Because I was the storm that he couldn’t weather.

Because I was the sea while he never strayed from shore.

We were the joining of the tempest and the calm.

The worst part not us colliding but that I, absorbed by him lost my vastness.

He never loved me and I-

I should’ve known better.

—  elouise416
I’m terrified. I’m terrified he’ll never come back, and I’m terrified he’ll come back and I’ll let him.
—  I’m in love with him, but it just causes pain.

I know this boy
And no matter how much I tell him how much he means to me
He still thinks I think of him as just a friend

I know this girl
And she’s in love with this boy
I quietly watch them fall in love with each other
I choke down all the words I really want to say
And all that comes out is
“You two are cute together”

See the thing about unrequited love
No matter how much you try to run from it
It has this nasty habit of sneaking up on you when you are most vulnerable

—  Untitled
I have always been the type who wants to fix things or make things right when my relationships go south. I don’t know how to let people go easily. I don’t know how to stop caring even when I should. You’ve pushed me to the point where I don’t even want to try anymore. I’m just so done.

I don’t care to fix us anymore. Let’s watch us burn into flames together.


I pried apart my rib cage
Like a deranged animal
In order to fulfill your desire
To meet every demon of mine
Just like you craved

I allowed myself to be vulnerable
And went so far as emptying
All remaining space within me
In exchange for you to reside comfortably

I created a home for you
Only to be left vacant
With no warnings
You left me hollow and alone
Reassembling my pried apart pieces

Empty vessels now fill the spaces between my ribs
Permanently closing in
Fragments of my heart
Leaving an ‘Out of Order’ sign
For everyone else that tries to enter

your fingerprints won’t ever fade from my soul.

i could fall in love a thousand times and i’ll never forget how you were the first person who made me to stop to think that maybe love is more selfless than it is blind

i realized i would rather fluid fill my lungs and pins puncture my heart than ever hurt you again, i would rather clutch at my chest and drown than chase you down just so i can breathe easier and that’s when i knew what love meant

i never even kissed you, jesus, i never even held you for longer than ten seconds and you taught me more than my first girlfriend, you taught me more than anyone i’ve ever touched in the flesh

and i’ve loved since then and i’ll love again and it won’t make it any less, it won’t mean i’ll be incomplete without your hand in mine the rest of my life but holy shit i’m so grateful i knew you, i’m so grateful God thought you into existence and on the days you feel like you’ll never matter enough i hope you remember there’s a room in my heart that will never hold anything other than your picture 

i hope you know
you changed me.

—  i was thinking about you a week ago and i thought about you again tonight and i will for the rest of my life and i wouldn’t change it for the world (m.n.g)
Love me again
Baby please, as I plead
Using a nickname no longer valid
Calling out for a soul
A presence, a love
No longer there.
—  K.L, Baby, are you still there?
Each night I leave my house to walk to his, I wish it was still you I was meeting. Every time my phone buzzes I pretend I’m excited that it’s him but still long for it to be you. Every time he wraps his arms around me, or laces his fingers in mine, or kisses my forehead, I smile and close my eyes, only because I’m pretending it’s you. It’s been a year and I can’t move on. You’re at the bottom of every bottle of vodka my lips touch, but also sitting comfily at the end of my morning cup of coffee. You’re still the love songs I listen to and the quotes I read. I still crave you. Why can’t I move on.
—  It’s time to admit that I love you