The most unprofessional concert performer today

Ladies and gentleman…Ms Azealia Banks

(and I tagged some actual professional female concert performers just to get those likes hehehe)

Cosmo is a magazine for women around the world and what they are doing is unprofessional. From hating on a band for DOING A FUCKING COVER SONG and for picking apart a band members appearance. I don’t know about you but this magazine is losing a subscriber and money for their daily paychecks. 

Michael Clifford is such a sweetheart and he does not deserve (no one does) to get ripped apart by strangers over his appearance. Michael helps so many of his fans daily, whether it’s by tweeting an ’I love you’ or by interacting with them. Michael doesn’t hide behind his computer screen/phone and bully others which can’t be said for this magazine. 

The interactions to Cosmo’s tweets and the tags #AMAs over 5sos’ performance are disgusting and unnecessary. It’s a shame no one remembers manners or being polite. I’m not asking for everyone to enjoy 5sos in any way, their music may not be your taste but don’t judge them for a cover song if you’re just now introduced to what these four very talented dudes have to offer.

Cosmo keep showing your true colors and you won’t need me to help you lose subscribers. Also I hope you get fired.

A pro-choice student wrote a letter-to-the-editor about a crisis pregnancy center near his school in Minnesota.  CPCs pose as legitimate reproductive health centers. They have a track record of outright lying to women and work to dissuade people from exercising the right to choose. 

Here’s what we think of the oh-so-professional email the CPC’s director sent back. 


I understand that Gambit will appear as well. What can you tell us about his role in the story?

He has a cameo at the beginning. This arc starts off at a Burning Man-style festival in the Black Rock Desert. I actually took to Twitter when I was planning out this story and asked people, "Who, out of all the X-Men, present or past, do you think is most likely to show up at Burning Man?”

The overwhelming consensus was Gambit. [Laughs] He’d be sort of the skeezy guy who goes around offering dubious massages, and stuff like that, so he does have a cameo at the beginning. It’s a lot of fun. I hope people are as excited about this as I am.“

–G. Willow Wilson, about Gambit’s role in the X-Men: Burning World mini-series. (Comic Book Resources)

You know what? I’m done with Marvel–at least until they get editors and writers who are mature and don’t insult characters. She’s another writer who doesn’t understand him–just what he needs.  I’m so fucking sick and tired of so-called professionals who are supposed to know what they’re doing misrepresenting a character.

I might have been willing to excuse the "skeezy” comment as her simply misspeaking if it hadn’t been followed up by the “dubious massages” part. A while back she asked Twitter users for some advice on Cajun French (because why do any research when you can ask Twitter? seems to be her motto), but I notice she asked nothing about his personality or anything that really mattered.

And what I find hilarious is that the general public just LOVES this brand. But most of them I’d bet have no idea how the comics fans are treated. Oh, it’s great if you’re a fan of one of the Avengers or a writer’s pet character, but for everyone else (ie, the X-Men), forget about it. People don’t see the way this company treats long-time fans. It’s disgraceful.