Tumblr racism
  • Tumblr:"Dear white people: stop adopting POC babies. "
  • Tumblr:"White women gotta stop marrying all them black men. They are for us!"
  • Tumblr:"Wanna see a video of a white boy gettin his ass beat? I dont know what he did, but he probably deserved it."
  • Tumblr:"White people, y'all need to stick to your own cultures. Keep it separate"
  • Tumblr:"This is a POC safe space. No whites allowed!"
  • Tumblr:"white people have no culture."
  • Tumblr:"Your opinion on this means less if you are white."
  • Tumblr:*uses white as a general insult, looks down on people who they assume are white, and blames white people for things that one unrelated person does.*
  • Tumblr:"It isnt racism when we do it because-"
  • Tumblr:"...Stop comparing us to the KKK!"

I called my dad at work to share some good news, and he was glad but asked me to be brief because he had a meeting in a few minutes. But then he ended up going on a tangent about Downton Abbey, which morphed into a rant about the new Star Trek films. He eventually noticed that there was someone outside his office waiting for the meeting to start. I love my dad. 

OMG tumblr stop UNfollowing people without me telling you to!


The only reason I notice is because it’s people that like my stuff and I suddenly see the little ‘+’ to follow them or I start wondering “why haven’t I gotten notifications from this person in my phone?…they usually post every day…” and I check and see ‘+’. I image more people get unfollowed and I haven’t even noticed. >.> <.<

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tbh, favorites/follows/likes/kudos on fanfics are nice, but comments are just so much more satisfying. And it’s not just because comments are nice (though they are), it’s that people also filter their search results by review/comment count when they’re looking for new fic. It’s a pretty common judging factor. The others are factors, too, of course, but what people are saying tends to be more important than anything else. 

So like, if you like a fic… help a bro out lmao

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Y-you are going to change your URL? Please tell me it's Twitter or Instagram or whatever but not tumblr? We all know you as the lovely, kind, sarcastic and funny Sylv aka sugasmut. I wouldn't mind but it would hurt to see how someone different WOULD use your name and probably it won't be the same? Probably it's just to gain followers and this is something pathetic in my eyes. It's your choice after all, but the name fits you really well ~

Aw this is sweet! I feel the same about my URL. But I would still be keeping the sugasmut URL for a redirection page, since all of my fic links that some of my readers have reblogged will still link back to sugasmut. 

So never fear, nobody will have sugasmut except me!


A cave-dwelling variety of bluetit found in the magical world, the Lumenbird is native to New Zealand where it lives in the same caves as Glowcusts, both feeding on the creatures and ensuring their swarming habits required for the species reproduction. Due to their bioluminesence, gained largely from the magic and chemicals of Glowcusts but partially due to their own magic, Lumenbirds are capable of luring Glowcust together. In doing so they force Glowcusts into close enough proximity that they will, meaning to or not, begin their reproductive cycles, providing Lumenbirds with more food, while also providing them with an immediate meal.

Lumenbirds are rarely seen outside of the caves they reside in, but do occasionally fly out in large flocks when they, while flying, group-preen, resulting in many shed still-glowing feathers, in a fashion not dissimilar to the grooming-and-glowing practices of the Australian Star-Speckled Cockatoo. Some magizoologists believe that these two genetically unrelated birds might be related magically, through a form of magical convergent evolution allowing both birds to have similar habits and glow-brightness. While this has not yet been proven Lumenbird feathers are, despite their relatively small size (never more than three inches) quite popular as wand cores in New Zealand, as they have a surprising amount of power, and can be given a slight boost by polishing the wand with wand polish which uses Glowcust mucus as an ingredient.

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(Image is of the entirely fictional “Cyanis rosopteryx” from the 2008 film Journey to the Centre of the Earth. I hate that I have to include this but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE IMAGE SOURCE OR MY CAPTION.)

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Chara likes mittens and used to have a green and yellow pair that went with their sweater. On an unrelated note, Frisk has a pair of green and yellow mittens.

extremely tsundere momfriend Chara makes me so friggin weak, how am I supposed to deal with this


of course they’re totally lying, Frisk is way tougher than Chara both strength- and immune system-wise, but they’re still a year younger than their siblings so Chara reserves the right to baby them relentlessly