US admits that it doesn’t admit enough Central American refugees

The White House on Tuesday announced a substantial expansion of a program to admit Central American refugees to the United States, conceding that its efforts to protect migrants fleeing dangerous conditions has been inadequate and left too many vulnerable people with no recourse.

Currently, the program allows unaccompanied Central American children to enter the United States as refugees. It will be expanded to include their entire families, permitting siblings over the age of 21, parents and other relatives who acted as “caregivers” to qualify. Officials could not say how many refugees might be eligible under the expansions, but the change is a potentially significant one, essentially opening an entirely new channel for Central American families to gain legal entrance to the United States.

Our current efforts to date have been insufficient to address the number of people who may have legitimate refugee claims,” Amy Pope, a deputy homeland security adviser, said in a conference call to announce the changes. She said the White House was moving forward with the revisions because officials recognize that “the criteria is too narrow to meet the categories of people who we believe would qualify under our refugee laws, but they just don’t have the mechanism to apply.”

The White House also said it had reached an agreement with Costa Rica to serve as a temporary host site for the most vulnerable migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras while they wait to be processed as refugees, once they have undergone security screening in their home countries. The United Nations high commissioner for refugees has agreed to set up an unusual process for reviewing requests for people in their home countries to qualify as refugees and send them to Costa Rica if they are facing immediate danger.

Only 600 people have entered the United States as refugees since the influx began, officials said, including 267 children under the program created for minors with parents living in the United States who are citizens or legal immigrants. Now, that program will be broadened to family members of such children.

yes, mr krabs meme and caveman spongebob meme are funny and all, but let me just say i have a palette for the unrecognized meme, the underground meme, such as gary come home or ocean man

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I had figured out the ‘not interested in men’ part, but not the ‘not actually a woman’ bit, so I was in this double bind where I felt like I wanted relationships with women but couldn’t tolerate having those feelings reciprocated b/c of unrecognized dysphoria. And I loathed myself for it. The emotional harm I did to myself back then was bad enough; all the mockery and constant interrogation of people's identities and 'are you SURE it's not internalized homophobia' could have been the death of me

(And ‘mogai hell’ could have been my salvation. Just knowing that there were more labels, more stories, more ways people could be, would have made such a difference. Even none of the labels I found really fit me, it would still have opened up the possibility that I might be okay, too, that I could give myself permission to exist.) I can’t understand the scorn these people have toward their younger selves and their younger labels. I don’t regret 'getting it wrong’; I just regret the self-hatred.

Anon, you have put this in a far better way than I ever could. I’m sorry you’ve suffered so much pain and hurt and that something which could have helped you wasn’t there at the opportune time. 

I have to quote this again, because it honestly put a lump of emotion right in my throat:

“I don’t regret 'getting it wrong’; I just regret the self-hatred.”

This is beautifully said and it touches upon something I keep saying. People have a right to make mistakes. People have a right to take up identities and to shed identities, in their constant search for their true, as-close-to-authentic-self-as-possible. I’ll always support and TRUST others to know themselves far better than I can know them, during this search – and if they make a mistake, it can be rectified. 

What LGBTQIAP+ teenager hasn’t been confused and undecided, at least once in their lives? The best way to help them isn’t to march into their lives with boots on and strike them over the head with accusations of ‘internalized homophobia’ the second they do…. what? Identity in a way that runs counter to someone’s precious exclusionary politics? Change their mind on something? Try on different labels to see which fits best? 

No, the best way to provide them with all the resources and all the love and the unconditional support they need and to accept what conclusion they reach – even if it’s a conclusion that will last them their whole lives or will last just a week.   

Honestly, if I’d had to face this culture of CONSTANT IDENTITY INTERROGATION that some sections of bloody Tumblr are championing when I was an angry, bitter teenager, it would have gotten very ugly. Anyone coming into my life and shrieking ‘internalized homophobia!’ or ‘compulsory heterosexuality!’, when I figured that I was actually bisexual instead of lesbian, would have gotten fucking mauled. 

Just today I had to see an entire post filled with aphobes / SGA discoursers mocking identities they don’t agree with / identities they once had. All of them were identities that included either the a-spectrum or the split attraction model and it was all just so telling, particularly the bitterness and the disdain. These identities hadn’t worked out for this particular set of people, they’d moved on to others…. and now they assume that they mustn’t work for ANYONE ELSE either. 

How this isn’t being recognized as something entirely self-centered and covered in projection issues is utterly beyond me. I’ve asked it before – is there anything more authoritarian one can do in the community, other than invalidating other people’s identities and/or dictating other people’s identities to them?  Someone identified for a while, for example, as a biromantic gray-asexual, then figured out that bisexual worked the best for them. Good – anything that makes one happy and valid and in-tune with who they are! But then, why go and mock someone who thought she was a lesbian, but then, after navigating her complicated personal relationship with sexual desire or the lack thereof, decided on asexual homoromantic as fitting better instead? 

I am immensely skeptical when this process is allowed to go smoothly only one way, whereas the other way has ‘internalized homophobia!!!’ taken out like a bludgeon against it, along with all sorts of invasive, invalidating shit, like ‘are you ABSOLUTELY sure?’ It reeks to high-heaven and to me it reads as ‘anything BUT a-spectrum, anything BUT split attraction’

Let people decide what they’re dealing with and how they identity and goddamn stop infantilizing them and denying their agency if they end up IDing in a way that oneself didn’t want for them. And for the people who believe they have found their identity: don’t assume others will make the same journey, don’t assume someone who now IDs as oneself did in the past is ‘misguided’ or ‘wrong’ or whatever else one wants to project on them. 

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Can u help explain the "illegal number" to me? There's a lot of unrecognized vocab on the Wikipedia that would require me to do like an hour of research to understand just why it's illegal or what it does. If not, can u direct me to some1 who can?thx

This might be oversimplifying, but basically it’s a number that you use to decrypt something– in this case a movie on a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. But it’s actually just a big number– in this case, it’s  13,256,278,887,989,457,651,018,865,901,401,704,640. (The format that’s in the bot is hexadecimal, meaning base-16, as opposed to what we normally use, which is base-10.)

That number is basically the key* that unlocks the movie itself; the device playing the movie has to have it in order to play it. The Motion Picture Association of America didn’t want people distributing this key, because they could use it to unlock their movies and rip them to their own hard drives, upload them to websites or torrents, etc. (This is a form of Digital Rights Management, or DRM.)

The Motion Picture Association of America started sending out cease and desist orders to people who posted this number online; it was a big deal in the anti-DRM/copyright activism/etc circles at the time. A lot of people thought the idea of having an “illegal number” was ridiculous, and that the idea that you could copyright a *number* was absurd. Since the hexadecimal (09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0) is really easy to fit into plain text posts, people just started posting it all over the internet, becoming a kind of… activist meme, I guess?

I hope that explains it, because that’s about all the detail I know– there’s some more cultural context around why it happened that way, but I’m far from a crypto expert. (There’s got to be a crypto side of tumblr though, right?)

*It’s actually a bit more complicated than this– there are multiple “keys” that you need to unlock the movie’s content, and this number is just one of them.

just MSPARP things
  • being disconnected on after 0.5 seconds of connecting
  • 10 million Demonstuck chats being made every single day
  • roleplaying with someone who clearly hasn’t read the rules
  • script roleplay in a paragraph chat
  • typing a good starter and getting two lines of a reply in response
  • thirsty roleplayers
  • the entire existence of the NSFW Extreme tag
  • original chat ideas being abondoned and unrecognized, while repetitive chats get 10+ people a day
  • not being able to complain because MSPARP is the only alternative to tumblr roleplay
  • discovering someone ships incest in the middle of a roleplay
  • meeting people who take roleplay as if it’s the fucking olympics
  • having a nice, quality roleplay once every blue moon

New venomous snake discovered in Costa Rica 

via: University of Central Florida

An international team of scientists has solved a case of mistaken identity and discovered a new species of venomous snake.                                

The newly discovered Talamancan Palm-Pitviper is a striking green-and-black snake living in some of the most remote regions of Costa Rica. The coloring is a characteristic it shares with its close relative the Black-Speckled Palm-Pitviper. In fact, these two species look so similar that the Talamancan Palm-Pitviper went unrecognized for more than 100 years. It is a case of cryptic speciation, where two species look almost identical, but are genetically different.

“It’s a really interesting phenomenon,” said University of Central Florida biologist and professor Christopher Parkinson who led the team that made the discovery. “It shows some of the complexities we deal with when cataloging biodiversity and underscores the importance of maintaining natural-history collections. Discovering this species would not have been possible without the specimens housed in natural-history museums…”

(read more: PhysOrg)

photograph via: University of Central Florida

Viola Desmond’s ‘singular act of courage’ paid tribute with Halifax ferry named for civil rights pioneer
Her contribution to the civil rights struggle went largely unrecognized for decades, but she's begun to assume her rightful place as a national hero, historians say

HALIFAX — A black businesswoman whose contribution to the civil rights struggle in Canada went largely unrecognized for decades has begun to assume her rightful place as a national hero, according to historians.

On Thursday the city of Halifax launched a new harbour ferry named for Viola Desmond, whose simple act of defiance nearly 70 years ago exposed the injustice of racial segregation in her home province and elsewhere in Canada.

Handout / AFP / Getty ImagesDesmond is on the short list of potential women to be the first featured on a Canadian banknote, due to be issued in 2018.

It’s the latest in a growing list of tributes for Desmond, who was briefly jailed in November, 1946, for sitting in a whites-only section of a segregated movie theatre in New Glasgow, N.S. A stamp was recently issued in her honour, and Desmond is also among the candidates to become the first woman featured on a Canadian banknote.

Graham Reynolds, a history professor at Cape Breton University, said Desmond’s story has gained more prominence over the past decade — in particular since 2010 when the Nova Scotia government apologized and granted a special pardon to Desmond, who died in 1965.

“There has been a tremendous raising of public awareness,” said Reynolds, the university’s Viola Desmond Chair in Social Justice. “More so in Nova Scotia, but she does have national stature.”

Desmond, who sold beauty products, was on a business trip to Sydney, N.S., when her car broke down. She decided to kill time while it was being repaired by attending a movie at the Roseland Theatre in New Glasgow.

Reynolds said Desmond, who had vision problems and wanted to be closer to the screen, would not have automatically assumed that the main section was whites-only. He said there was no legal underpinnings for segregation in Canada, where segregation became the norm under the principle of freedom of commerce.

She wasn’t an activist, she was a citizen that faced a situation and had the courage to stand up and resist

“In Canada … the practice of racial segregation was really a matter of local business practices,” he said.

Police were eventually brought in by management and Desmond was forcibly removed after refusing to leave her seat and she subsequently spent the night in jail.

She was eventually convicted of defrauding the province of a penny, which was the difference in price between the main seating area and the balcony. Desmond paid a $20 fine in addition to the theatre’s $6 court costs.

But her fight didn’t end there. Desmond returned to Halifax, where she rallied the black community to help her launch an appeal of her conviction.

However, that effort went down to defeat when the Nova Scotia Supreme Court dismissed an application for judicial review in 1947. Desmond eventually left Nova Scotia and died in New York City at the age of 50.

Desmond is often compared to U.S. civil rights hero Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955, nine years later. However, Reynolds points out that Parks had a social movement behind her and was already committed to social change as an activist.

“She (Desmond) wasn’t prepared,” Reynolds said. “She wasn’t an activist, she was a citizen that faced a situation and had the courage to stand up and resist.”


Isaac Saney, a professor at Dalhousie University, said in that respect Desmond’s stance was a “singular act of courage.”

“Whether she was part of a huge movement or stood on her own … the position she took deserves to be lauded and deserves to be recognized,” said Saney.

That recognition has gradually materialized with Canada Post issuing a commemorative postage stamp in 2012. There is also a display highlighting her story at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, and a Heritage Minute was launched last February.

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“Isn’t that beautiful?” Says Wanda Robson of the newly named ferry. @CTVAtlantic

Desmond won the most votes among five candidates in an online vote for the new Halifax ferry last winter.

Last month, Viola’s sister, Wanda Desmond, donated a collection of family documents — photographs, letters and other items — to Cape Breton University.

Desmond is on the short list of potential women to be the first featured on a Canadian banknote, due to be issued in 2018.

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I'm actually really glad to find someone else who notp's Klance like I do. It's very rare to find people who agree- and everyone's entitled to their opinion and can ship whatever they want but like. Klance never really sat with me. It seemed like a forced ship made out of the same old dynamic 'oh they hate each other so they must love each other!' I get they have moments but just, I can't see them as more then bros? Possibly like future best friends. Romantic just doesn't seem right for them.

I agree completely, nonnie.

To me, basing a relationship on how much characters bicker, especially when it clearly isn’t out of fun, seems gonna make someone mad I know it… a tad problematic. Plus, they have exactly one moment, but that moment is followed up with Lance outright unrecognizing it. It’s not even denial, which really puts the nail in the coffin for me. Honestly, it kinda feels like the whole ordeal gets shrugged off, but that could be due to the season being so short… After, though, their bickering does lessen and starts to even become a little playful, but the way they interact still does not ring “chemistry” to me personally. To be frank, I just don’t like the idea of their dynamic being a romantic one at all, really.

Like, I don’t doubt Klance is a good and healthy and developed in fanon, but so long as they don’t come off to me that way in canon, it won’t be my cup of tea. That could change when they get more development (we are only in season 1 after all, and there is gonna be 78 episodes), but it seems unlikely to me. Also cuz I like the idea of them eventually becoming a brotp more, too.

Also, being attacked for being a Sheith shipper did nothing to help matters. I’m sure there are others who do or have started to notp Klance, but they might be afraid to say so, for obvious reasons… :/

Anway, these are just my opinions. What doesn’t ring as chemistry for me, does for others, etc, etc. Klance fans, you keep doing you, okay?


Armenians (Armenian: հայեր, hayer [hɑˈjɛɾ]) are an ethnic group native to the Armenian Highland. The Republic of Armenia and the unrecognized de facto independent Nagorno-Karabakh Republic are the two countries where Armenians form a majority, both with a nearly homogeneous population. Because of a wide-ranging and long-lasting diaspora, an estimated total of 5-7 million people of full or partial Armenian ancestry live outside of Armenia. As a result of the Armenian Genocide, a large number …

Stay the night || Omega!Sam and Alpha!Cas

The snow fell silently to the ground, coating the sill of the window in a dusting of pure white snow the stained bricks it landed on only accented its pure color.  The omegas sat staring out of the large window that looked out to the street, his eyes following the path of each car that passed by.  He had gotten to the cafe a little early and it was easy to say that his nerves were getting to him.  Sam was short on money, and it was a fact that couldn’t go unrecognized for too long, he had to make rent after all and given the family life he left behind to come out here for school he doubted he could ask his dad for money.  He was a retired war vet, he didn’t get much sitting around the house living off his brothers pay checks and disability pay offs.  A friend of his suggested he find a rich alpha to smooze up to, it wasn’t one that he gave much thought but clearly he wouldn’t be sitting here if he hadn’t of found an alpha that was willing to pay him for his time.  Though Sam as having second thoughts about what they had discussed, the other wanted to pay him for use of his body during heat.  The guy wanted a kid and as far as he knew he wasn’t looking for anything more than just an omega to make it happen.   Given the money the other was offering to pay him Sam had a hard time saying no to the notion.  It was a nice sum, enough for him to make it through the next few months at least.  Though Sam couldn’t help but to rethink this decision, he met the guy online, he didn’t know if the guy was even safe.  He accepted the money blindly and now he was here drumming his fingers against the table to hard enough to make the tips of his fingers go numb.  His profile picture looked kind enough, and based off the respect the other showed him it didn’t seem like he was anything less than sane, but who was he to base someone off of blind knowledge?  

Sam shook his head to himself, a soft sight leaving his lips, If Sam felt the other was of any kind of threat he wouldn’t even be sitting here, hell he wouldn’t have started a chat with him or even gave him his phone number if he felt the other would put him in danger.  Sam usually went with his guy on judging people, and he had been wrong very rarely.  The omega flinched a bit as he heard the bell above the door jiggle as the cold winter breeze swept through the cafe after the stranger.  Sam dared to cast a look over his shoulder to see the profile of the alpha that had asked him to meet him here.  The omegas breath hitched in his throat, his eyes quickly falling to the table, he could always act as if he wasn’t here, he could just get up and quickly walk out know before the guy noticed.  Sam shook away the thought as he stood up from the booth, clearing his throat.  

“Uh.. Castiel?” Sam said in a nervous voice, daring to take a step forward to step into view of the alpha.  


there are a lot of valuable things in the world to steal but one thing I never understand is people stealing gravel
I work in the construction/paving industry, so it’s something I deal with a lot. for example, at any time of the day, anyone working in one of my company’s gravel pits needs to keep an eye out for unrecognized trucks, because people could be trying to smuggle this crushed rock in broad daylight.
even at a construction site today, my employer showed me the back of a pile of class a (a type of crushed rock) and how based on the way the rock had fell, you could tell people were shovelling it out of the pile and into their trucks
we leave a lot of things lying around for the taking on a lot of sites but the thing people take the most of is gravel
which really makes you wonder, what the fuck are people using all this stolen gravel for?