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I’m sure this has been pointed out before but since no one I know ever seems to have noticed it and dragonball is relevant again, I’d like to direct you attention to john connor

Yeah, I know terminator judgement day came out in 91, same year trunks was introduced, but honestly Im pretty sure thats exactly why this IS toriyamas fanart of adult john connor. I mean

1. Why else would he have that stupid hair cut and jacket?? Unless he started as fanart of this little shit 

2. Hes travelling back in time to fight robots bent on the destruction of all of humanity. Almost like toriyama didnt have time to write his fanfic of terminator 3, so he just made it an au conveniently taking place in the dragonball universe

3. Future trunks is fathered through a one-night stand, his dad dies before he can meet him, and hes raised solely by his now significantly more badass mom and her badass friends 

Also want to point out that both these mothers are convinced that their one and only son is humanity’s last hope in the war against the machines. 

And it wouldnt be the first terminator reference in toriyamas work either. Namely major metallic from dragonball (who also turns out to be a robot) and android 16, whos skull looks like… ok a skull, but so does the t1000s, and android 16 gets the t1000 treatment, going from villian, to being reprogrammed by the human resistance to aid in the fight against the other androids.

Point of this all is: this dude

Is just the older, buffer version of this greasy little shit

can we have a movie where a chinese teenager stumbles into a european medieval fantasy land. the wypipo are awestruck by her bravery and advanced technology and in turn she learns the ways of their people. then a lurking evil threatens the white tribes and she along with her newfound friends have to step in to save them. once she heroically defeats the threat she is showered with praise and gets the guy. it is a story of adventure, friendship, and self-discovery.


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Joanna Hogg (2007)

The ultimate Brits-abroad nightmare-holiday film, in which a middle-aged woman (Kathryn Worth) joins her posh friends at their Tuscany retreat. Arriving alone, she not only feels increasingly like a spare part, but risks her dignity as she tries to attract a young alpha male – a first big-screen sighting of Tom Hiddleston. If this subtly painful comedy of manners isn’t teeth-grinding enough for you, try the male counterpart – Suntan (Argyris Papadimitropoulos, 2016) in which a doctor on a Greek island falls horribly in love with a carefree Lolita among the Euro-vacationers. Both films should come prefaced by warnings for viewers of either sex aged above, say, 35. Jonathan Romney

GIF Pack: Hayden Panettiere (S4)

Below the cut, you’ll find 100 gifs of Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed in Scream 4.  All GIFs were made by me - do not claim them as your own.  Please do not include these GIFs in GIF hunts or other GIF packs, but feel free to like or reblog this post and use the gifs for roleplaying purposes.  GIFs are 245x160; some are duplicates with colour variations.

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I screenshot this on my old defective phone and I believe the reason why was because of Komaeda being a pretentious POS in the bg.

Honestly I’m disappointed in myself for not saving it for Kazuichi’s choice hshs expression like jesus boy breathe.