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The sad thing about our society is that women are put in one of two categories. You’re either in the beautiful category and you’re seen as sexy and beautiful, or some version of that, or you’re put into another category.The latter category affords women the opportunity to be smart, funny, independent, mean, strong, intelligent and opinionated. We take them seriously as politicians, if they fit into that latter category. We respect their opinions more and give them higher expectations. That latter category is what allows female actors to be characters.

hmmmmm one leg off the bed, that’s such an uncomfortable way to sleep, i can’t think of any possible reason to do that…

… unless your boyfriend was sleeping on the floor next to your bed and you wanted to make sure you were touching him all night


Watching BMW episodes and ended up on Torn Between Two Lovers. Found myself watching Cory and Topanga’s break-up scene and momentarily forgetting that it’s 2016, not 1998 and Cory & Topanga are a happily married NYC lawyer and teacher with two adorable children, as opposed to an angst ridden, heartbreaking high school couple with an uncertain (though, lbr, in retrospect, it was never really that uncertain…hindsight’s 20/20, I guess) future. 😔

very rushed artos for BACCANO! secret santa event! this was my first time trying this, and ugh so sorry fo the unquality piccu o)-( but glad you like it! @lua-russo  

like, I didn’t check that the submission time limit was being extended, so I kinda rushed things and tadah, got it done at the 25th (GMT +7) o)-(


Ladd and Lua for me is like, amusing couple– well almost every couple in BACCANO! are amusing, but, I like how they love each other by the “I’ll kill you right away, so don’t die yet” phrase. That is, to me, is very romantic.

baccano secret santa event: @baccanosecretsanta


Dib: And that’s where Irk is!

Zim: You can’t see anything without your goggles, no way you can see that far!

Dib: True. But I always know where home is

WHOOOO!!! 400 followers! Hi guys! Thank you so much for following this HIGHLY unquality blog about gross gay nerds! You’re all amazing and I love you guys. Thank you so much <3 As a token of my gratitude please take this picture of said nerds stargazing

Pictured counter clockwise: Dib, Zim, Minimoose, Mimi, Gir, Skoodge, Purple, Red, Tak, and Gaz!

I love you guys! thanks again 

I’m re-watching the pilot and the irony of Riley trying to be more like Maya when she first meets Lucas (and basically throughout the entire episode) will never be lost on me. This is the episode that sets up Rilucas and Riley’s super pressed on being like Maya. i mean…

Also: “The great mystery of the universe is how you could love two women the same who couldn’t possibly be more different.”

Cue the writers’, “The story was clear from the pilot.”