Dear Justin,

so why i really write it? because i want to thank you. about everything you doing for your fans , for us, you’re really amazing.

you always support in us, you always say “my fans are the best”, “i love my fans”, “my fans are my family”.

and we’re support in you to and we always will..

i love your tweets on twitter , when you say you’re happy , when you’re smile , i feel so good at this moments , it’s give me joy , to see you beaming.

and I can say “when ever you smile, I smile”

and I really think that the way that you did to be famous is amazing, because, you just came from little town in canada, with a dream, and you did it, your dream came true, and you didn’t give up about nothing , you continued with what you done, and look at you now, you’ve fans in all the world, and a lots of girls just waiting to meet you, and i really can say that you changed the life of a lot girls, and mine too.

everyone tells me “why you love him? give me a good reason”, and i’m just like “he’s amazing person you don’t know him, i know it’s wierd but i do know him, i know how’s Justin Bieber , and when i feel down , his voice makes me so happy i feel in my world ”, everyone is laugh at me because i love you, but i don’t really care, i know you’re not gay, i know you’re not a girl, i know, and the haters know it too, but they HATERS so they try to be funny, but they are not, i know it hurts you sometimes, you’re Just a teenager, and i know when your “beliebers” left you it’s hurts you, because you really love us , and WE LOVE YOU , i know you see everything , i know you gave up about being normal , being able to go out with your family or friends , because you want to be the best , for you and for us , you’re growing up , you’re maturing , you’re getting better , but who you was and the way you feel will never gonna change. you’re still kidrauhl , the boy from Stratford. 

and I love you , no matter what. i promise to be with you till the end , i promise to you and to me.

-unpunkablle ♥ (MrsBiebzBaby on twitter :)