unremembered empire

okay i’m really sorry because i know none of my followers are into The Warhams

but this picture is really fucking funny to me okay

like guilliman (the guy on the left) is going “YAAAAY EVERYONE LOOK AT MY COOL BROTHER YAAAAY”

and the crowd are all cheering and shit

and then sanguinius (the guy on the right) is just “what the fuck am I even doing here”

Yay, fan art! This is meant to be Sanguinius while he’s regent of the Imperium Secundus. The fact that everyone saw him as being more like the Emperor due to the position, meant that thanks to his whole face-changes-depending-on-what-people-think-of-him thing, he started to look more like the Emperor.

(The above totally isn’t an excuse to draw my headcanon Sanguinius and make it sort of match canon, no siree *whistles innocently*)

To colour this, I didn’t draw it grayscale first, I went straight to doing colour. I think it looks pretty good. Way, way back when I did straight colour shading regularly, I didn’t know enough about values, so everything looked kinda flat. Going grayscale was a pretty good remedy for that, because I could see the contrast better. The only problem was it tended to make my drawings look dead, I could only make grey shadows, and it was almost impossible to get the right colour. I think I might switch over to mostly going straight to colour. I think I now know enough about value to pull it off, and it should fix the ‘all my shadows are grey, and everyone looks like they have a fake tan’ problems.


So I just re-read “Unremembered Empire”, skimming over most of the Perpetual shenanigans.  There’s lots of room for Dantioch and Polux character development when you are given material like this:

“…Dantioch shifted painfully on his wooden throne.  His latest efforts had sapped much of his strengths.  He looked at Polux.

“Will  you go? Dantioch asked Polux.

“I think the field will permit me,” Polux replied, “for I need to be on terra, and Macragge is one step closer, but I fancy the mysteries of the Pharos might be more expediently uncovered if comrades work together.”

Dantioch held out his hand.  Polux took it.

“I will be glad of the help, Alexis,” he said.

“As I am already glad of yours,” Polux replied.

Polux looked out of the field at Guilliman.  “I will stay here for the while, lord,” he said, “with your permission.  We will work to unravel further the mysteries of this light, and this link.”

“With my blessing,” said the Avenging Son.

As @ultramarineblues and @pholcidae have commented, Dantioch wanted to be friends with Polux so badly, and in the end, he more than succeeded.  That sure reads like a wedding to me.

It’s confirmation for me that Imperial Fists and Iron Warriors really could be the Imperium’s best friends were they not manipulated to compete in an antagonistic fashion.

One of the best moments in the Horus Heresy

Euten stopped. She turned.
Konrad Curze bowed to her. He was a smile made of shadows and smoke and sickness. He was wickedness itself.
‘Tarasha,’ he sighed. A smile should not be that wide.
‘He will kill you for this,’ she said.
‘He’s dead, Tarasha,’ Curze replied.
All her strength left her. Grief felled her. She dropped to her knees.
‘I killed him,’ Curze cooed. ‘Roboute and the Lion both. I have studied his story, of course. As the little emperor he pretends to be, he does so chronicle himself. I have heard of you. Tarasha Euten, Chamberlain Principal, and to all intents a mother to him. A mother.’
Curze sighed.
‘Thanks to the genius of my father, my kind does not enjoy the luxury of mothers. You are rare. You are a rare and obscene thing, you ragged witch. I wish Roboute had been alive to suffer the damage of your death.’
Euten rose to her full height and looked the monster in the eye.
‘Go to hell, you bastard,’ she said.

That’s right Konrad, eat shit. You might scare whole planets but when you tell someone you’ve just killed their kid, you can go fuck your plans of scaring them. Good job Lemans dad had died by that point, if he’d tried it on him Russ’ dad would probably just laugh his ass off at him.

anonymous asked:

I love that painting from Unremembered Empire because it looks less regal and more like Sanguinius and Guilliman are in a fraternity and Sanguinius just passed initiation by doing something really dumb and an extremely drunk Guilliman is roaring in drunken approval of his frat bro while the rest of them look on

I never saw that in it… until now.