Nintendo 64 (unreleased)
  • Nintendo 64 (unreleased)
  • Alex G

my dog just ran away and I am feeling pretty bad
I’ve been sneaking out at night and my parents are real mad
I’ve been taking lots of drugs because they teach me not to care
yeah i guess thats how you cheat because life doesn’t play fair
my brother told that he’s gonna kill himself tonight
with a whole bottle of prozac or a shiny kitchen knife
he said that when he’s dead i’ll have his nintendo 64
and i can play it all night long sitting on the basement floor
my girlfriend told me she doesn’t love me anymore
and i wish i didn’t care but i thought she was really cool
so i drank a ton of liquor then i threw up in her sink
she said next time use the toilet then she offered me a drink

top underrated songs by Ed Sheeran

Those are some “unreleased” songs (songs you don’t find on the albums and EPs, but don’t forget to check out the EPs as well ;) )

Favourites are bold ;)


2.New York

3.I Never Fell

4.Last Night

5.You Break Me


7.Fulham Broadway

8.I’m glad I’m not you

9.We Are (such a wonderful song ;) )

10.Oh No


12.Miss you

13.These Dreams

New songs (2015):


15. Mary Jane

16. Downtown Apartment

17. English Rose