Touch The Sky - Jimmy Havoc

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Touch The Sky by Julie Fowlis (Brave)

Disney Song Series

I wanted to write for non-WWE guys that I like too so I figured that I’d go for my newest subject and the winner of TOD 16, Jimmy F’n Havoc. And as I was writing this, Jimmy liked my tweet! Please note, I have never (to my knowledge) been to Brighton and my only experience of NYC was an airport so forgive me for any mistakes regarding either place. I really liked the idea of the reader being someone who only knew what city life was like, never leaving the city she grew up in once in her life until Jimmy comes along to take her on an adventure and change her perspective of life. So yeah, tooth rotting fluffiness from dear Jimmy because I really love fluff about people who have personalities that wouldn’t usually suit it).

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When cold winds are calling
And the sky is clear and bright,
Misty mountains sing and beckon,
Lead me out into the light.

I grew up in New York City but I had never left. I couldn’t afford to leave but I made do with what I had.

Touch The Sky. Those are the words I live by, tattooed on my left shoulder so I never forget. I just had to get through every day with the knowledge that this was the life I had been given and I needed to dream of bigger, better things. And then Jimmy Fuckin’ Havoc had to waltz on into my life.

I had been walking down the street one day, work had been a drag and I just wanted to get home to a cup of tea and the latest episode of Supernatural. My headphones were broken so I had to make do; the taxi horns and loud voices were my music, a beat that I could walk to. It was getting dark and my apartment was located about an hour’s walk away from Times Square, the lights of the city fading out the closer to home I got. Suddenly, the dogs barking sounded a lot like the howling of wolves and the street lamps were stars burning out after a supernova.

I could swear that I heard something along the lines of ‘I’ll fucking murder you, Havoc!’ from nearby. My original plan was to not get involved with that in any way but a pair of arms wrapped around my waist from behind, dragging me into an alley.

‘Sorry, sorry. You need to keep quiet, okay? Got myself into some trouble and the guy will take out anything in his path to get to me. I’d rather not have the death of an innocent woman on my hands.’ Oh, he was British. There was a tone to his voice that seemed almost sinister and to his credit, that was probably his intention what with our current position. ‘And I know this is really weird but have you got a place nearby where I could crash until morning? I’ll figure out a way to pay you back, I spent all of my money the other day and I don’t get paid until after a show in a week.’

‘I swear to whoever is up there, if you turn out to be an axe murderer and kill me in my sleep - you’ll be spending the rest of your life with me haunting you.’ My only view of the dude was out of the corner of my eye so I didn’t get a good look at him until we had reached my apartment. Clad in a blood soaked white vest top, red letters proclaiming ‘DIE HAVOC DIE’, and sweat slicked hair sticking to his forehead, the Brit was a sight to see. The blood took me back and he was quick to 'reassure’ me that most of the red liquid was his own. So reassuring!

'Thanks for this. I’m Jimmy by the way.’ There was no way in hell that I was shaking his hand, it was also covered in blood and what looked like shards of glass. I directed him towards the bathroom and waited outside of the door so that I could take his filthy clothing to wash whilst he showered. Luckily for him, I had some of my douchebag ex’s clothes for him to wear and some blankets so he could crash on the couch. The contents of my fridge were enough to throw a cheese omelette together that I could split in half. Curse me for being so damn caring. He emerged from the bathroom in the grey, fuzzy sweater and black skinny jeans that I had scavenged out of my closet, looking much better than when he had gone in.

'Okay, Jimmy. You’re going to sit down and eat this, and then we’re going to talk about the terms of this little situation. I’m not in the habit of allowing random, blood covered strangers into my home, especially because this is NYC and I don’t know who is out there.’ He ate the omelette in record time, almost as if he hadn’t eaten in days. Looking up at me with exceptionally bright blue eyes and this tiny little smile, I had to remind myself that he had literally grabbed me out of nowhere and was still a complete stranger, even if he looked very, very adorable like that. 

‘First thing’s first, my name is Y/N. Second, I’m still slightly wary of you seeing as you arrived into my life covered in your own blood with someone chasing you. I am usually a very considerate person but I will knock you out if need be. I live alone so you won’t need to worry about anyone waking you up in the middle of the night, threatening to call the cops. And you will not need to pay me back for my 'hospitality’, all I ask is that you answer my questions and keep me company this evening.’ He didn’t seem to mind my inquisitive mind, answering any and all questions I had.

I learned his name was Jimmy Havoc, he was 30 and from Kent, near London. He was a pro wrestler who had a habit of getting himself into dangerous situations like the one he had been escaping from when he had grabbed me. Jimmy had thought it smart to get himself into a bar fight with someone much taller and bigger than himself, pissing said person off when he struck him with a bar stool.

‘You know about me. Can I ask about you?’ I nodded, feeling strangely comfortable around this insane acquaintance of mine, ‘You said you live alone, right? Why do you have men’s clothes handy? I’m guessing bad relationship that ended not so long ago.’ Ding, ding, we have a winner.

‘Clayton was a douche. He stayed out all night, which I didn’t mind because it’s his life and I understand people like to have fun, but he’d come home stinking of weed and off his head on drugs. I am not social but I work at a record store near Times Square so it’s hard to avoid people. We broke up after he came in whilst I was working and started yelling at me, clearly high as fuck. I had been serving a mother and her little girl at the time, having to apologize for his actions was extremely difficult over the sound of his voice. My boss called the cops after he began to threaten me and some of the customers. The only reason I still have some of his shit is because he’d left it in my closet. But hey, fuck him.’

‘Damn straight. Guys like that shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce, let alone be around women. I see people like that all over London, it’s not exclusive to the US.’

‘Trust me, if I could leave this city and go somewhere, anywhere, then I totally would. Can’t afford to leave, I never have.’ The look Jimmy gave me was one of pure shock. 'Never? You’ve never left New York?’ I shook my head and he rubbed his hands together, ‘Well then! Looks like I’m gonna have to change that. You can come back to England with me if you want. I’d pay for your flight over when I get paid and I’d get you back over here when you’re ready.’

‘Fuck off, Havoc. Don’t kid around with me,’ I shook my head, smile faltering when his expression didn’t change, ‘You’re serious? You’d do that for someone you’ve just met?’

One week passed and we were on a plane headed for England.

I will ride, I will fly,
Chase the wind and touch the sky,
I will fly,
Chase the wind and touch the sky

A few weeks after we’d arrived in London, Jimmy practically forced me into the passenger seat of his car without telling me where the hell we were going. Through the time I’d been in the city, I’d been to so many places that I had always wanted to go to. He didn’t mind showing me around because he knew the city like the back of his hand. But now, he wanted to take me somewhere new.

Honestly, this man had taken a hold of my heart so quickly that it terrified me but excited me at the same time. He didn’t care how different I was compared to him, with my wide eyes and curiosity. Jimmy Havoc was the type of person who didn’t have many close friends but would die to protect those who were. I hadn’t fallen so fast before but I was definitely cautious after my previous romantic encounter.

We drove for about an hour and he kept laughing at the fact that I was trying not to scream because we were on what I thought was the wrong side of the road. Fields lined either side of the highway, or ‘motorway’ as he called it, and I couldn’t help but smile at the amount of green around me. Sure, there were parks and stuff in New York but I had never seen so much open space in my life.

'You been to the beach before?’ He’d asked as we entered a town called 'Brighton’.

'I think I might have been to one in Brooklyn as a little kid but I don’t really remember much about it. Why? Are we going to the beach?’

'Well, yes. But Brighton is more than just the beach. If you haven’t gathered by now, I am not the most cheery and bright natured person but I’ll be damned if I don’t put that aside and take you to this town. Watching the sun go down next to the pier is a sight that could rival the big lights of NYC and is the perfect way to show you what it’s like away from the city.’

The wind blowing through my hair as we walked along the pier felt familiar, the sensation like an old friend wrapping me in a warm embrace, and yet, it was completely new when partnered with the salty sea air and the unpolluted sky above. The last thing I wanted was for this to end but I knew eventually I would have to go back to New York, even though I didn’t want to.

'Hey, what’s wrong?’ Jimmy asked, stopping so he could turn me to face him, 'You’ve been really quiet for a while. Did I say something wrong? I’m an ass to most people so I don’t really have a filter for my mouth, sorry.’

'No, you didn’t say anything. I just…I have to go back eventually and I don’t know if New York is where I want to stay anymore. I gave up on any hope of an exciting life, believing I was destined for that boring, 'wake up, go to work and go to sleep’ routine for the rest of my life. And then you literally grabbed hold of me, all covered in blood and glass, somehow spinning my world around completely. How the hell did you do that?’ He pondered my question, leaning on the barrier and looking down at the water. The sun was beginning to set on Brighton, the burnt orange light reflecting on the surface of the ocean, the sky a mix of reds and purples and oranges. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen, just like Jimmy had said.

‘I’ve told you who I am. I’m a mental bastard with a love for danger, I love the risk of what I do. You let me crash at your house when things got too insane, washing my clothes and making me food like a fucking guardian angel. My life, my career, it lets me travel and see so much cool shit and I can’t imagine not being able to do that. So when you said you’d never left New York City, I felt this need to take you with me and show you how awesome it is to get out and go! The past few weeks…You’ve stolen me. Bewitched me, if you will. If you left, I don’t know if I would be able to function. Since I met you, I’ve been a better man than I was. And I don’t want to lose that, not again.’

‘Jimmy?’ He turned back to me and I dove forward, wrapping my arms around his neck, ‘If you want me to stay, just say it.’


‘Of course.’

Where dark woods hide secrets,
And mountains are fierce and bold,
Deep waters hold reflections,
Of times lost long ago.

I will hear their every story,
Take hold of my own dream,
Be as strong as the seas are stormy,
And proud as an eagle’s scream.

‘Did you know it’s been three years sine you moved in with me?’

‘The best decision I have ever made. Well, second best decision.’ I smiled, twisting the band that sat on my left hand, ‘Now, Mr Havoc, I do believe you have a tournament to win.’ Jimmy leaned down to kiss me. Moving to England with him gave me the chance to live my dream. I was married to the greatest guy with a little boy on the way, supporting Jimmy with his career all of the while. I wouldn’t change any of it.

‘I’ll try and come back in one piece for you.’

‘Even if you don’t, I’m still proud of you. Go and make him wish he’d never stepped into a ring with Jimmy Fucking Havoc. I love you.’

‘I love you too.’

And that is how I learned to look at life in a new perspective. I didn’t need to stay in a place that didn’t make me happy, I could go and travel with someone I loved. Home is where the heart is and my heart belongs to Jimmy, my home is wherever he is.

“it’s meaningless without you”, a makoharu playlist
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