Yosemite Falls

Massive multi-part HDR panorama of Yosemite and Half Dome

I’ve been sitting on this shot of Yosemite for a few years, never getting around to editing it. Honestly, I’m glad I waited. A few years ago, I would never have been able to do it justice. The processing techniques, as well as the artistic vision, were simply out of my reach.

I have improved as a photographer since then, but more importantly, I’ve improved as an artist. I can’t go back in time to retake my old photos, but I can use everything I’ve learned to turn them into something greater.

This one is a 6 part panorama with selective HDR data from 54 exposures.

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Moonrise Bridge

Wide-angle long exposure HDR

When I saw the moon shining this bright through the clouds, I couldn’t resist going out and trying to capture it.

This one was taken the same night that this recent upload was.

This one was a 5-exposure HDR panorama, with mostly RAW data manually composed. It was taken with the D800E using the 16-35 VR lens.

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Landscape Horizon (by Kevin MacLeod (unranged.com))

I took this one the night of the full moon. I had originally set out to find a spot from which to capture the moon rising over the city, but quickly changed plans when the clouds made it apparent I wasn’t going to be seeing the moon this night. A short drive and a short hike, and I managed to capture this one from the opposite direction.

I didn’t have a tripod here because I didn’t particularly feel like lugging it up the mountain. The D800 surprises me yet again with the quality of photograph it is able to capture from natural lighting. I shot this one at f5.6, handheld, with a manual focus lens, and I honestly don’t think the results would have been any better at normal viewing if I’d been using a tripod.

Expect to see a few more from this series. This particular shot is an ultrawide from the 14mm Samyang lens. I shot a few telephoto pictures of this scene that should be interesting, as well as a panorama with my go-to 40mm landscape lens. I should have those up in the coming days.