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Now that BTS is much more widely known in America (and other parts of the world), my fear is that they’d be considered a mainstream boy band who have an immature fandom made up of teenagers like many English boy bands. I’m worried that this fandom becomes more toxic, I’m worried that one day I can’t take it anymore. I miss the old times and the older peaceful fandom 😭 I really want to love them forever & I hope that day never comes.


People sending anons to RPers over 20 telling them to get a life because they RP. That’s so stupid!

Are there any RPers out there who are over 25? Wouldn’t it be nice to show the RPC that RPing is not only for teens? Most of us have been here for years because we love writing and we love the characters we’ve created and the stories we’ve written and the friends we’ve made.

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You have to want them

Something that really bugs me about this fandom: as soon as you mention who your favourite route is, immediately there is someone who says “but he did this” or “she did that, though” or even “ugh, WHY.”

As soon as you say Zen is your fave: “But he’s so self-absorbed! He’s such a flirt!”

For Yoosung: “Ew, he’s like 12. So immature. And he’s clearly into his cousin.”

For Jaehee: “But she’s such a bitch! She’s so cold.”

For Jumin: “He’s evil! He worked Jaehee to death! He always makes fun of Zen! He’s abusive!”

For V: “This is all his fault!”

For Saeran: “He’s abusive!”

Here’s the thing: for every route, you have to really want them. In order to get onto someone’s route, you have to choose them over the others. And once you’re there, the route is written in such a way that you cannot possibly care about anyone else.


Zen is easy: he is the “perfect man.” Except for some darkness in his epilogue (regarding V), he is an great example of a typical “celebrity falls for the girl-next-door” plot. You have to look past his over-the-top drama, and flirtiness, and see what it is he’s masking on the inside. (Zen is my favourite, and when first introduced, I did not want him. His route changes that.) And while you’re there, Jaehee is the unwanted voice of reason, Jumin is insensitive, and the rest are side characters.

Yoosung: not everyone wants a boy. I understand that. So obviously, the youngest member of the RFA does not jive with everyone. But then you (and here’s a crazy idea!) actually play his route! And he grows up to be the manliest of men. Yes, you have to push past how he keeps Rika on a pedestal. Yes, if you read spoilers, you know that that love is not completely deserved. But listen: Rika opened up Yoosung’s world for the first time, was the main conduit to him growing up and becoming less self-absorbed and more of an adult…and then she disappeared. That’s traumatizing. And Yoosung explains all that to you. So, if you have a grain of compassion or empathy in you, you can’t help but feel for him. And, while you are there, Seven is a little bit of a bully to Yoosung, Zen is ridiculously fabulous, and everyone is side characters.

Jaehee: Have any of you haters actually played her route? Seriously. Play her route and give her a chance, not even in a gay way: just be her friend! During her route, she is overworked and disillusioned and so very, very lonely…until MC comes into her life. You give Seven and V a chance, but not another woman? Really? She is another gentle soul that has been trampled by life; how do you find fault in that? This route has so much to offer, and her character is more than just an ice queen. …and of course, during her route, Jumin is the villain.

Jumin: I must confess: I did not want to romance this man. (I played in the canon order, and I had to aim for Jumin right after playing Jaehee’s route.) But listen: Jumin was emotionally repressed his entire life. He was groomed to being a corporate heir from day one. He had one parent to raise him: his flawed father. His mother was not there for him. He had one friend, V, who treated him like a human being, not a robot or child of privilege. And then he had Rika, the one woman that he emotionally connected to…and then he lost her. Do you want trauma? Here, this man is extra-traumatized. But, he doesn’t have the luxury to openly express himself, or to hide in the shadows, or even to pull his sole friend aside and have a good talk about his feelings. He has to bottle it. His mind has to tangle even tighter. …and then MC happens to him. And she is the only one who can see how terrified he is. Don’t choose the options where MC is okay with being locked up; choose the ones where she stays because she’s genuinely worried about Jumin. Those are his true options.

V: …you have to want him. You have to really, really want him. I’ll admit: I don’t love him enough. If I were a bigger V fan, I would find forgiving him easier. Because I need to forgive him. Everything was not his fault.

Largely due to certain sorrows in his childhood, V has the kind of personality that wants to shoulder all the blame and take care of things himself. He did not do enough before, and now he wants to make up for it. Sometimes, that is admirable. Other times, it is foolhardy.

Regrettably, trying to handle Rika’s brokenness on his own falls into the latter category. Because, that’s what V did: he felt he could heal Rika all by himself. With or without the RFA. With or without therapy. With or without Rika’s cooperation.

He messed up. So badly. It was a mistake. A big one, and he still has consequences to face, but it was a mistake.

V fans are willing to forgive him. I, personally, am still working on it. But they know: everything was not his fault. And after his route, V is willing to become happier and healthier. Not a lot of people are willing to even try that.

Saeran: …I did not like Saeran until I thought things through and wrote “A Mad Hatter Expecting.” Because here’s the thing: Saeran is arguably the most broken out of all of the characters.

Jaehee’s mother died by accident. Zen had the power to take his life into his own hands and run away from home. Yoosung happened to have Rika taken away from him during a turning point in his life (a very vulnerable time). Jumin and V’s trauma were passive, but long-lived (they could have been nurtured so much better). But Saeran?

Saeran was abandoned with an actively abusive mother. She attacked his body and his mind. Then he was taken in by Rika, who did more of the same. He was brainwashed and poisoned.

He was not in his right mind when he starved MC.

Does that excuse his behaviour? No. No, you do not hurt people, even if you’re going through a manic or depressive episode. No, he still did a bad thing.

So what did he do? Saeran apologized. He didn’t expect MC’s forgiveness; all he wanted was for her to know he regretted his actions.

And he stopped hurting her. He overcame the elixir’s effects, he snapped out of his manic state, and he stopped. He let her eat, again. He helped her escape.

…so this is me ranting about how everyone has a right to have a favourite character that isn’t yours. Everyone’s personality is different, so it makes sense that everybody may not love every route.

Which is why I don’t understand why we all have to keep defending our choices, within the fandom.



…I left out Seven for a reason.

He is the fandom’s #1 choice. He is “canon”. He is cute. He is depressed and meme-y, and the internet can relate to that. I, for one, can relate to that.

But I’m scared to say anything bad about him.

Because that’s how this fandom can be.

If I say, “People don’t like Seven because he is tsundere” or “Seven can be too meme-Lordy,” I am going to get at least 2 anonymous messages with people taking those quotes out of context.

Seven fans always stand up for Seven, even when he’s not actually being attacked.

Saeyoung Choi is the one favourite in this fandom that does not need to be defended.

Not because he isn’t flawed, but because it’s the majority of the fandom’s attitude that he should be everyone’s favourite.

And that isn’t fair to the other routes.

I reserve the right to want someone other than Saeyoung Choi.

Unpopular opinion:

If there was a Carry On movie the actors should be undiscovered, actually teenagers, British and have the correct ethnicities. No white-washing.

Not some adult actor from America, that won’t give a shit about the movie, just because you consider them hot 🤷

Disclaimer: this post isn’t meant to start fanwars, only to provide insight to the other perspective

Unpopular opinion: I would be fine with bts getting all of the American recognition if I didn’t know that groups like exo and seventeen exist.

I am by no means saying that bts is untalented; of course they’re talented!

But it’s frustrating knowing that the American public think bts are the best and only kpop group when exo and seventeen, shinee, and more, have more to offer.

I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that bts have better vocals than exo and seventeen, vixx, or got7 because that’s just not true.

And I’m also not going to act like bts is actually the first kpop group to break into American mainstream. We’re forgetting SNSD preformed at madison square garden, and debuted on american talkshows. Super Junior was first to win a teen choice award and exo was the highest charting kpop act ever in 2015 to chart on US and Canada billboard. 

And I am tired of people saying “bts started from nothing so its deserved” If you don’t actually know any of the hardships that other groups have gone through, then you have no right saying who “deserves the recognition”, because I can assure you that some groups have been through way worse. 

Idk I know a lot of bts fans are gonna attack me over this post, but I’ve just been thinking this a lot lately and I hope you can understand why some people are upset.

I am not saying: f*ck bts they shouldn’t have the recognition, I am explaining why there are people upset that its only bts that gets this recongition. 

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It's kind of funny how Dan always says that if they weren't on tour, they would have nothing interesting to make instastories about, but then manages to make 4 consecutive stories out of a single bath.


This, my friends.

I never found guys my age attractive, or even interesting. Constantly, I found myself bored with their childish behavior. My whole life, I had longed for something more, something with substance.
—  The Crush Club, LolitaLiability

Unpopular opinion

Everybody complaining about fans wanting their favs to be straight so bad, telling them they should stop forcing a sexuality on them but honestly, some of ya’ll want them to be gay so bad, literally doing the same fucking thing.

Fantasizing about dating your fav is fucking okay! It’s your fantasy! No one is gonna stop you honey!! Shipping members is alright too! Sure, go ahead! They cute!! But NEVER force them, literally telling them on social media or even in person that they should be straight or gay or whatever. It’s toxic and stupid. Just let them be.

Unpopular Opinion

I prefer Rowan over Rhysand

This is not to say that Rhys doesn’t go through the same struggle, trials, and tribulation. Or that his pain is any less than Rowans.Or one is better than the other. I am simply putting it in my opinion and how I connected more with Rowan than Rhys.

So this is definitely an unpopular opinion, but I do want to talk about so here it goes: 

When we meet Rhys, he is already a fully developed person. True he is an ass that we see is actually a good person. But he already has a storyline in place, and his character development has already occurred. Really, a lot of his character development throughout the trilogy is just expanding on him being a better person and that development also only happens in the last half of ACOTAR and beginning of ACOWAR. 

On the other hand, with Rowan, his development is taking place alongside Aelin’s. He is a douche who turns a bit better throughout HoF and keeps evolving throughout the books. And I like to see this because it is a lot like real people. We start off as one, and then something happens, and we evolve –that is what Rowan does. He is an evolving character that has so much history and baggage and emotions raging in him that we see more of his true self and storyline as the books progress. 

Moreover, because AOCTAR is told through the first-person narrative, I feel as though how we see Rhys is very much skewed because of Feyre. We view him through rose-colored glasses, and he just doesn’t seem to do no wrong. But when he is shown as faulted, like with Viviane and Kallias bringing up the slaughter of the winter court’s children. As well as with Mor and Rhys’s decisions regarding the fall court and under the mountain. We view it as if they (the people bringing up the complaint) are the antagonists, and not Rhys himself, who is, impart, majorly to blame. However with Rowan, because ToG is the third person we can see him in multiple perspectives and the only bias we form against or for him is one that the reader makes. Throughout the series, the way each of the characters views Rowan changes, and with every perspective, we see a little more of him. From Dorian, we know him as a mentor, from Lorcan we see an ally/friend, Aedion he is a brother. From Gavriel, we get the relationship and viewpoint of friendship, Fenrys as a father/brother/mentor/friend and from Aelin we see him as an ass to ally to mentor to a friend to lover. 

Finally, one of the other big reason I like Rowan over Rhys is that Rhys is honest to god how humans should be. He treats Feyre with respect because guess what, THAT IS HOW YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO TREAT EVERYONE. And in my opinion the only reason Rhys seems so godlike is that we had just gotten about a book and a half of misogynistic Tamlin and compared to Tamlin, Rhys is a hero of Greek Mythology proportions. And we seem to forget that Rhys is problematic because he does what humans should do. But with Rowan, he treats those around him with respect but we also know of his exploits, and that his rude behavior was not a facade, and that to me is really humanizing him. Becuase really, no one is wholly good, every one of us has our faults and sometimes we accept these shortcomings and learn from them. And that really is what, in my opinion, what Rowan does. Furthermore, we have good people that Aelin had been with (Chaol, Sam, Dorian(?))  to compare Rowan to, so in some ways, he isn’t idealized or romanticized. Unlike Rhys who when compared to Tamlin, the later who is undoubtedly the worst of the two. 

Unpopular Opinion

I’m happy that Nesta didn’t fall head over heels in love with Cassian and end up together romantically at the end of ACOWAR. I understand why she has boundaries and her walls up and I respect Cassian for understanding those limits. 

I like the banter between the two and the angst. And I am happy that it didn’t stop in ACOWAR and that she is guarded and a bitch. Becuase let’s face it, most of us would have that much animosity too if in her situation. The only way one wouldn’t be antagonistic would be if you became like either Elain or Feyre (in denial about their current position or taking it as it comes(but that’s a discussion for another day)). 

Nesta was almost raped, her father pretty much abandoned his fatherly duty, her sister was kidnapped and taken by a HIGH-FAE who fucking barged into their house screaming “MURDERS.” And then she and her other sister were abducted too, turned against their will into something they had a deep hatred of and in such a way that could have killed them. Plus, to top it all off, every idea and belief she held about the Fae are entirely wrong (for the most part). 

You have to grant her some wariness to her new situation because I don’t think ANYONE would say: You know what, I totally understand and accept everything without any hate and also confess my love for this male who is a part fucking bat. I’m sorry, but I don’t think that is possible. 

So Nesta’s guardedness is something I don’t hate, and I wish people would address it more instead of only discussing how she and Cassian are mates and shit. I wish people would consider and imagine how they would grow closer, learn more about each other one by one and first form a bond of trust, respect, understanding WHICH THEN develops into friendship. And maybe after a few decades turns into something more.