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Batman: Arkham Knight Details

The first details of Rocksteady’s last go with the Dark Knight have surfaced. It looks like Batman: Arkham Knight is going to be the most ambitious Batman game yet. 

  • Last Batman game for Rocksteady, will work on something totally new next.
  • There will be a brand new villain, something made by Rocksteady that they say will be the ultimate test for Batman. Arkham Knight isn’t just the name of the game.. it’s also the name of the [new] villain. Geoff Johns helped in the design of the new villain with Rocksteady. Grant Morrison is pitching in with some of the writing for the story of the game.
  • Batmobile can be called at any moment with a button.
  • The city streets are much wider to allow for the batmobile. You will rocket jump off ramps and do all sorts of cool maneuvers.
  • You can eject jump out of the batmobile right into a super fast glide straight through the glass of a building to knock out enemies. They said glass breaking will be a big new thing.
  • New moves include being able to use all your gadgets during flight. You now have a counter throw where you counter a guy and throw him into another guy. A new quick ground takedown. A quick backflip where you then throw a batarang in an enemies face.
  • For the predator sections you can now chain takedowns of up to four enemies. For instance pop out of a grate and take one guy, jump to the next and so on. You can now enter grates from a distance, he will automatically do a jump or roll to enter them.
  • Batmobile fires missles and stun guns. It destroys anything it touches so if you bump into cars the cars go flying. It’s basically unstoppable.
  • Story is that after Joker’s death all the criminals decided to work together and their plan comes together this night where they plan to kill batman. The article talks mostly about Scarecrow, he scattered bombs throughout Gotham.
  • Oracle will play a larger role, you get to visit her base and talk to her, tons of batman easter eggs included.
  • Kevin Conroy is Batman, all the previous voice actors are back.
  • Gotham City is 5 times bigger than Arkham City. Split into 3 areas. NO LOAD TIMES at all, entering buildings is seamless.
  • They spend a bunch of time talking about how detailed the models are, one character has more polygons than the environment of Arkham Asylum.
  • “This is a single-player game. There is no multiplayer.”
  • No more pre-rendered cinematics everything is done in engine.
  • The larger riots can have up to 50 people flipping cars and looting stores.
  • Built on a highly customized and enhanced Unreal Engine 3. Think something along the lines of Epic’s ‘Samaritan demo’.
  • Things such as Gordon’s trench coat and Batman’s cape now have Apex cloth physics. They react realistically to changes in wind and movement.
  • When it rains,  beads of water run down Batman’s suit tracing every groove.
  • The wrinkles on Gordon’s face crinkle as he talks
  •  Rocksteady is emphasising that detail is more important than the scale of the world. They don’t want to create the biggest open-world, they want to create the richest, densest and most vibrant city yet.
  • Batman will start off with the old batsuit and upgrade at some point in the game.
  • The Batmobile is designed to be “the best car in any game ever”, it takes up around 160mb of memory in game and will just about fit in an Xbox 360 (if that was the whole game). There are hundreds of thousands of polygons, as well as textures and shaders used on it.
  • By not being cross-gen they’ve been able to push what these next-gen machines can do. This a a real next-gen title. 

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