The Unpredictable Pope.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the holiest of Catholics. Life and experience has given me enough common sense to see holes in the ages old foundation. This morning I worked extra hard and super fast to bring you the Pope’s Inaugural Mass at 3:30am. This time…something’s different. 

The new Pope Francis is a simpleton. He gave up his limo to ride the bus with the rest of the cardinals. He keeps the security team on their toes by choosing to walk around among the crowds. He rides in a Pope-mobile without the top.

The best part of lacking sleep to put together this show was that I did not miss a thing. I got to see the news unfolding in front of me. Particularly, Pope Francis got out of the mobile to walk out into the crowd and kiss an invalid man. 

I went to Catholic school for twelve years and I’ve never seen such humility along the way. Christianity is filled with people claiming to be holier than thou and good people. But this was a touching display of reaching out to someone that catches your eye. The man’s smile had such a genuine tone to it. 

They call him the unpredictable pope because he does not follow all the new security rules set on him. I can get behind his unpredictability. He may just be the man to restore any/all hope in faith.