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what do you think of the news for the skins series? sorry if you'd rather not hear about skins anymore (you know, i feel the same, they should just have ended it after s6 and left it at that...) but i'd just like to hear your opinions, since they're always pretty much the same as mine, just worded out better.

Unadulterated loathing still, tbh. But it’s funny cos I was just in the middle of writing up my thoughts on the recent developments when you sent me this, hehe. :) 

In short, I’m just sitting here laughing at how stupid S7 sounds. I thought it would be bad, and it has not disappointed me thus far in maintaining my expectations of unqualitiness. Just, no. Heh.


I haven’t had donuts in awhile. I just glare at them at the work cafe as I make my oatmeal. I used to not like donuts when I was younger. It doesn’t seem possible.

Look at my daughter’s shoes. Clearly we’re a donut family.

Tonight has been brought to you by unquality blogging. And sleepiness.

This sentence originally implored me to tag 12 followers I wanted to get to know better. Twelve! I refuse.

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If you feel so inclined, consider this an invitation to participate in this thingy thing! But I won’t tag you. You do you.

Name: As far as Tumblr is concerned, Muppetface.

Sign: Bertram R. Forer

Lucky Number: 23. I’ve been fond of it ever since I was a kid.

Last Thing I Googled: I don’t Google shit that often; I prefer DuckDuckGo for reasons of privacy and data decentralization. But according to my phone, the last thing I Googled was “boardgaming.com hive”. I wanted to read reviews of a game.

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: Currently, one flannel sheet, one fleece blanket, and one comforter. 

Favorite Fictional Character: Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin, from Perdido Street Station. Or maybe Marko from Saga.

Favorite Book: It varies, but today, my favorite fictional book is Watchmen, and my favorite nonfiction is The Information.

What Are You Wearing Right Now: rust-orange sweater on top of a light-gray Oxford shirt, slim jeans, wool socks, TARDIS slippers

When Did I Start This Blog: I had to look it up. July of 2012, apparently, which means it’s coming up on four years old. Egad.

Amount of Followers: 211. I’m tickled that so many people apparently like the stuff I share.

What Do I Post Mostly: Pictures of owls, pictures of cats, pictures of birds, social justice, polyamory, my understated process of realizing I’m queerer than I thought earlier in my life, linguistics, complaining about the absolute garbage fire that is Tumblr’s development, defending the Youths and loudly disagreeing with Neo-Luddites, and empathy. If anyone can somehow summarize that in a pithy sentence, they’ll have my undying admiration.

Do I Run Any More Blogs: I do! And because I prefer to keep my online identity somewhat fragmented, I won’t tell you what it is.

Most Active Follower: I do not know how to acquire this information, nor do I know how to quantify it! Most active on my own stuff? Most active on their own blog? According to my Activity tab, my “biggest fan” as of late (last 3 days and last month) is @flyingllamacorn42

What Made Me Get a Tumblr: My big turn to social justice interests in summer of 2012, which was in no small part inspired by @dinosaurusrachelus. Tumblr seemed like a good way to listen to more people’s voices.

Why Did I Get This URL: I have often been told I have a very “Muppet-y” face and set of expressions.

If you are a follower of mine reading this and not tagged, consider yourself tagged.

unfinished works (pt. 1)

drabbles i started and won’t finish because i’m the worst ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ warning: abrupt endings galore + no context lmao. secondary warning: 5k+ words of unquality suzac luluc unholy trinity rambling unintelligible disjointed trash!fic w/ few or no edits proceed at your own discretion :x

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winner’s comeback is so good I’m suffering