unrealistic society

Because fuck you society and your unrealistic expectations on what women’s bodies should look like.

I know I shouldn’t compare my body to anyone else’s body. I also know that I should never be ashamed of my body’s appearance. And yet, that’s what I do and that’s how I feel, all because of society’s unrealistic standards of beauty that we see everywhere in the media.
Almost every woman you see on magazine covers, on posters, in commercials etc. has this “perfect” body. That always includes flawless skin, a tiny waist, no stomach rolls, no cellulites and so on.
These ideals however, are not even a tiny bit realistic. All of these women are being photoshopped so that they can match society’s expectations and standards of beauty.

I post this today to say fuck society’s beauty standards. Fuck the ideals and expectations.
This is so cliché, but everyBODY is beautiful, because who gets to decide what’s beautiful or not?
Take care of and try to love your body as it is. At least that’s what I’m gonna try to do.

me: *drives*

me: *spots parking lot*

me: *can’t parallel park*


Unfortunately, we live in a society where they tell us we have to look a certain way, so we’re all under pressure to live up to unrealistic expectations.
—  Mr. Feeny

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Dontcha think that post about being born a lesbian is kinda reinforcing gender/sex-essentialism

i don’t know that that was the point of the post, though? like i’m pretty sure it was more of a comment on compulsory heterosexuality and how expectations for lesbians to be 100% sure about their feelings for men is unrealistic in a society so heavily influenced by misogyny.

i think the part about being born a lesbian or w/e was more of a personal note for the op and i don’t think it was the focus of the post. but if you have more thoughts on it or if you want to elaborate on this then feel free to send another ask or message me privately

Katie’s Fanfiction Recommendations! (UsUk)

   Hello! I know I don’t have many followers at the moment, 17 in fact, but for those who do follow or see this post in the tags, I have some fanfics for you! Really, it’s self-explanatory. (All of these are from my Fanfiction.net favorite stories list) If any links don’t work, tell me and I’ll fix them in a jiffy!

Anglo Cats!  -They say pets take after their owners, and so was the hero’s cat. This is a series of drabbles about England and America and their cat version. Ongoing. Nekotalia!UsUk Author:  Nymphh

Cages - AU Alfred has spent too long in his own personal a Hell and now he’s losing his mind, but maybe going crazy isn’t so bad when you have as active an imagination as Alfred, and who knows, if he tries hard enough, maybe he can imagine his way to a different reality. Ongoing Author: LafieTries 

Hey Hey Neighbor! - 2p!UsUk AU Allen has new neighbors, and he wants nothing to do with any of them, mostly the creepy ass teenager named Oliver. 2p usuk! Side ship: Red velvet pancakes :3 T for swearing and shit, also Al and his filthy mind, no sex or anything of the sort just Al lusting after Ollie-bolly-trolly. Ongoing (FYI I’m copy/pasting the summaries in…) Author:  Tweenta13

Liberty -Arthur had run off with Francis, and left him behind, crumpled and broken. At the announcement of their upcoming marriage, Alfred loses himself and commits suicide for all the world to see. Arthur, weighed down by guilt, attempts to perform an act of good will, and save Alfred from the place for the damned. Past UkUs, Present FrUk, Character death, Suicide, Snapped!America. Ongoing Author: Mochi Shutdown

Like it Or Not - AU. Eventual UKxUS. Unpopular, overweight, nerdy, and bullied, high school junior Alfred F. Jones is slowly reaching the end of his rope. Arthur Kirkland, a senior, has nearly everything his heart desires…except a love life. When the spark is lit, Arthur is determined to make Alfred his. After all, he always gets what he wants. Complete. (Personal Favorite. You’ll love it) Author: Celestial Clusters

Estranged - They were all brainwashed products of an unrealistic society, planning their lives around a dumb clock forever fused with their bodies; or it was until they found their “soul mate” anyway. Alfred knew better. Soulmate AU! Complete. Author:  S.E. Mellark

Of Alphas and Omegas Alfred and his friends are the epitome of what it means to be Alpha until they each find themselves having trouble winning over their choice of Omega. Will they be able to capture the heart of their respective loves and keep them? Or will it go unrequited? The path to love never did run smooth. Omegaverse. Usuk, Gerita, Rochu, Pruaus, Franada, Spamano Other minor pairings. Complete. Author: Fangirls Revenge

A Prelude to Independence - NSFW The Doctor tells Arthur of a disruption in the timeline of the past that must be corrected else the future will not be the same. Arthur is the only one who can do it, however not everything goes exactly as planned. Alfred was just suppose to confess to him, not screw his brains out! Time travel fic! :) :) Author: PixieDust291

Trapped in Darkness - Alfred has been living with a disability for nearly 200 years since that day. He is trapped in darkness. Will he be able to endure when the World finds out his closely guarded secret? USUK/UKUS with hinted PruCan. Complete. Author: 9foxgrl

Never According to Plan All Arthur Kirkland wanted to do was get through high school with straight A’s. All Alfred F. Jones wanted to do was teach a normal history class. But we all things never turn out like they should. Student!Arthur x teacher! Alfred. Rated T for language. Complete. Author: SweeneyOCD98

The Magic Stone - Thirteen-year-old Arthur hated going to the hospital. Its white and colourless, smells like antiseptic and the food sucks. Alfred, an eleven-year-old boy recently admitted in the same hospital, has a special way of making the place fun and wants to share it with his new friend. A tale of how a cheerful boy with a stone brought a little light to Arthur’s dark life. This fic made me cry. Complete. Author: IllusionaryMagician

Spirits - NSFW Alfred Jones is a typical high school jock. He just wants to fit in and be popular. But his priorities begin to change when he befriends Arthur Kirkland, a lonely boy whose life has always been plagued by spirits. Complete. Author: briaranise

For His Queen -Madness touches Spades. Cardverse; Gore Oneshot Author: Zo One

Foxfire - NSFW In folklore, foxes are said to be powerful trickster spirits who use their magic for all manner of things. Alfred has been having some rather strange dreams ever since the accident in the woods when he was just a child. An accident he doesn’t remember. His dreams all seem to revolve around one thing, a man with emerald eyes seducing him late at night in the darkness of a forest. Personal Favorite. Complete. Author: PixieDust291 

Beauty of Unseeing - Arthur Kirkland is a man content in life, a man who can see beauty, even if his eyesight was never there. Alfred Jones doesn’t understand Arthur’s sense of beauty whatsoever, but he’s willing to learn. Oneshot Personal Favorite. Author:  Cygrus

Tailspin - After a rather harsh fight, Alfred storms off and Arthur starts to worry. Alfred doesn’t return to the flat, or even answer his roommate’s calls, and to top everything off, a stray cat has appeared at Arthur’s doorstep. One-shot Author:  Iggycat (One of my favorite fanfic authors.)

Once Upon A Dream - NSFW Two souls are trapped in a true love separated by hundreds of years. Written for Day 13 of the USUK Summer Camp 2012. USUK, Crazy dreams!AU Oneshot! (I absolutely love this fic) Author: Bukkunkun

The Art of Giving Hope - America travels back in time to just after the last battle of the revolution. There he finds a certain British blonde, still curled up in the rain. Oneshot Author: animeloveramy

My Soulmate - Twelve-year-old Arthur decides to try a spell to find out the identity of his soulmate. Hints at USUK in the future but they’re just kids at the moment. Oneshot. It’s adorable. Author:  Teenage Mouse

Today Is Also Raining - England’s relationship with the rain and an overbearing idiot through the centuries. Very Light UsUk. Oneshot Author: LovelyToMeetYou

An Honorable Mention of a Non-Hetalia Fanfiction, But Still Very Good. (AKA An Attack on Titan EreRi/Riren Fic that makes you tear up in the end.) 

Electroshock - 1950’s Asylum fic: Eren wasn’t supposed to be there. He wasn’t supposed to be locked up with his life in shreds, and he certainly wasn’t supposed to fall in love. Not when he should have been more focused on how to get over that stupid fence… “Welcome to Sina Asylum.” Sixteen Chapters of Completed EreRi Beauty. My all-time favorite SnK fic Author: ValorTheory

  I sincerely hope you enjoy these. Like I said, if a link doesn’t work, please tell me and I’ll fix it right away.!

I will never be that girl

Today, I came to a realisation. Although it had been at the back of my conscience, I never fully gave it the potential to come forward, but I finally let myself think this without feeling off about it.

I will never be that girl.

I will never be that girl with naturally long legs and flat stomach.

I won’t be that girl that wakes up early to do make up and looks flawless for the whole day.

And I will never be that girl that looks like she just jumped out of a fashion magazine cover.

But that’s okay.

Because I am me. And I am enough. I deserve to be happy with myself and not compare my body to the unrealistic standards that society sets. But I will be happy and healthy, and that’s what matters. I shouldn’t have to look slim and ‘perfect’ to be valued and loved, and I won’t accept things that say otherwise. Because for years, I’ve been fighting myself. Although I’ve never been over weight, I have felt self-conscious about my body for a long time due to the template of beauty I was given from a young age. It has been a see saw of feeling fine about my body and hating it, and it was never in balance. This was the result of being under the impression that to be beautiful, I must be thin and fit the social norm of what was deemed pretty. I now realise that comparing myself to others won’t make a change on my appearance, and I can feel confident without feeling guilty about it. 

I’ve never really like children.
But today I found myself watching a group of four and five year old girls playing with Legos and I started to cry.
They were so happy and they didn’t have a care in the world.
They did not yet understand what the real world was like.
They had not yet been corrupted by sexist, racist, homophobic, and other views society has.
They did not have to hide behind a fake laugh or smile.
I started to cry at their innocence.
I remember how innocent I had been at one point.
Not yet knowing the road society had paved for me.
I also remember when my innocence was taken from me and the real world was revealed.
Look at me know.
Broken and depressed with a history of self-harm and self-hatred, looking for happiness on the bottom of a pill or vodka bottle.
My mind filled with society’s expectations of me as a woman, of my sexual orientation, of my ethnicity, of my religious views.
I started to cry because the games society played on me, the path society paved for me, the unrealistic standards and expectations society had for me, would all soon break those four and five year old girls and steal their innocence.
—  Innocence is temporary

It’s not okay to be fat. 

I hate it when people call fat people beautiful when they’re not. It’s a lie to gain followers and admiration.

And my God please don’t show off your half naked, massive body and claim to love yourself. It’s disgusting. 

Obesity isn’t aesthetically pleasing, and it never will be. People complain about society setting unrealistic standards for women in terms of weight, but really that’s just the moaning of people who can’t be bothered to put in the effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Don’t tell fat people they’re beautiful and fine the way they are, because they’re not. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be.

Straight White Boy Problem #677

why is Kate Upton in this Game of War advertisement… how much is she getting paid to sexualize a slightly above average mobile game. she rides a horse and her HUGE BOOPS look like they are going to fall out as she rides into battle…in a DRESS!! you cant wear a dress in BATTLE!!! this is absurd and i hate myself for watching this unrealistic gameplay experience!! fuck society

Society doesn’t want me to be thin, I MYSELF want to be thin.

Society didn’t tell me I wanted to be thin. I wanted that after I saw thin people, and wanted to be like that. Because thin people are attractive TO ME. 

Society didn’t tell me to harm myself because I’m not thin. I did that myself, after I saw thin people, and wanted to be like that. Because thin people are attractive TO ME.

What I say I want can be influenced by society. What I really wan’t isn’t. How I feel about my body isn’t because of society, and how I deal with it isn’t because of society. It’s because I find thin people attractive, and I want myself to look like what I find attractive.

Now I can bitch about society and unrealistic beauty standards, or I can exercise and do therapy to help me cope with how I feel. Which one sounds more productive and useful?

GoT finale, feudalism, and GRRM - quick musings

You know, I’m actually thinking about this a lot more, because it truly is 

that’s the issue.

Like, I talk a lot about how one of the main points of ASOIAF is how inherently untenable the feudal order is, right? And superficially I can see how people might be viewing the GoT finale as this like, destabilizing narrative (even if we’re going to ignore that feudal concerns appear and disappear in GoT as the plot demands, see: Stannis burning his only heir because he was 20 feet from Winterhell and it was flurrying).

Cheryl basically won by “conquest”, which apparently means Qyburn has the auspices to crown her and everyone now accepts this. She literally blew up the institutions that created order. Then in the North and Porne, there’s bastards leading things, because they don’t give a shit about feudal concerns anymore. Add to this the High Grandpa going on all season about fulfilling your societal function is a great sin because he partied once and it was terrible. D&D bend over backwards to show how quickly people shed any idealized notions of the feudal order in favor of…asspull politics. Or uh. Strong murderers? That might be the theme.

But the thing is, it’s…is “anachronistic” the right word? Because Martin’s whole thing is to show the unstable nature of Westeros’s toxic patriarchal feudal system by actually having people like, follow it, and we see the grief it can cause, the fact that Robb *had* to go to war to make a point because pissing contests matter that much, the fact that the hypocrisies surrounding the concept of the idealized knight. And it’s not that people won’t revolt in Westeros, because that’s exactly what the Sparrow movement was. It was a populist uprising. But one that still operated within the established structures, because it would have been out of place and random for these people to be suddenly spouting Marxist philosophy.

That’s the main issue here: it’s out of place for every single Pornish guard to be magically on-board with a coup because Doran was more about reconciliation than war. And even if in Porne they don’t care about bastardy, they sure as hell care about succession because this is why wars start. A House Sand is ruling? Did Faullaria legitimize herself? These would be questions that people needed answered.

Same with Cheryl’s coronation: she blew up the one known organization held dearly by the small-folk from which her throne derived power, and people calmly stood in the hall and clapped for her as a crown was put on her head? While her entire army was still out on the road with Larry, might I point out? When has a power-vacuum ever played out like this in the slightest? It is out of place, and just disingenuous to how anyone would react.

Then in the North, if we’re supposed to buy that Jon is elected for Jon’s own merits (which what are those, exactly? Marching face-first into a trap?), then why the fuck was Lyanna Mormont evoking oaths sworn to the Starks? Does it matter that he’s a Stark? Are they just going to call him “Stark”? They seem to *think* it matters that he’s Robb’s brother, so…

Like, not even mentioning Sansa’s claim is once again, wildly unrealistic in this society that is sometimes present. I mean, idk if we’re supposed to pretend that this is the same world where 5 wars were fought over the issue of legitimized bastards inheriting, but that no one would even say “oh hey but what about…” Like, that’s the main issue. The setting is meaningless. So how can there be this great exploration of the inherent instability of the feudal order, when it’s been adapting to plot demands for quite some time now?

I’ve had people asking me if it’s possible Cersei becomes queen or Jon becomes KiTN (I’d argue the will would turn up for the latter, but whatever), and like…kind of/maybe? But not in this context, because this context is just meaningless. It’s an anti-feudal narrative in the sense of two dudes in 2015 wrote a plotline that blows up a system they were bored of adapting. They didn’t give 2-seconds of a thought to how anyone, smallfolk to noble, would actually behave in this situation. 

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why are you on a diet. you're perfect the way u r bobin don't let society's unrealistic standards influence u

im eating healthy so i can live longer

Stop blaming society. We are society.

Society is not a non-human entity controlling our lives, it is not an individual, it is not a select group of people, it is not just comprised of those who want to ‘set unrealistic standards’.

Society is all of us.

If there wasn’t such a high percentage of women who aspire to have a slimmer (but still healthy) body, media companies would not use women with this body type to promote products. Weight loss would not be so well promoted. We see a lot of it because it’s what the majority of people want.

Unless you are in the small minority of people with legitimate disorders causing you to lose weight such as anorexia, you are aspiring to this body image of your own choosing, and acting upon it is your own choice, you are not in any way being forced to by society. It is an attractive, healthy aspiration to have, and people should not be looked down on for trying to achieve society’s ideal.

It’s also worth noting aspiring to be slim does not in any way you aspire to be underweight, are going to diet excessively, or are going to starve yourself. Likewise, not aspiring to this same ideal does not necessarily mean you are overweight or unhealthy.

blackthorn-latte-fairy  asked:

Hi, well, I just read the post you wrote about feminism... and I would like to know what is it that you define as antifeminism, because I REALLY want to understand you but a can't. I'm not trying to rude but I feel the need to know why some people think like you.

Hi, and thank you for your ask which is not in the least bit rude :)

The first thing I will say is one vital point about feminism, which is in many ways the crux of defining antfeminism. That is the fact that feminism does not have the monopoly on gender equality. Feminism is one very specific gender equality movement. That does not mean it is the only one, or the only route towards gender equality. So with that being said, it can now be understood that by being anti-feminist that does not automatically make a person anti-equality. In fact many of the reasons anti-feminists are opposed to feminism stem from the fact that we don’t actually believe that (modern) feminism actually promotes equality. Understanding that anti-feminists are not anti-equality is the starting point for understanding the mindset of many anti-feminists. 

(I will say at this point that there do exist some anti-feminists who are traditionalists and who want to retain gender roles and so on. They are few and far between in my experience, but I will just point out that I am not one of them. I will also say at this point that I do not view anti-feminism as a ‘movement’ as such. Just a lot of individual people who hope to change the conversation on gender equality and move away from the largely feminist ruled discussions we see in our media today.)

Now I could write an essay on this to be honest, but I will keep it as short as I can..

  • Feminism, and feminist theory, studies society from the point of view of women. This gives a one sided and narrow view of society. I don’t believe gender equality can be properly tackled with a one sided narrative. In particular when it comes to the gender binary I don’t see how that issue can be tackled by only looking at the female side. In many respects we can see the effect of this already - women have been allowed to escape their gender role to a large degree but we have seen no such change for men.
  • Feminism has taught us that throughout history women have been powerless while men have had it easy. This view of history is wholly unrealistic. Our societies have not grown out of two dimensional systems where all men always had power and all women did not. In fact it is laughable to say that. And yet feminism seems to plant this idea into the minds of young women, convincing them that they are automatically oppressed before they even breathe.
  • Feminism teaches women to be afraid. While claiming to empower women, feminism teaches women that they are automatically victims with things like #yesallwomen. And of course this tied nicely in with telling us that all men are dangerous and should be feared. Pretty sexist really.
  • Another example of how feminism can itself be sexist… how many times have you seen anti-rape campaigns which centre on the idea of ’ don’t teach women to protect themselves - teach men not to rape’. This does several things - it implies that all men are rapists, it implies that only men can be rapists, it implies that only women can be rape victims. So not only does it erase male victims of rape (sexist) it frees female rapists from any blame. That is not equality. And that is without going into the fact that it teaches women that learning to protect themselves (since there are always going to be shitstains out there who will rape and attack people) is bad and wrong. So again - not very empowering.
  • Feminism continually uses false and outdated statistics. Examples being pay gap, 1 in 4 women are raped…
  • Feminism can be ridiculously negative. I have already covered this to some degree. I mean - take the pay gap myth. Telling women they will be paid less for the same work as men (when it has been debunked frequently) is not going to inspire women or make them think they can be as successful as men. Equally, telling women that some areas of work are closed off to them is not going to encourage them into those areas. Negativity is not empowering if you ask me.
  • Some of feminism’s campaigns are completely flawed. The anti-rape campaigns (already mentioned) are sexist. And things like Ban Bossy are a shambles - it was supposed to be about encouraging more girls into leadership positions (a good aim) but because of the way they campaign was designed, what it actually would achieve was teaching girls poor leadership skills since they would never receive any criticism or learn that domineering behaviours are not good leadership qualities.

Ultimately I believe that feminism lies to us about our history and about the world we live in today. It teaches us the false idea that women have many problems in society while men have none. It ignores men’s issues or pretends they don’t exist. It offers too narrow a view on the world to be actually helpful. It often uses flawed thinking and campaigns and is often anti-equality. That is why I am an ant-feminist. 

And just to say it again - much of the reason I AM ant-feminist is because while I am pro-equality I do not believe that feminism is.

Sex to me has never really been an act of lust, I mean, it is, but, it’s more than that. Sex to me is the ability to connect with someone on every possible level. It’s the senses, for me. I want to know what your skin feels like and I want to really experience it. I want to know how your eyes change and I want to hear the difference in your breathing. I want to see the goosebumps or the movements, feel the movements. & the issue with sex sometimes or all things really, is that people tend to think too much and feel too little. & sex is never something you should have to think about. Respond to their bodies, not what you’ve heard or read or assumed. Take the time to genuinely engage and meditate, even, with them. I want to become apart of someone - to create a sense of oneness in something that is happening between two. It’s the natural act of the human body that I find so beautiful, not the unrealistic idea society painted for me. I want to be engulfed in the senses. That’s what sex is to me.

idk I don’t like the rhetoric that being gay would freak the Cullen’s out even a little bit like maybe right after they’d been turned but literally gay people have been around Forever and new vampires are dealing with realizing “hey humans aren’t alone and I’m not one anymore” so I think the notion that vampires , especially the Cullen’s [Alice (who’s seen the horrors of neurotypical society), Jasper (who’s seen the horrors of war and how any kind of love can save people), Rosalie and Esme (who has been scarred by heteros and men), and Carlisle who is a fuckton years old and has seen all types of people through his profession, and Edward who can read people’s minds and has seen the struggles first hand of LGBT people through their minds)] would be homophobic or even subscribe to commonplace heteronormative society is unrealistic tbh

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Soma, 22? <3

I am terrible at keeping things at 500 words apparently, because this is another 1k of nonsense that I kinda really like. The prompt was: two miserable people meeting at a wedding au so have fun reading this!

She stirred the contents of her glass as she stared at the happy couple dancing in front of her, bile slowly crawling up her throat at the sight. Honestly, she was happy her best friend had finally met someone and settled down, really she was. But a part of her – the cynical side of her – resented the woman for it no matter how gorgeous she looked standing beside her new husband. Maka had known Liz since they were in high school, and they had always talked about remaining single for the rest of their lives.

So seeing her dancing and smiling at Wes Evans brought both joy and sorrow to her spiteful little heart.

“Oh, god,” came a deep voice next to her. “Please don’t tell me you’re happy for the couple, too. Sick of all these fuckers being wrapped up in the marital bliss of those two idiots.”

Maka glared at him, noting his abnormal features – seriously, who the hell wore red contacts and dyed their hair white for a formal event?

“Shouldn’t be at some anime convention or something? Or did I miss the memo to dress up like some poorly done 90’s anime character?”

The man returned her glare, baring his sharp teeth at her. “Excuse me?”

Keep reading