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heeeeyyyy so i've been enjoying your rapid descent into rory/paris hell, sorry and welcome. i just wanted to see if you've read "boston marriage" by jae_w? it's the only really satisfying fic i've ever found. also have you seen mallory ortberg's rory/paris manifesto? you can find it by googling "femslash friday gilmore girls" and i think you will appreciate the way it, and i quote, "sweeps aside a sea of unworthy male chaff," unquote, while demonstrating paris and rory's epic love.

thank you i owe you my life

I mean for the love of god, the fact that if Rey, is Rey Skywalker, the best tool Snoke could use to weaken Luke because of his empathy but instead goes after the quote unquote “Less Powerful Twin”‘s son should be an indication alone that a Han Solo is a force sensitve Jedi Plot twist coming

  • Mark Gatiss into a walkie talkie: Queen Regnant, this is Ginger Spice, please let Curls of Danger know that an urgent situation has arisen, Feature of Interest has been described as [quote] soft [unquote] in mainstream media, 57 cats nearly out of the bag yet again. Cheekbones has been identified as the guilty party. Please arrange Cheekbones' transport back to the place currently occupied by Denim Jacket and Elephant Man. Release the latter temporarily in case there's a shortage of space. Correction: Release Elephant Man, but limit his access to social media. Over and out.
  • Sue Vertue: what the actual fuck mark
  • Mark Gatiss: ben fucked up again tell steven to Put Him Back
  • Mark Gatiss: arwel is ok for a bit
The sort of glorious girl whose kiss tastes of liquor when she’s had no liquor to drink. Cassis, berries, gumdrops, steamy and soft. Quote unquote.
—  David Foster Wallace, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

I love seeing y’all shocked, truly, but the Bs are Really Good off the ice, so let’s round out the quote-unquote Holy Trinity after Marchy’s display of LGBTQ+ support:

  • Zdeno Chara (Big Dad Z!) was one of the first NHL players to endorse You Can Play and acceptance of gay players in professional hockey. He might look scary to you, and okay, he could probably kill a man with his bare hands, but I promise you he goes out of his way as both a captain and an all-around Good Dude to make sure every single player on his team knows that they’re welcome on said team.
  • When the Massachusetts state legislature was considering bills that would protect transgender individuals in public spaces like bathrooms, Patrice Bergeron recorded this video advocating for the bills. As per USA Today: “The Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox and Revolution released written statements in support of the measure, but Bergeron is the first to lend his face to the cause. It’s a wonderfully bold and inclusive move on the part of the Bruins.”

BTS Dope AU in which instead of working in different industries, they are all working for crime investigations.

So so so Jungkook is with the police and handles all the arrests and break-ins, Jimin works with the data behind the computer like profiling and shit, Tae is the PI who sometimes work with the police, his quote unquote personal chauffeur Hoseok (also part of the police and is also a car chase master), Jin is the coroner who works with the body, and leader Yoongi who deals with the officials and authorize every investigation.

And Namjoon would be the genius serial killer who poses as a doorman of the hotel across the street :”)

Someone pls write this out I’ll pay you