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Filling a prompt for the ever lovely gabzilla-z, who requested Naruto remembering Hinata’s waterfall scene and his heartboner during the bikochuu mission while watching her train early on in their relationship, and his subsequent unreaction. Hope I provided!

Side-note: Actual waterbender Sailor Hinata. Douse yourself in water and repent!

“You know, I don’t think I’ve ever just sat and watched a training session before,” Naruto mused, arms crossed casually behind his head. Hinata giggled.

“Think you’ll be able to sit still? Though Kiba-kun and Shino-kun probably wouldn’t mind you joining in if you get too restless.”

Naruto shuddered. “I think they’d be more than excited about the chance to rough me up a bit. We’ve been dating for a month and I’m still being interrogated at random.”

Hinata smiled and glanced upwards, lavender eyes temporarily mirroring the color of the rapidly darkening sky.

“It’s probably going to start raining soon, so if you don’t want—” Hinata was interrupted by a raindrop plunking straight onto her nose. She paused, blinking up to the sky while Naruto let out an amused chuckle.

“A little water won’t kill me! Come on, we should go before Kiba blames me for you getting there late.”

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Much of the labor for a synthetic chemist is the “workup,” the isolation and purification of desired products from a reaction. Even the cleanest reaction can leave behind by-products, solvent, and unreacted starting materials. Ask any chemist: Cleaning out these chemicals can be a chore. John Swanson took this photo while working up a so-called DCC coupling, which is used to make short peptide chains. This insoluble impurity found at the bottom of one flask may have had a message of love for the chemist. But, given the scrubbing that will be needed to clean the flask, “the feeling isn’t mutual,” he says.

Credit: John Swanson/Abraham Joy laboratory at the University of Akron

anonymous asked:

Okay but Laura was being shockingly unreactive for an alarming amount of time while the vord was preparing to behead carm, if it wasn't for dean!perry, would carm be headless right now?

In that moment Laura was just totally defeated. She had no way to stop Vordie, they’d lost the school, one of her closest friends had been murdered and as far as she knew Carmilla had abandoned them. Abandoner her.

Do I think she would have sat there completely motionless and watched Vordie kill Carmilla? No of course not. But really, in Laura’s eyes what could she even do?

Mad kudos to Elise in that scene because everything about Laura just screamed that this was not the optimistic, happy girl we saw in the first episodes; this was a girl who had been completely beaten down by the events around her.


hat red - has video game gone to far???


Impressive would-be plot twist:

Starting at the very beginning, you can get through the ENTIRE game without pulling the trigger once. Every level. All the way to the end. The cops don’t come until someone dies. The civilians are unreactive until someone dies. The game is social satire: “Anyone can, with the right mindset go nuts. And anyone who can resist the temptation to go nuts can lead a normal life.”
Remember I said this when the game comes out, and its weeks later before someone “figures out” that you don’t NEED to kill anyone. This game doesn’t turn you into a monster, it shows you that you’re already one with a little melodramatic prompting.

About ¾ lb (330 g or so) of neodymium magnets, formula Nd2Fe14B. Because of their insanely large molar mass, this only really comprises about 0.3 mol of Nd2Fe14B magnets. I got these from tons and tons of old hard drives. A few of them could be samarium cobalt magnets (SmCo5), but I doubt that because those would have to be pre-80s hardware and these hard drives dated from the mid-90s at the earliest. These are the most powerful magnets in the world. I literally had to hammer the magnet part off of the nonmagnetic permalloy base that it was stuck onto. For all of these. 

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Crystals of the compounds formed in a EDC/NHS coupling between 1,5-diaminonaphthalene and BOC-Glycine.

The first picture shows the unreacted starting material.
The second picture is the desired product, with a BOC-Glycine attached to a single amine group of the 1,5-diaminonaphthalene molecule.

The final picture shows the interesting cubic crystals formed by the unwanted side reaction when both amino groups are coupled with BOC-Glycine.

(All samples were characterised via TLC and H-NMR)