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Unpopular opinion:

i don’t think Lucretia was justified. i understand why she did what she did, and i know she was trying to do what was best for her family, but she had no right to change their memories without their consent. i think what she did was wrong, especially what she did to davenport and taako.

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I wonder if looking back people will say season 9 was worse than season 7

GOD i really hope not??? i feel like this fandom is just impossible to please and every season that passes leaves something to be desired. y’all rag on queens who can’t perform and are only aesthetically gifted but then y’all complain about how s3 was The Best Season because it was full of sewing challenges and that’s supposedly what’s the most telling of America’s Next Drag Superstar. i bet u if majority of the challenges were sewing challenges, everyone would be bitching about how it’s an injustice that there hasn’t been a comedy challenge in centuries. maybe this is an unpopular opinion bc ppl seem to like to gush about earlier seasons but i think the cast has been more stacked as the years have gone on and the challenges/runways have been executed so much better. who cares about a few lacklustre lipsynchs? s9 is a legends only season! like there were only a few boogers when earlier seasons more than half the cast were flops. 

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I already did it but since @queenblackbetha tagged me and I’m in a mood where I don’t wanna do anything I’ll just do it but with different answers XD

  • The first second character I fell in love with: (first was robb lol) jaime. XDDDD unpopular opinion of the century but I liked him because he cracked me up and then when he went like the things I do for love before weknowwhat I went like ‘man you’re so interesting pls tell me more’ and listen guys jaime was my second-fave until brienne showed up and then he stayed third until adwd!theon happened SOOOOO XD idc I’ll go down with jaime lannister
  • A character I never expected to love as much as I do now: k I said theon last time so someone else hmmmmmmm… jon actually? like I always liked him fine but the last couple years I just… really… had a resurgence of OMG ILU and listen the more time passes the more I’m turning into a stan <33333
  • A character everyone else loves that I don’t: last time it was cersei who is it gonna be this one… idk dany? I mean I don’t dislike her even if I think her adwd chapters are atrocious (but it’s grrm not her obv) but like I so don’t get all the hype. anyway I generally don’t get the targaryen hype so
  • A character I love that everyone else hates: well obv it was theon and cat last time so… stannis. like guys sorry idc but I really love stannis and I can totally relate with him on a lot of things (atheism, people thinking you’re X when you’re Y and you just suck at expressing your feelings, repressing shit and doing stuff out of having to and not wanting to) and I really can’t stand how most people seem to dislike him? :/ d&d in primis tbh sorry stannis ilu
  • A character I used to love, but don’t any longer: hmmmm book wise really no one tbh I mean either I like you or I don’t and then I change my mind but the contrary doesn’t happen so let’s just talk SHOW ONLY and say that show!sansa was totally a+ until s4 and the last two seasons are really doing a great job of not making me lover her as much as the book counterpart
  • A character I would kiss: last time I said oberyn I’m gonna go with jaime now if he wanted me xD
  • A character I’d slap: the people I dislike deserve far worse than slapping so I’ll just go with renly who’s an okay guy but really, WHY COULDN’T U JUST SUPPORT YOUR BROTHER
  • A character I’d want to be like: last time I said davos for obvious reasons ie I wanna be the only smart person in westeros, this time guess I’ll settle for the blackfish I wish I achieved that level of chill
  • A character who makes me laugh: last time I said jaime for obv reason this round I’m echoing edd 
  • A character I miss: last time I said robb OBVIOUSLY this round let’s just go with cat sigh. or oberyn. SIGH.
  • A pairing I love: last time I did the top five so, top 6-10: jonc/rhaegar, jon/ygritte, gendry/arya, ned/ashara(/cat), sam/gilly, in the show I kinda like grey worm/missandei admittedly
  • A pairing I don’t like: last time I said t*ramsay and j/c sooo what’s it gonna be last time okay for the ‘crackships that are popular when things that make sense are not’, jaime/sansa is at the top of my fucking list of stuff I hate. if you want the actual sensed one, pls no sansa/margaery I beg you I can’t

ugh dunno who I could tag but if anyone wants to do it pls feel free

Battle of the Century: BigHit Vs. Kim Seokjin

I believe enough people have already said this, so I will briefly sum up this issue. Seokjin has a wonderful voice and is talented in many other areas like comedy, acting, and modeling. Many are upset that he has few singing parts i.e. lines. I could really care less how many lines he sings as long as he can shine and be important to the group, whether in singing, acting in MVs, being the visual, Eat Jin, whatever.

As someone who’s followed BTS since debut, stanned since Boy In Luv, I really feel things are blown out of proportion. The amount of hate towards this company is absolutely ridiculous, as is the amount of hate fans display towards each other.

ARMY’s always been a crazy fandom, but lately some particularly delusional opinions have been spreading like wildfire.

“we’re stanning 7 boys but for some reason one of them is being mistreated“*** The fact is that all of them have it extremely hard. By comparison, something I think is necessary in order from educated opinions, Jin’s “unfair treatment” is being pushed way out of proportion.

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unpopular opinion apparently but I liked The Stolen Century arc. like not every episode was equally good, yes, but I loved the back story and the ipre bonding

I also don’t hate b/lu/pjeans though obviously lu.pcretia is better. but the former is cute in its own right. and I like the necROMANCErs pun

Unpopular opinion: by 21st Century at the latest, wealthy white homosexuals apropriated LGBT movement, originally started by QPOC and working class queer people who were too poor to bribe the police not to arrest them.

Unpopular Opinion: The Japanese Occupation

Let’s pretend that it was 19th century America, during the Civil War.

Europe decides to invade the United States (Which they were actually planning to). And during the Civil War, Europe just stole many U.S resources, invaded areas and killed many American civilians. But not only that, the U.S at the time were already enslaving Blacks and Asians, and enrolled in multiple ethnic cleansing campaigns against Natives.

So then the ‘random’ Europeans then came and said, “Hey! We’ll set you slaves free, because you are enslaved by the Americans, and you may fight on our side too! We’ll also let you Native Americans free too, if you want to join our side and fight for your freedom!”

So the enslaved and the Natives went and fought for their independence from the American colonizers.

And that was how the colonized Southeast Asia gained their independence. From the British Malaysia & Burma, Dutch Indonesia to the French Indochina and U.S Commonwealth of the Philippines.

Though there were heavy casualties in Eastern coast of China in the initial Sino-Japanese War (Estimated 300,000 in the Battle of Nanking), the Japanese occupation resulted in dethroning European imperialist and installed ethnic local leaders back onto the seat of power to rule their own people, which created countries like Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia.

Mao Zedong would then go on to kill 45 million people in 4 years.

I don’t see why we make sex to be such a big deal. Why do we entangle so many emotions into an act which is innately carnal. Look at animals. They fuck, they don’t ‘make love’. Why should we attach emotions to everything and mindfuck ourselves? Sometimes I think it’s a lot easier to just not label everything. Friends with benefits, fuck buddies, shag mates, whatever, slut, whore, skank…this is so degrading. Why can’t we just be people who are freely choosing what to do with ourselves instead of having everyone judge us? It’d make life a lot fucking simpler.