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are there les Amis that aren't in the movie?

of the “official” 9, they’re all technically in the movie, but some just have very, very, very minor roles. And (it’s been awhile since I’ve watched the actual film, so forgive me if I’m wrong) not all of them are mentioned by name in the movie, like I think it’s only Enjolras, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, and Grantaire whose names we hear? 

okay up until now i always thought those death note trailer screenshots i saw were some bad joke taken from an unrelated movie but i decided to finally look it up and apparently it’s real and i don’t know what to think anymore

I screenshot this on my old defective phone and I believe the reason why was because of Komaeda being a pretentious POS in the bg.

Honestly I’m disappointed in myself for not saving it for Kazuichi’s choice hshs expression like jesus boy breathe.


totally forgot how much i loved this scene

Marvel Fandoms on AO3: Small Makeover to Help the Unicorns Run Free

Hi Marvel fans! Your hard-working AO3 Marvel wranglers have voted unanimously to make one change to the Marvel fandom tags to help the servers (and their unicorns) run more smoothly. This will mean fewer errors when you try to access the site and fewer indexing problems for Marvel-tagged works.

We will be removing the extra middle layer tag “Marvel (Movies)”. That tag will become a synonym of the existing plain “Marvel” tag. All 13 unrelated movies/franchises directly subtagged to it will be moved up to be subtagged directly to plain “Marvel” if they don’t already have another Marvel metatag (most do).

We are making the change for 3 reasons:

  • The tag is meaningless now. At this point there are 13 separate subtagged universes that are completely unrelated to one another, other than that they’re Marvel-related.

  • It’s confusing. Some users seem to think “Marvel (Movies)” means the Marvel Cinematic Universe and are unhappy to find X-Men, Spider-Man, and other unrelated works there.

  • We like our servers and their unicorns, and we want to reduce the amount of work our fandom makes for them. (Unicorns are the workers which actually make the requests of the servers every time a user requests a page or a wrangler wrangles a tag.) Large metatags create huge amounts of server strain, as they require more unicorn workers for each user request. The deep layers of the Marvel tree are very large indeed.

    Removing this layer would remove 5.15 million duplicate bookmarks from the filters, thus reducing filter load and improving server - and unicorn! - performance. These bookmarks are duplicates because they already appear in two other places: the Marvel metatag, plus the individual movie fandoms the works are tagged with.

You won’t need to change the tags you’re using on your works or bookmarks. Works tagged with “Marvel (Movies)” right now will be filterable as if they were tagged with “Marvel”. Works tagged with subtags will not change their filtering.

You can read more about the AO3 Unicorns and the balancing act that they perform in this news post here! For more information about wrangling, please see the Tags FAQ.

Got questions not answered at the links above? Please contact the AO3 Support team! This Tumblr account belongs to AD&T and is not set up to respond to questions.

From time to time, ao3org posts announcements of recent or upcoming wrangling changes on behalf of the Tag Wrangling Committee.

im finally watching rogue one (i know im hella late to the party but i didn’t get to watch it at the cinema) and im surprised i had never heard diego luna speaking english????? I’ve only watched his mexican movies but he does it really well, and he finally looks grown and not boyish :) i like the dude 👍👍👍

I found a shitty review on Amazon that basically said everyone who liked the film A Single Man better than the novel doesn’t understand that it’s better. “You will come to know a deeper and more empathetic and well-drawn man than the film of the same title has shown you.”

The last I checked preferences are subjective. They also went on to make some ugly comment about Americans in particular being stupid in that they always prefer the movie to the book.

George is different from book to movie. Book George is bitter and cynical, while movie George is still cynical but more morose (I can’t find the word I’m looking for). I barely remember the book, but I don’t remember myself loving George’s character in the book as much as I did in the movie. An amazing novel still, but I did not Same the same connection to a bitter George who is angry at society. I found the more melancholic (that’s it) George to be more sympathetic and relatable, but no, that’s not the right answer suddenly. Oh, us stupid Americans, we can’t understand novels, we can’t understand characters and their complexities, we are so dreadfully slow!

Obviously that review came from someone who is a bitter, angry person. As someone who never has felt that same way, I have to say that this person doesn’t understand that not every character is appealing to the same people. Not everyone loves a bitter and angry character, not everyone loves a melancholic character. In a way it’s great, people who are angry at society can love the novel while those who are just sad people can adore the film.

Alright. How about I apologise now for being wrong and waiting with bated breath for people to yell at me for being wrong simply because I don’t understand?

Okay Newbies, Repeat after Me

“Telekinesis is not magic,  Telekinesis is not magic.”

Unless you could move objects with your mind BEFORE practicing magic (which I highly doubt), you will not be able to do that with practicing Magic. 

The two are unrelated.  Yes, I know movies and TV and books make it sound like magic is moving things mentally. It isn’t. 

Magic = Moving ENERGY with your Intention
Telekinesis = Moving physical OBJECTS with your mind. 

Other things that are fiction: 

  • Transfiguration (physical changes to an object) 
  • Alchemy (changing things on a chemical level using magic and rather than science)
  • Starting fire from nothing (pyrokinesis) 
  • Creating something physical from nothing (Spontaneous Object Manifestation)

my favorite thing in movie trailers is when they take 2 completely unrelated scenes from the movie and mash the words together over a shot from yet another unrelated scene like they’re editing a fucking youtube poop to sell more tickets