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Misha Theory

Ok so I see that there have been teasings from Matt Cohen and Osric Chau that the next person to get a tumblr is Misha Collins

Well I think Misha has been here all along, I think he is the one who would troll every post to put some random Supernatural related gif on a completely unrelated post, but I think after a while he got tired of hearing how no one wanted to see it anymore and now he is just waiting in the wings for his chance to strike 

I know you are here Misha
I know you have been trolling us for years
I know what you have done!!!
I know what you did!!!
You started the Mishapocalypse!!!! 

And I can tell you now, its safe to come back and troll us again!!!

Calling all Jem Carstairs Lovers!

I had an idea and it’s called “#The Jem Tag” (inspired by all of the other versions, the one of the top of my head is the one for Gale)

But What Is It?

A place for you to share your love for ONLY Jem Carstairs and a place to tag you Jem Carstairs centric edits! (no Heronstairs, Herongraystairs, Jessa or any other character or ship

But Why?

As a Jem Carstairs lover and someone who likes to create graphics and I constantly want to reblog and post more of Jem onto my dash but the #Jem Carstairs tag is a mess. Whenever you go into it you are bombarded by posts that are either unrelated to Jem Carstairs or posts that are ship related. I wanted to create a place that is centric to just for the precious angel named Jem Carstairs. And frankly my angel needs more love.

I myself will from now on be tagging my Jem Carstairs edits with #The Jem Tag as it will be easier for people to find edits that are just about Jem Carstairs.

Please do not tag any ship related posts or edits into this tag or tag any other character. This tag is JUST for Jem Carstairs

What are your opinions of people that start a blog and begin drawing something you’re indifferent to or even despise? I’m more known for my league art, and I’m more than ok with that, but I was wondering if you’d all be fine if I drew things completely unrelated. I’m always nervous posting non league related stuff because I don’t want to force what I like in people’s faces if they’re not interested. Like I want to draw more Steven Universe stuff and other things, but I know how strong a dislike for certain things can be which I’m totally fine with, but I wanted to ask in advance to see if there were certain things people wanted to avoid. I can always keep the drawings private, but I felt I should ask you guys if you’d ever be interested in seeing them or if I should make a separate blog for the things you may not want to see. What are your thoughts?

Tag Masterlist

I really need to stop being a lazy admin and do things properly so here, my dears, is my tag masterlist. I’ll be sure to add to this list as my tags grow and the characters I’ve written for expand.

Blog/admin related posts that aren’t scenarios~
* – Means there’s nothing under that tag yet.

Blog + Admin Related:

  • Ask admin M – All non-scenario replies to an ask.
  • Blog Promo – The tag title speaks for itself.
  • Chitchat – Scenario unrelated posts, usually playful banter.
  • M speaks – When your admin has something to say. Posts tagged with this are usually related to important events (e.g. askbox opening, askbox closing, etc.).
  • Mine – The tag title speaks for itself.
  • Nerd trash – A tag dedicated to my tagged posts/fandom memes or just anything related to me and anime because they should reveal my trashy self.
  • No scenario – Scenario unrelated posts.

KnB Related:

  • Answered – All scenario replies.
  • Audio – All audio posts.
  • Drabble – Either things written by me that aren’t requested, or requests that consist of only one character and are on the longer side.
  • Gif* (Gifs) – All gif(s) posts.
  • Kuroko no Basuke (KnB) – The tag title speaks for itself.
  • Official things – Posts relating to anything official.
  • Photo* (photos)* – All photo posts.
  • Reblog – Reblogged posts.
  • Text* – All text posts.

Now on to characters/schools/groups~ 
Characters names are arranged alphabetically.
* – Means there’s nothing under that tag yet.

Generation of Miracles/Kiseki no Sedai:

Seirin High School (minus Kuroko Tetsuya):

Shūtoku High School (minus Midorima Shintarō):

Kaijō High School (minus Kise Ryōta):

  • Hayakawa Mitsuhiro*
  • Kasamatsu Yukio
  • Kobori Kōji*
  • Moriyama Yoshitaka*
  • Nakamura Shinya*

Tōō Academy (minus Aomine Daiki):

Yōsen High School (minus Murasakibara Atsuhi):

Rakuzan High School (minus Akashi Seijūrō):

Kirisaki Daīchi High School:

  • Furuhashi Kōjirō*
  • Hanamiya Makoto
  • Hara Kazuya*
  • Seto Kentarō*
  • Yamazaki Hiroshi*




  • Kirisaki Daīchi*
  • Kaijō*
  • Rakuzan
  • Seirin*
  • Shūtoku*
  • Teikō
  • Tōō*
  • Yōsen*


Themes/prompts based off of seasonal requests or crossover requests:

the kagehina tag
  • what you expect: 100% kagehina, shippers freaking out about the ship, beautiful content
  • what's really happening: 10% actual fanart/fanfics/original posts/edits/kagehina-related things, 90% spam/unrelated posts/reposts/unsourced art