hungry or not. Some of the patients grew sexually promiscuous; they pursued immediate gratification without regard for consequences. Few of the lobotomy patients could plan effectively for the future or sustain goal-oriented activities. A goal requires that complicated plans be held in mind, and this was evidently beyond the capacity of lobotomy patients, who tended to be distracted by immediate stimuli. (Source)

A couple minutes later he is unresponsive again and the flight attendant yells ‘call overhead for a physician on board.’ I raised my hand to grab her attention. She said to me ‘oh no sweetie put your hand down, we are looking for actual physicians or nurses or some type of medical personnel, we don’t have time to talk to you’ I tried to inform her that I was a physician but I was continually cut off by condescending remarks.

Aside from everything else, racism makes people stupid.

sleep deprivation facts:

  • After missing one night of sleep, expect fatigue, reduced attention span and problems with short-term memory.
  • After missing 2 to 3 nights, one will also suffer poor coordination, muscle twitches, marked loss of concentration, impaired judgment, blurred vision, nausea, and slurring of speech. Often one will experience episodes of microsleep (briefly sleeping for a few seconds at a time, without being aware of it).
  • At about 4 to 5 days without sleep, expect extreme irritability, hallucinations, and delusional episodes.
  • After about 6 to 8 missed nights, add slowed speech, tremors in limb extremities, memory lapse, confusion concerning one’s own identity, unusual behavior, and paranoia to the list.
  • After 9 to 11 nights without sleep, fragmented thinking occurs (beginning sentences without completing them), and prolonged episodes of unresponsive “conscious stupor.”
Misplaced Emotions

Summary: Dan Howell is a vampire who’s lost his humanity, and all he wants is to fuck Phil Lester, who just so happens to be a vampire hunter.

TW: a million cuss words. casual mention of blood and death and sex and a (very calm/non descriptive) murder takes place bc dan’s a vampire and he be hungryyy

Word Count: 3k

here’s my halloween fic! I hope you like it ^__^

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Canarsie resident Serge Duthely, a 28-year-old father to two young girls, died mysteriously in police custody late Sunday afternoon, leaving his friends and family stunned and confused.

Duthely’s friends and family said via various social-media channels that they were struggling to understand how and why Duthely died Sunday. One female relative wrote that his 1- and 2-year-old daughters were ”obsessed with their father. Now they have to grow up without him.”

The NYPD’s narrative is that Duthely was found “unconscious and unresponsive” around 5:30 p.m. Sunday evening inside the “cell area” of the 69th Precinct station house.

Duthely was arrested after crashing his car Sunday afternoon.

The New York Daily News, citing police sources, reported Duthely was found “hanging by his T-shirt inside the holding cell of a Brooklyn police precinct.” The New York Times published a similar report. 

#SergeDuthely #BlackLivesMatter #NYPD

Did you know Serge Duthely, or do you have any information about what happened to him? Reach out: simone.wilson@patch.com. 

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We saunter through bursting hallways,
waves parting to make way for us.
This is our kingdom. We rule with little effort.

Bleary eyes and shameless yawns,
highlighters twirling between perfect fingers.
Loose sheets flutter out of half-closed binders.

Our nails end in barbs, our hair smell of honey and apples,
we have disco-ball eyes, and ambrosia slides off our backs.
We drink in this life, this madness, this despairing song.

Poison coating our lips, a cherry-red pout like
Cupid’s bow; we chew gossip and mint toffee and
spit out metal-tipped rumours. They explode in shrapnel.

Our war-cry isn’t a roar or a snarl. It is a laugh
like the jingle of candy store doorbells, and
the click-click-clicking staccato of heels is our anthem.

We sit on thrones built of lies, but we are no queen bees.
We do not rest sated in our hives, letting the drones work, no.
We are black widows, and we spin our webs wide and tight.

Our Word is law and its jurisdiction reaches beyond locker rooms.
Courts are held in cafeterias, judgments passed over 2 a.m. texts.
Our base tastes have royal propensity. This is a plutocracy.

Am I the princess in the tower? The damsel in distress?
No, I am the dragon spitting flames, the viper in your sleeve.

I’m not the girl you die for, my sweet. I am the one you kill for.

—  {We Rule the Kingdoms of High School Hallways} two of seven poetry week prompts || a. b.