keer-sten  asked:

do you have links to the glass animals' demos? I've only ever heard Life Lomographic and want to listen to the other 2. Also do you like /know/ things about them or there music they the keep on the DL? I'm v v curious but don't really know where to find that stuff

aureus (live, because the recording is nowhere to be found so this is the only trace of it I’ve ever heard…and honestly it may not even BE aureus, I’ve just always assumed it is)

slikk furr (a remix, we’ve never found the original)

As for the second question, I know a lot about them purely from having followed them for several years…but if you’re looking for like, deep dark glass animals secrets I don’t think I really have anything lol. I mean…idk exactly what kind of information you’re after so if you have a more specific question I might know?? but yeah!

Kinda Outta Luck
Lana Del Rey
Kinda Outta Luck

I really want him back, but i’m kinda outta luck.

There is Power in a Union
the Mountain Goats / Billy Bragg
There is Power in a Union

Now I long for the morning that they realise
Brutality and unjust laws can not defeat us
But who’ll defend the workers who cannot organise
When the bosses send their lackies out to cheat us?

Money speaks for money, the Devil for his own
Who comes to speak for the skin and the bone
What a comfort to the widow, a light to the child
There is power in a Union

The Union forever defending our rights
Down with the blackleg, all workers unite
With our brothers and out sisters from many far off lands
There is power in a Union.


Lana Del Rey + Unreleased Music Videos.

In order: Mermaid Motel, Kill Kill, Put Me In A Movie, Hundred Dollar Bill, Brite Lites, Diet Mtn. Dew, National Anthem, Kinda Outta Luck, Jump, You Can Be The Boss.