Matt’s doing #TakeoverTuesday, and I think it’s a testament to how fucked up this fandom has become that I’m dreading it more than I’m looking forward to it. 

I bet you dollars to donuts that the nutjobs will crawl out of the woodworks again and they’ll demand apologies for perceived wrongs from months ago, they’ll make highly inappropriate comments and/or make Matt’s experience as terrible as possible because in their bird brains, it’s somehow his fault that he seems to be more popular than the rest of the cast and they’ll insist that they’re doing it to support the other actors - the fact that Matt does his utmost to avoid any attention possible somehow doesn’t even touch their awareness.

I wish Matt good luck, he’ll definitely need it because whatever he does or says today, the loudest and most obnoxious part of this fandom will give his words and deeds the most awful twist possible, even when the intention will clearly not be there on his part.

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What's your opinion on the sun and moon rocket designs?

I fugging LOVE them. All the Sun and Moon designs. Even Satoshi’s. I guess that’s an unpopular opinion of mine.  I keep seeing people complaining that he looks too goofy and too young but have y’all ever actually seen a 10 year old? He looks 10 again! I also just overall appreciate that they’re making the characters look more diverse in ways other than their clothes, hair color and eye colors (ie body types, skin tones, facial features). Plus it works for the direction of the story they’re going with.

Off track but yes, Team Rocket looks great (I’m going off of those official character designs). I feel like you get a good read of their personalities from these slight tweaks. Like the shapes are definitely more strong (I’m a slut for good silhouettes). And I’m really digging how kind of more lanky and angular Musashi is as opposed to Kojiro who has an overall rounder design. Makes Musashi look more villainous and Kojiro a little more friendly (but their faces still read as “the bad guys”). 

I’m 100% for this aesthetic 

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The real problem is that the writers won't give Killian and Emma some time alone to have a real 1x1 convo. It's given to everyone else (like Regina WTF) or they put them in these dumb group scenes. No wonder everything keeps going in a circle. I bet if it was just those 2 ALONE the shears scenario would've gone down differently.

Then there wouldn’t be this artificially constructed drama if they had let them just talk it out.

They let Emma have scenes with Regina and with her parents and with Henry because they aren’t the relationships the writer’s care about highlighting or emphasizing, though certain things like Emma automatically assuming Regina was under the hood may get brought back up but it’s not a focus.

The relationship that they are focusing their attention on is Captain Swan so they don’t communicate and they have the DUN DUN DUN cliffhanger.

It’s just kind of lazy writing imo because obviously we, the audience, see that these conflicts can be avoided by talking it out and having a conversation, and we know that Killian has good and valid reasons for doing it, but we also know he has never shied away from a conversation dealing with Emma before. Rather than just sit them down to work through them we have dramatic lighting and angst faces instead.

It’s television, there definitely should be drama and angst. The problem I have is that we keep having the same drama and angst, for the same recycled reasons, and the characters should have learned those lessons by this point and we should have new kinds of conflict and new lessons to learn.

And how it’s being handled is really not what they’ve shown us so far.

Killian’s walls and him shutting down and not wanting to share or open up are because of things HE did, they are usually based in shame or fear Emma will see him negatively.

He has always talked things out when it comes to Emma and confronted her about these issues in the past even when it was not in his best interest to do so. Season 3B is basically just him nagging her to embrace her home because she’s being ridiculous even though she lashes out is and is pretty cruel to him.

In Season 4 he keeps bugging her about her parents.

In Season 5A he makes no secret how he feels about what she did and part of that was darkness but part of it was just Killian and in 5B he again expresses outright he doesn’t deserve to be saved and he wished she hadn’t come.

He never lets her hide behind a wall and he never lets her give up and when it comes to the two of them he has been forthright about his feelings most of the time. We’ve seen it over and over.

Yet we didn’t see him do that this time. He didn’t confront her, her didn’t convince her that she was probably being silly throwing the shears away, he didn’t express that she was shutting people out again and her accepting her fate and not facing her fear of not being the Savior any longer IS kind of another wall.

Which was, in my opinion, them changing an important aspect of his character and his previous interactions and reactions to fit the situation they’ve created rather than creating a conflict situation and letting him react as he normally would.

That’s the difference for me this time. If the conflict had been him being angry and arguing and going against the group, or calling Emma out on things even slightly harshly, that would have been easier to swallow to me than him saying nothing about her well being and going behind her back to what? Use the shears against her will?

Until we have a conversation we can’t assume he’s going to use them for any other reason than to do what Emma said she doesn’t want him to do. We know he already lied to her face repeatedly and even put on a whole production of her benefit so his endgame is steeped in negative interactions at the moment. We know he would never do that, could never do that, but the writing is implying that he would at the moment, is framing it that way in order to generate false drama and that is the issue for me

That’s why I hope they talk, and soon, and he is given an opportunity to reveal his reasonings and intent otherwise it doesn’t gel for me.

We seem to be having a misunderstanding.

My (and a lot of other people’s problem) with this particular angst isn’t really the angst itself. As much as I hate this secret trope, it is what it is. My problem is that I have zero faith that this will be resolved in satisfactory manor, one which is desperately needed for these two characters. They have legitimate differences of opinion and are trying to build a life together, that’s the sort of thing that needs to be talked about. 

All we want is a nice juicy scene where Emma and Killian REALLY TALK. Honestly, I don’t understand the mentality that shitty repetitive angst is worth it, just to get your favorite OTP screentime! Fic writers write more original relationship conflict EVERY DAY and you all lap it up! Why should we hold the writers of the actual show to a LESSER standard? I don’t understand this.

If I have to rely on fic to get the kind of powerful emotional scene I know we all want, then the show is doing something wrong.

Unpopular opinion maybe but aside from the love triangle crap book 2 of Korra was actually really fucking good? I mean we learned a ton about the spirits, Koraa had lots of character development, Varrick was introduced, Iroh and Zhao appeared again, and the events of books 3 and 4 wouldn’t even be possible without book 2 and also the season finale was just fuckin epic, one of my favorite season finales ever lmao.

Semi-unpopular opinion I guess but I really like the new direction RWBY is going with art style, story and character focus. Now I know RWBY has gotten a lot of flack in the past with Jaune being “so mainly focused” but personally I’ve never really seen it, besides the show is still technically in it’s early days, granted coming to the end of that but still. Idk maybe I’m biased cause I’m one of the few people who has enjoyed RWBY practically 100% so far, but I’m really loving the new direction it’s taking and will follow it 100%

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Caitlyn Jenner is absolute trash.

Not because she is trans, no, not for that.

She is trash because she hit and killed someone while texting and driving and got away with it.

Not only did she commit vehicular manslaughter but she was also awarded the Woman of the Year award for doing nothing.

Compared to the other women, the actual heroines, on the list she didn’t do shit (besides kill someone).

She even beat out Malala Yousafzai.

The girl that took a bullet for a woman’s right to an education.

Caitlyn is trash and honestly there are much, much better people in the trans community that should be rallied around.

Imagine this.

A world where Kpop fans aren’t made fun of and assumed to be Koreaboos. 

Kpop idols not being called skinny gay boys in sparkles.

Kpop idol women being noticed more. 

People not bringing down other peoples biases because it makes theirs look better.

People not just loving one group member and ignoring the rest. 

Watching the V app and not insulting other members by asking where another is. 

Not chasing idols while they are in public.

Not hating on an idols significant other. 

Letting the damn idols live. 

Unpopular opinion

Okay, I’m not a fan of Miley, and I’m all for Nicki standing up for herself against a perceived threat, but did y’all even read the interview?

Nicki’s tweets:

Miley’s interview:

She’s not wrong. When you make something about yourself, it has much less impact than if you make it about an entire group of people. “There’s girls everywhere with this body type.”

The only problematic thing she actually said was this:

Which, by the way, is also not wrong. Nicki is a boss ass bitch, and sometimes that means being perceived as rude. But sometimes it also means derailing the point you were trying to make in the first place.

And y’all not even talking about Taylor Swift’s involvement in all of this. Probably because she’s your resident fave.

Nicki is also the only female rapper to ever win six BET Hip-Hop Artist of the Year awards six years in a row, so, you know, maybe she’s a little more pissed about not winning this particular award rather than not being able to represent girls who don’t have slim bodies.

And personally? If someone had called me a bitch on national television, I would have torn them a new asshole. But no one’s talking about how Miley handled it: “We’re all in this industry. We all do interviews. We all know how they manipulate. Nicki, congratulations.”

Miley doesn’t deserve the hate she’s getting, and I think somewhere inside, you all know that.

But then again:

cultural appropriation is when one culture adopts elements from another culture. if I get cornrows because I think they look pretty, that is not cultural appropriation. I’m not trying to steal cornrows and I’m not saying that it belongs to my culture now. I’m being completely harmless.

You know what’s good? Listening to other people’s opinions and respecting their right to have that opinion. You know what’s not good? Refusing to listen to anyone who challenges you so you can live in a bubble free from any criticism. You cannot learn or grow as a person if you live your life that way. Whether you are a feminist, an anti feminist, pro black lives matter, anti black lives matter, pro life, pro choice, conservative, liberal, or whatever, refusing to listen to the other side and dismissing any opinions different from yours makes YOU the ignorant one.