Lana Del Rey, Bible & Anthology

A 300 page book with lyrics to hundreds of Lana Del Rey songs (including unreleased and will include lyrics to Honeymoon). It features a plain black cover with ‘Lana Del Rey’ foiled in gold and black sprayed page edges.

The design is in its final stages but the funding period ends in two weeks. Pre-order the book now before time runs out and own a rare piece of Lana Del Rey memorabilia!

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  • Going to Buffalo
  • The Mountain Goats
  • Misc. Mountain Goats

I will nuzzle up against you and then
I will never see you again
The fire’s burning
The world’s turning


Bet you guys ain’t heard this song…

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that this song is actually titled Going to Buffalo, not Learning to Breathe. Sorry if this caused any confusion.

Shrek is an animated cartoon about a green ogre, who falls in love with a princess. Shrek is also mentioned in Ed Sheerans song Wake Me Up. Ed and the girl he was talking about have watched Shrek 12 times. 1+2 is 3 and 3 is the number of full tours boyband One Direction have had with now missing member Zayn Malik. Zayn also has 3 names, Zayn Jawaidkhowtospellit Malik. Zayn Malik is engaged to pop singer Perrie Edwards, who is in a girl group called Little Mix. Little mix is about to have their 3RD album. But wait, a song on their album is called Black Magic. One Directions has an unreleased song called Magic. Magic was leaked after their 2nd album, Take Me Home, which abbreviated is T.M.H. which is 3 letters. the most ot3 ship of One Direction consists of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. But Louis and Harry are not in the ot3. No, they are in their own little relationship called Larry Stylinson. One Direction is now on their fourth tour, On The Road Again. There are a lot of new larry moments on said tour. The tour name, One The Road Again, abbreviated is OTRA. which is four letters. One Directions newest album is called FOUR. FOUR begins with a F. One of the song on their album that begins with an F is fireproof # buy fireproof on iTunes

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what songs have muse never played live?

sometimes they play a snippet of a song as an intro or outro but here i’m going to list songs which they’ve never played live in full. there are rumours that some of these have been performed live sometime during the late 90′s but since it’s not confirmed i’m assuming they haven’t. (not counting the early demo songs / unreleased songs)

  • falling away with you
  • big freeze
  • bedroom acoustics
  • forced in (instrumental version has been played)
  • the gallery
  • easily
  • come
  • intro (absolution)
  • con-science
  • jimmy kane
  • execution commentary
  • piano thing
  • exogenesis symphony: part 2 (cross-pollination)
  • hyper chondriac music
  • map of your head
  • prague (mega city four cover)
  • please, please, please let me get what i want (the smiths cover)
  • who knows who (obviously)
  • shine

oh and i’ve purposely left out defector, revolt, aftermath, the globalist, drones fron Drones since they are still likely to get played in the near future.

Okay, so today marks one of the very few occasions that I’m actually pissed off at something 343 has done, and it comes in the form of the Halo 5 music vidoc released today.

Kazuma and Tojima off-handedly mention about how Halo 4 “missed those old themes from the past". There’s a few things I want to say about the bullshit in that statement alone.

First of all, no, Halo 4 really did not miss out on those past themes. Halo 4′s OST (both released and unreleased tracks) contains numerous referential motifs and melodies from the original trilogy feature in moments that are contextually and thematically relevant.

Second of all, the quality of Halo 4′s music should in no way be judged by the extent to which it replicated Marty’s scores. The point of Halo 4 as a whole was that it was an evolution of Halo’s past, the establishment of something that was both new and familiar - so it, again, made relevant thematic and contextual callbacks to the previous scored, but pushed the direction of the music into bold new directions.

Thirdly, I think we all know why this is happening. It’s because a bunch of boring fucking morons who think the only standard by which 343′s work can be judged is by that which Bungie did in the past that they’ve decided to put on a pedestal. 343 is going to be lampooned by these extremely tiresome players (not fans, players) until the cows come home because that’s the one and only ideal standard they’ve decided is worth applying to anything that’s not done by Bungie - that goes for story, setting, universe, characters, characterisation, gameplay, and so on.

Now, I have no doubt at all that Halo 5′s soundtrack is going to be stunningly beautiful to listen to. What I’ve heard so far I’ve been really impressed with. What I’m extremely concerned about is the reason for which they’ve decided to simply drop Neil’s stuff, which is because a lot of people whinged that Neil Davidge’s stuff was too “un-Halo” (a ridiculously arbitrary and meaningless assessment, I might add), and that branching out from those original themes was a terrible idea. Despite… y’know, Marty literally saying that he did EXACTLY THE SAME THING with ODST and Reach, that h got rid of everything he’d done for the original three games to make something new. But, of course, what’s decided to be totally cool by Bungie’s standards is some weird kind of heresy when 343 does it.

Neil beautifully captured the essence of Halo 4′s atmosphere and themes, the Forerunner tracks especially sold this. The choirs for the Forerunner tracks spoke in the Composing A Universe documentary about how Neil would sit down with them and explain the actual lore behind what they were singing. Like with Revival’s chanting choir being the same singing from Chakas and Riser’s geas in Cryptum that originally opened the Didact’s Cryptum on Earth in the Forerunner Saga, and how that came to be integrated into the Didact’s main theme for the game. That was a work of absolute GENIUS.

Additionally, the main problem with Halo 4′s music was the fact that Tojima’s implementation of the music in the game was bloody poor. You could barely hear it since the sound effects were ramped all the way up, and some (like the latter half of Immaterial) were just not used, so some number of moments fell flat on their face when they should have been some of the most powerful and memorable of the entire franchise because of poor implementation.

Sorry (really not sorry), but today I feel nothing but complete and utter disdain towards those completely boring people who cant look at Halo as being more that just one thing - that which was laid down by Bungie for the purpose of future expansion and evolution. Regardless of how amazing Halo 5′s OST will be, the reasoning for this direction is a major step backwards, and it’s incredibly disappointing to hear about.

How to make great vapourware
Bad news: if you want to become a fossil when you die, you should know right now that it's probably not going to happen. Most of us don't end up as fossils.…

Here’s another thing that’s tough: good vapourware. Great vapourware, the triple-A stuff, which has only the very best development teams not working on it. It’s been an ideal week for thinking about this sort of thing, what with Sony fighting back against terminally unreleased games with its E3 conference. How the mighty have fallen - or should that be risen? The Last Guardian: thought that was mega-dead. Shenmue 3: thought that was an urban myth. Final Fantasy 7 remake: couldn’t even dare to dream.

There’s plenty to consider here, but what I’ve been ruminating on the most is this: How come some no-show games become legendary vapourware and others just get forgotten? It’s the fossil problem all over again, perhaps, and it makes me wonder. If you’re an unreleased game and you’re getting to be long overdue, can you tilt the odds of becoming classic vapourware in your favour?

On becoming vapourware.

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What are some of your favorite unreleased songs from Lana Del Rey?

In no particular order ….
Ridin feat. ASAP
Hundred dollar bill
Mermaid motel
The man I love
Yayo (Lizzy version)
Put me in a movie
You can be the boss (♥️♥️♥️)
Pin up galore

I’m probably forgetting some but these are a few I love to death