unpopular opinion that needs to be heard

can you give me more than 0.03 seconds to be vaguely happy before you whip out your dicks to compare who’s more radical? now i’m just upset and sobered and that was literally a minute after i woke up and heard the news. yes, discussing outstanding issues is great, but if you are cis white and privileged and viciously shitting on other “cis white privileged” people who are celebrating to fuel that joy you get from battling white guilt and then that’s just mildly unnecessary isnt it? can you wait like a day?

anonymous asked:

pierce the veil?

  • Favorite member: Vic ♥♥♥
  • Prettiest member: Tony is pretty okk
  • Member I Wanna Marry: Vic, yaas.
  • Member I Wanna Be Best Friends With: Jaime ^_^
  • Favorite song: ‘The Boy Who Could Fly’, omg <33
  • Unpopular Opinion: Jaime needs to sing lead on some songs because have you heard his voice?! Its wonderful ♥_♥ (I still love you Vic)

onigiri-chan48 asked:



  • If I’m a fan or not a fan HELL YEAH
  • How long I’ve been a fan about 1 and a half years 
  • The first song I heard by them I think “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”
  • My favourite song as of now SO MANY but currently it’s “So Long!”
  • The first MV I saw “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”
  • My favourite MV as of now “UZA”
  • Who my bias is Sayanee & Sae (they’re both not akb…oops…TAKAMINA)
  • Who my least favourite member is there is literally no member i dislike
  • My OTP Shinyuu trio, Atsumina or SaeYuki
  • A pairing I dislike everyone is shippable in AKB48 tbh
  • And lastly, an unpopular opinion Nakanishi Chiyori needs more recognition because she’s funny and has one of the best voices plz give her attention.


  • If I’m a fan or not a fan Yes!
  • How long I’ve been a fan about 1 and a half years as well?
  • The first song I heard by them “Short Hair”
  • My favourite song as of now “Like A Cat”
  • The first MV I saw “Short Hair”
  • My favourite MV as of now “Like A Cat” (god how boring are my answers)
  • Who my bias is Jimin
  • Who my least favourite member is none
  • My OTP don’t have one
  • A pairing I dislike nah, everyone for everyone
  • And lastly, an unpopular opinion “Heart Attack” isn’t that good, they should’ve chosen “Luv Me” as title track

shayminno asked:

001: Smash bros!

001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

  • Favorite character: uhhhhhh lucina yes yes
  • Least Favorite character: i have never played this game D: 
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): everyone
  • Character I find most attractive: palutena! 
  • Character I would marry: lucina
  • Character I would be best friends with: lucina??? 
  • a random thought: i see u hatin on lucina ill come fight u mYSELF
  • An unpopular opinion: uhhhhh
  • my canon OTP: everyone
  • Non-canon OTP: everyone
  • most badass character: ive heard that mewtwo is pretty op?? 
  • pairing I am not a fan of: wh a
  • character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): u cant really screw anyone up in a fight game
  • favourite friendship: probably ness and lucas (ive never played the games ive just kinda seen how they work)
  • character I want to adopt or be adopted by: everyone