unrequited love songs

Without further ado, here’s the jeffmads song, written and recorded in just under an hour!

I actually don’t hate this one. That’s new. 

Anyway, I present: “Without You”! 


EDIT: Oh my god I’m definitely writing a counterpart to this song in James’ perspective tomorrow…

This is how I lose you
Every time the light from your face flickers
The stars I admire so much start to dim
I say nothing and instead look at your eyes hoping I’ll find the right answers in them
I never do
Every time you drop my hand and look away
I blindly clasp against your knuckles, your cheeks
Hoping I can read the words you’re screaming
Hoping your cries can be heard all the way here
They never do
Every time you close your eyes and prick your mouth with needles you pick up from spare change
Your blood drips and it is laced with silent murmurs of “Why aren’t you enough?”
I hold on to you and hope that I’m doing everything right
And every time your lips run out of oil and they stop turning
Like rusted wheels that can barely keep themselves together
I look at you and my eyes are wide open
Because when I am about to lose you, it feels like I am holding your hand and you are right next to me but the tears touching the insides of my cheek whisper, “I’m about to lose you, I’m about to lose you”
And that terrifies me
Because I never want to lose you
I never want to hold your hand and feel like the continents are drifting us apart
I never want to kiss you and feel like the oceans are separating us for thousands of miles
I never want to be there physically
When I know that my heart is somewhere else
—  m; what happens when i’m about to lose you

I just want to become an art under his hands, to be made up of ripped colors and lines. I only want to be whispered like an old, forgotten spell, to be sighed and murmured in his darkest nights. I want to be the song that plays over and over in his mind, to be the watch on his wrist that does not tell time.

But I’m only a spilled ink smeared across his desk—dried up, cracked, a poem left unsaid.

—  hanzelwrites