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Check out the trailer for a new web series about the most unpopular girl at school who is trying to make a connection online with someone …. anyone ….

One of the reasons I just can’t ship Cangel is because of Angel’s inability to get over Buffy. ‘Chosen’ was a slap of face towards Cordy because even after everything, in a way Angel still chose Buffy. It’s almost like Angel doesn’t know how NOT to love Buffy because it’s familiar and just what he’s always known and no matter what love he also had for Cordy, that’ll still always be there … and as a fan of Cordelia, considering everything she’s been through she deserved so much better than that. She deserved someone who loved her enough to give her his whole heart, not just half of it.
—  Me

I am not emotionally prepared for the end of series 10 and the end of Capaldi’s doctor (at least the Christmas special is still to come). I felt like series 8 and 9 were “the Clara show featuring the doctor” and we didn’t get to see twelve in all his glory, it seemed as though he was having the timelord equivalent of a mid-life crisis (sonic sunglasses anyone?). With the exception of a few episodes it felt as though Capaldi/twelve was restrained from being his true doctor and we finally got to see him in series 10. It is as though this should be his beginning and not his end, we were cheated out of a great doctor.

Diabolik Lovers Questions Meme!

I’m bored and wish to procrastinate, so ask away these questions or reblog them!

  1. Which diaboy would you bring home to your parents?
  2. What would you do to survive in the Sakamaki family’s mansion?
  3. Which diaboy would you want to meet in real life?
  4. Unpopular opinion about the series?
  5. Something you want to see in the series in the future?
  6. Favorite DL game so far?
  7. Would you stay with the Sakamaki, Mukami, or Tsukinami family?
  8. Nicknames for the diaboys?
  9. Favorite thing about the fandom?
  10. Least favorite thing about the fandom?
  11. Got any merchandise from DL?
  12. Opinion on the new character, Kino?
  13. One thing you would change for the entire series?
  14. Favorite OST from the anime?
  15. Favorite song from the DL soundtrack?
  16. Are you a sadist or masochist?
  17. How do you contribute to the fandom?
  18. Opinion on Karlheinz?
  19. Who do you think would make the best Vampire King?
  20. How did you get into the series?
  21. Who would you want as a friend at school?
  22. Who would you not date at all?
  23. Any words of wisdom for any of the boys?
  24. One hobby you share with any of the boys?
  25. If you met Yui, what would you do?
  26. Who is your favorite character?
  27. Any duet combinations you want to see one day?
  28. Most surprising fact you’ve heard about in DL?
  29. Who would you want to go on a coffee date with?
  30. How would you entertain your favorite diaboy for a day?

Have fun! Send me some too! :)

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Super rough doodle of Lucina, still getting used to my Surface.

I’ve gotten quite a few asks now explaining the flaws of Awakening and why older fans have problems with it, which to the credit of this continuing-to-be-awesome-audience I have here, none of which were rude at all which is amazing for the internet.

Even without experience in the series I know Awakening isn’t flawless by any means, and I do totally get why older fans have problems with it (Especially now that it is the one that gets all the love lately, like in FE: Warriors). I’m a fan of a lot of unpopular entries in series (I mean I just posted art from Castlevania 64 for crying out loud lol) so I can very much empathize with the feeling of the things you love being ignored. But hey they did just remake that older game for the 3DS so maybe some more love will come to the older series in time.

All that said, none of that changes that I had a ton of fun with Awakening, and Lucina is still one of my favorite character designs in games~ (Doesnt help that I’m a sucker for girls with blue hair). But if I play them and find the older games are even better - freaking AWESOME. Do you know how sweet it’d be to go “wow this thing I really enjoyed WASN’T the high point!?”. I’m so down for that!

(Because, ya know… Fates sure isn’t the high point. Like, I love the combat and the level design is more interesting than Awakening which had FAR too many “giant open field” levels, and Conquest especially does fun stuff with missions and the pair up system is nowhere near as overpowered as it was in Awakening… but wow is the writing weak. Which wouldn’t be so bad if it didnt DIRECTLY conflict with the gameplay. “OH NO! ____ HAD TO DIE TO PROTECT CORRIN FROM THE ENEMY!” Battle starts. Same enemy can’t actually hurt my Corrin and I can 1 shot them. Without grinding. YEAH SEEMS LEGIT, FATES!)


A Series of Unfortunate Events Meme (x)

↪ one character who deserved better — Fiona Widdershins

“When you think of me,” she said quietly, “think of a food you love very much.”

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Hey they need something after the hugely unpopular series "winter girlfriends" ended suddenly because the lead actor refused to stop making heart eyes at his boyfriend.

“sony’s latest television venture ‘borrowed babies’ is about to enter it’s second season despite the huge backlash from fans and the press about how illogical most of the plot was during the first season and - more importantly - how fundamentally unlikeable the secondary characters are.” 



UK Political Situation Summarised

In summary, the Tories have now twice gambled with the country’s stability for power and personal gain, and lost.

In 2009, a relatively minor party known as UKIP; came under the leadership of Nigel Farage. The party had previously been single issue, focused entirely on leaving the European Union, but under Farage’s leadership their platform broadened to capitalise on growing concerns about immigration and government cuts.

Due to this, the party grew rapidly in popularity, first showing in the 2013 Local Elections, when the number of UKIP councillors rose from just 8 up to almost 150.

The Tories; in power at the time despite not having the majority of the seats due to a coalition with the Lib Dems; led by David Cameron, knew that there was a chance that in the next General Election, Labour could if the rise in UKIP split the right-wing vote in the same way that the Lib Dems split the left-wing vote in the 2010 General Election. Therefore, Cameron solidified his stance on EU membership, drafting the EU Referendum Bill to promise that if the Tories won the General Election in 2015, they would let the public vote on EU membership.

Cameron himself fully supporting remaining in the European Union; and believed that the public would also; and so thought this gamble was worth taking in order to achieve more power for the Tories.

In the Election, the Tories had a boost in popularity and managed to secure sole control of government. They kept their promise, and one year later the “Brexit” referendum took place, where the public voted to leave.

The government did not want this result, but in order to appease the population and not lose their popularity, they had to follow through with it. After Cameron resigned in shame over this, Teresa May became the new head of the Tories, and therefore the new Prime Minister.

May anticipated that after Brexit happened in 2019, public approval of the decision and the Tories would drop. This, combined with the current high approval of the party due to Brexit negotiations being started by May, she called for an early General Election, hoping that this would both allow the Conservatives to strengthen their hold on the government, and delay the next election; which they were more likely to lose; from 2020 until 2022.

However, due to a series of unpopular decisions by May, and the left-wing rallying around the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the Conservatives have ended up losing enough seats in Parliament to no longer have majority control of government, which gives high expectations (at the moment at least) that the impact of Brexit will be lessened due to May needing to co-operate with the other parties.

Fuck The Tories