unproductive night

Imagine Woozi making sure you go to sleep at an earlier hour because he knows that you tend to stay up late.

  • <p> <b>what I tell myself:</b> I'm gonna make some commander decks this evening, I have some ideas with all the new spoilers coming out.<p/><b>what I actually do:</b> *put 15 cards in a pile, then get bored and start on yet another pile. There are hundreds of piles now. Cards cover every spare surface. Not a single commander deck has been made*<p/></p>
To Serve the Light

FFXV/Assassin’s Creed AU

Word Count: 1124

Please. Y’all knew it was a matter of time. Someone was going to do it. Someone will probably do it better than me, but here is my contribution, complete with a light smattering of Promptis. This is literally something I pulled out of my ass in a span of an hour, so don’t expect anything profound or mind-blowing, lol!

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A chill swept through the air and Noctis held back a shiver as he crouched, surveying his surroundings. The world turned silver as he counted. One, two, three MTs guarding the Citadel doors, two more flanking each side corridor, and at least one in every hallway up to the main elevator. From there, he could make out a peppering of guards, but they were far too heavily banked on a ground assault. Infiltrating it by air seemed to be the way to go.

He sighed, the world returning to its natural state, and he fiddled with the hook attached to his gauntlet, careful to avoid the tip of his hidden blade as he adjusted the fit. It wouldn’t have been the first time he had accidentally stabbed himself, but the first and second times were more than enough to instill the fear of a third. Standing, he gave one last glance toward the place he once called home before sliding quietly down the slanted roof of an old, nearby church. A pang of sadness settled in the pit of his stomach. It was unbecoming of a prince, no, a king, to abandon his kingdom, but the Brotherhood left him little choice.

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Spilt Coffee, Chapter 2/?

A/N Yo its yo pal kristie again. Its nearly 4am and im still in the coffee shop writing this!!!! I’m delirious and really hungry but i finished chapter two because I already enjoy this story so much! also if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes pls forgive me, it is 4am afterall

Chapter 1

Uni student Dan, being the nightowl he is, has a habit of studying at a cafe in the middle of the night to escape his busy house on campus. The cafe is cute and quiet, and all the barista’s are sweet to him, including the one with the free cookies.

Genre: still p fluffy imo

word count: 1k

A couple of weeks passed, midterms came and went, and Dan still regularly went to the café in the middle of the night. He had gotten to know his favourite barista more and more with each visit, and left early on the nights that Phil didn’t work. A few unproductive nights, Phil finished his shifts just as Dan arrived to study, which resulted in Phil staying behind after his shift and sitting with Dan, rambling about new episodes of shows they had bonded over.

Dan whined loudly. “Phiii-iil! I haven’t watched it yet!”

“Well why not?” Phil asked in disbelief. “It was so amazing!”

The younger boy rolled his eyes, leaning back into the booth seat. “Because I’m a busy Uni student! I don’t have time to watch my shows!” He said with more of a whine, pouting.

Phil chuckled. “Oh yeah, ‘busy Uni student’, that’s why you spend your days sleeping and then spending your nights cooped up in this place, huh?” He asked with a playful smirk.

“Shut up! Uni has probably gotten a shitton more difficult since you graduated, old man!”

“Hey! I only kinda old! Also, I can’t wait until you’re a lawyer who uses ‘shitton’ in court. You’re gonna do great!” Phil teased, his face scrunching up as he giggled and his tongue poked out from his teeth.

Dan threw a small piece of his muffin at the older boy, giggling. “You’re just a big bully, aren’t you?”

Phil shrugged, giggling softly and picking up the piece of muffin off of the table and eating it. “Oh yeah, just the meanest person you could ever possibly meet!”

“I don’t doubt it, honestly.” Dan smiled a toothy grin, his eyes drifting down to the table and running over his text book that he hadn’t even thought about since Phil finished his shift and sat across from him. “Don’t you have something better to do? I mean, you aren’t in school anymore. You should take advantage of the fact that you can sleep.”

Phil shrugged and picked at his own muffin. “Home isn’t as fun as it is hanging out here with you.” He said with a shrug. “Doing YouTube means I don’t get out much besides when I work here or when I hang out here with you. Or when I get my dog.”

“Dog? Now you have me interested.” Dan said, pushing his text book aside and leaning his elbows on the table, propping his head on his hands and smiling at Phil.

Phil chuckled and leaned back in his seat. “Yeah. Dog. His name is Po, well, his name is something else but my boyfriend hated it, so he goes by Po.” Dan could feel his heart sink, not realizing that there was always the potential that Phil could’ve been in a relationship. Why hadn’t he mentioned him before? Why did Dan even care? Phil was older and more mature anyways, he’s already finished school, how was Dan so oblivious to realizing that Phil probably had higher standards. Probably like being finished University. Of course, he had a boyfriend.

Phil kept his eyes trained on Dan closely, a small smile forming on his lips as he could see the gears turning in the younger boy’s head. “We are broken up. About a month ago. But, this has confirmed my suspicions. Daniel has a crush!” Phil teased, reaching over to playfully poke Dan’s cheek.

Dan glared back at Phil, swatting his hand away as a soft blush came upon his cheeks. “Shut up! I do not!”

“Oh, please Dan! I could practically see the light leave your eyes!” Phil giggled, holding his stomach as he laughed. “Oh, you’re so precious!”

Dan blushed harder and huffed, beginning to shove his books into his bag. “Ass.”

Phil giggled and grabbed Dan’s wrist gently. “Hey, hey, I’m not making fun of you.” He said softly, smiling. “I wouldn’t have pointed it out if I didn’t feel the same way.”

Dan stopped what he was doing, staring blankly at the table. “Wait, you…you feel the same way?”

Phil let go of Dan’s wrist and chuckled, sitting back and nodding. “I don’t sit in a random café at 4am for everyone, you know.”

Dan slowly relaxed as his blush faded. He sat up straight again and chewed on his bottom lip, staring at the wall behind Phil. “But…I’m just a stupid kid.”

“You’re in University for Law. You aren’t stupid. And your intelligence level has nothing to do with how I view you as a person.”

“We barely know each other…” Dan said, barely above a whisper, his heart beating quickly.

Phil smiled softly. “Nothing has to happen, D. Just because we know we have feelings for each other doesn’t mean anything has to start. We can still be friends. I’m not dropping to one knee, I’m not expecting us to run away and elope. They’re just feelings.”

Dan nodded a bit and visibly relaxed more, a shy smile on his lips. “Damn, I was totally hoping you’d choose run away and elope.”

Phil laughed and reached to grab Dan’s empty plate from his muffin, standing up. “How about dinner, instead?”

“I uh…I’m a Uni student, Phil. I don’t really have the money to be going out for dinner…” Dan said softly, fiddling with his fingers. “Or nice clothes…or people skills.”

Phil grinned and walked back over after he put the plates on the tray, sitting across from Dan again and leaning forward. “Great. Me neither. So, I can cook! Or I mean…attempt to cook. And we can play video games or something.”

Dan slowly began to smile. “That sounds absolutely wonderful.”

Phil reached to grab Dan’s phone off the table and put his number into it and texted himself. “Perfect, I’ll text you. I gotta head out though. I have to get the dog at 6.”

“Get the dog?”

“Yeah, my ex and I share the dog. Kind of like sharing custody of a child.” He said with a shrug, smiling. “I’ll see you soon, Dan.”

“See you soon Phil.” Dan said softly and watched the older boy walk out of the café. He looked down at the new contact in his phone and felt himself break out into a grin as he read the name:

Philly Lesta <3

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i’ll just lay here

summary: my roommate’s boyfriend is staying over so can I please sleep on your floor

also on ao3

rating: T

wc: ~ 1600

a/n: another 3k followers celebration drabble. slow and steady, right? here you go, @noonesthatpowerful. :)

Between having a best friend and knowing that said best friend is going to be having plenty of fun with overly and disgustingly mushy romantic gestures over the span of the next twenty-four hours, she knows she’s, well, just about royally screwed. Luckily for her, Emma Swan always has a plan in place for days like these.

That’s why she has her very own Killian Jones…except he’s not hers in any sense. They’re good friends - have known each other for years (it’s simply platonic, of course).

It’s also one of those rare days in which she has nothing in particular to do (and an extremely unproductive night).

So she grabs her phone, wallet, keys, and hauls her ass out of the flat after she’s said her farewells to David and Mary Margaret (lord knows how much Prince Charming behaviour will turn up while she was gone) while shrugging on her jacket.

The weather isn’t all too bad this time of the year, but since it’s a little late, it’s rather chilly. The jacket can keep her warm, but definitely not for an extended period of time. Now that she thinks about it, she’s constantly scolded by having a lack of inventory for clothing that’s appropriate for certain seasons.

Emma makes her way down to the sidewalk, each step heavy with intention to just get to his place so she can just chill and not actually stress over two lovey-dovey romantics. Whether it’s because she’s jealous she can’t have something like that or because it’s unbearably too much for her to handle are two things she can’t seem to differentiate by this point. She has been single for a majority of her life, save for the two failed relationships that crashed and burned into the dirt, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t happy with being single.

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