unreconstructedfangirl replied to your post: I really want to hug your post. I agree though it is one thing to mindfuck us for the first couple of seasons but imo, by season 5 we should have started getting answers AND a leading lady that doesn’t take her abuse anymore which we kinda did and then it seems like they just gave up you only kick a dog so many times before it gives up coming back. Just how many seasons do they think they have left to continue this bullshit? They have 10 episodes to explain everything, and I don’t think they can

It’s fair enough if you don’t enjoy it, but really, some of us are! I still feel like it’s still popcorn, and I enjoy being required to interpret and figure out what’s happening. That’s not mindfuck, for me — it’s engaging and stimulating.

I found this engaging and stimulating once, too. I remember the huge disappointment that was season 2 finale. Sunnynala and AP’s blogs saved me, I felt like my third eye suddenly opened. None of that shit ever happened! QSA didn’t make a fool of Eric and Bill didn’t save the town with some little help of his buddy Sam Merlotte! I was a sucker for these theories. I was absolutely sure we were going to get some payoff. Now I just feel exhausted and defeated. I’ll keep reading and reblogging those theories, because they’re a good read. They are fascinating, I can’t deny it. But that’s all, at least until the wound is still fresh. But then again, that’s how I feel, and I hope that voicing my own frustration isn’t ruining the fun for others. Maybe I’ve just been in this fandom for too long and it’s getting tiresome, I don’t know. But that Eric scene was the nail in the coffin.

unreconstructedfangirl asked:

What's your favourite book?

This has changed throughout my life, so …

From my childhood: The Witch of Blackbird Pond
From a bit older: Anne of Green Gables, Black Beauty
From my adolescence: Gone with the Wind, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
From young adulthood: The Red Tent, Homestead, Life of Pi
From more recently: State of Wonder, Cutting for Stone

Fine fine fine - if I had to pick just one for the rest of my life?

The Velveteen Rabbit.

The shortlist of five people that I would TOTALLY MAKE OUT WITH

Meme by unreconstructedfangirl, thanks, I just spent a very, VERY pleasant hour doing this. 

Tom Hiddleston, always on top of my list, because - do you actually need to give any reasons? Just in case:

Natalie Dormer is gorgeous. Like really, really, really gorgeous. I would probably be okay for the rest of my life with just sitting in the same room for a few minutes and staring at her, while quite possibly drooling. She’s gorgeous, lovely and funny, oh god.

Sebastian Stan, because LOOK AT THAT SMOULDER. AND THE MOUTH, oh my god! 

Richard Armitage, because


Kristen Bell, because she’s ADORABLE

Bonus: I would give up all my making out rights just to be present while Mads Mikkelsen and Mikael Persbrant endlessly make out.

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TV Show Meme

Top 10 TV shows — write down your top shows and then tag 10 friends to do the same! the order doesn’t matter.I was tagged by the lovely ladyprydian

1. Sherlock
2. Doctor Who
3. Agents of Shield
4. The Good Wife
5. Justified
6. The Americans
7. Scandal
8. Orphan Black
9. Masterpiece (any/all but especially Lewis)
10. Survivor (embarrassing but true)

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unreconstructedfangirl replied to your post:I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but…

It would be so much better not to sleep! Just think of all the things one could get done! Unfortunately, when I don’t sleep, things get dicey. But… yes. I feel this feel.

See, not sleeping doesn’t affect my mood, but it does make me feel achy and sick-ish unless I have a lot of food to eat. So I could stay up for ages if I had infinite food and soda, but I don’t, so. I just want to be able to plug myself into the wall to recharge so I don’t have to actually go into sleep mode.

I may be an android, but I don’t have a very efficient battery.

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Fictional character: Sherlock, followed very closely by Mycroft

Book: No. I cannot possibly choose only one. Therein lies madness. If I were forced to select only one title to take to a desert island, I’d choose The Oxford English Dictionary. All twenty volumes. It’s cheating, but it’s also survival.

Anime: I think Miyazaki counts, @unreconstructedfangirl! (^-^) Princess Mononoke.

TV show: Sherlock; House, M.D.; Upstairs, Downstairs; Ōoku (大奥)

Beverage: Coffee, preferably intravenously

Food: Fresh whole wheat bread

Last movie I saw in the cinema: I seldom go to the cinema – prefer to watch at home – but my last cinema visit was for Gravity.

Dream holiday: A round-the-world trip to visit great libraries and quirky bookshops. Or my home city, Cape Town. 

Dream wedding: No, not really my area.

Dream job: I had my dream job several years ago when I worked as a humble bookshop assistant while completing post-graduate studies. When I wasn’t in the bookshop, I was in the university library. I’ve never been poorer or happier.

Nicknames: Dopey, thus named by my two older sisters after the littlest and stupidest of the seven dwarfs.

Birthday: 29 January

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Straight

Favourite colour: Africa’s blue sky and sun-bleached savannah; Japan’s vermilion torii and emerald moss

Time and date at current:  7 December 2014, 8:30 pm

Average hours of sleep: 4 – 6

Lucky number: 11

Last thing I Googled: “Oyama Kanagawa hiking". If you want to see where/why I want to go, look at this post.

First word that comes to mind: Eish! “Eish” is a South African expression that indicates wonder, surprise, exasperation or … well … just about anything. I’m thinking “eish” because a) I’m tired after working the whole weekend and b) I can’t think of anything else.

[Interjection: Other Japanophiles and I have been discussing what Sherlock would do in Japan. Yikes. I wonder what he’d do in Africa? Diamond-smuggling, exotic viruses, mercenaries, lingering British heritage … ] {I wonder if he’d like rooibos tea.}

One place that makes me happy: Quiet library, or a remote mountain. Anywhere that gives me silence and solitude. So what am I doing in the biggest metropolis in the world? I don’t know. Next question?

How many blankets I sleep under: A duvet, but the important bit is the electric blanket UNDER me. A sunny southern barbarian suffers deeply in Tokyo’s winter.

Replying to all the wonderful peoples (apologies if you are on mobile)

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