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Every Supercorp fanfic ever (a pick and choose list)

1. Kara gets drunk and texts Lena
2. Kara or Lena shows up at the others apartment unannounced (if it’s Lena at Kara’s apartment Alex is there)
3. Lena falls in love with Supergirl and Kara gets upset
4. Kara is forced to reveal herself as Supergirl
5. Lena already knows that Kara is Supergirl
6. Kara and Lena make dumb work related excuses to see each other
7. One of them kisses the other and the other is too shocked to respond so they take it as a bad sign and things get awkward
8. Lena flusters Kara with her direct flirting
9. Kara nervously rambles and ends up confessing her love to Lena
10. They have a chill movie night while wearing pajamas and eating potstickers

Bonus: they get a puppy even though Kara basically already is one

So, ok, can we please all stop whining about BTS being crowded by Fans in Chile? Like seriously? It’s anoying.
Let me get this clear: I, myself, am a fan of BTS. I like their music and it’s a nightly ritual of mine to watch some of their interviews every day. I would like to go to a concert of them but it’s not my main priority. However, it is for some people out there. And I get that it’s kinda exciting to know that your favourite Band is playing a concert in your country and you can’t wait to see them in person. But, as we all already know, BTS’s concert prices are really expensive. So not everybody can afford a ticket. That’s just how it is. It’s the same with every other artist around the wordl. Some can afford a ticket, some can’t.
But considering that your dream is to see BTS in person, even if it’s just for a few seconds, you think of other ways to get to them. You decide to go to the airport where they’re supposed to be arriving. And then you see them, your most favourite Band in the whole world. Clearly they are tired and don’t seem too fond of you and other fans standing in front of the airport, screaming their names. But you just don’t care because the moment you saw them your brain was overwhelmed with joy, happiness and pure exitement. You can’t think straight. I totaly get that because I was also a teenage girl who was obsessed with some Boyband back in the days (does Tokio Hotel ring a bell :D) I didn’t wait for them in front of an airport or followed them to their Hotel but I was screaming when I saw them and I thought my heart would explode. Because they were my everything! I loved them to pieces, I adored them. I wanted them to know, that I exist.

Obviously I did grew out of that stage but I can kinda understand what’s happening in Chile. I’m not saying it’s ok for them to do that but I know where they are coming from.
The next thing what’s bothering me is: BTS are celebrities! They should be aware and capabale of managing those kind of things because every other artist - doesn’t matter if it’s an korean or a western artist - has to deal with such fans. And I never saw so much whining about “misbehaving” Fans like I saw today.

Just for example a while ago many fans bothered Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy with fanfictions about him and Pete Wentz. Some of the Tweets were realy vulgar and even though I don’t care about such things I couldn’t stop to feel embarassed. But guess what: Patrick shut those fans down with his tweets, he stood up and said something along the lines: “Hey, I don’t like that, please stop or I’ll block you” He stood up for HIMSELF. He was bothered and decided to speak up. Since then I didn’t really saw Peterick tweets directed to Pete or Patrick again. The point is, they stood up for themselfs, they didn’t ordered some of their staff or managers to do something about it. It’s cool that BTS had a staff member who could speak spanish. That’s pretty freaking cool and also considerate. But that doesn’t change the fact that none of the boys felt obligated to deal with it himself. I think it would have helped if one of the boys went with the staff member and tried to explain the situation themself. That’s always better then ordering your staff to deal with it. I think even a tweet about their feelings in this situation would have helped. Something that would have showed those fans, that BTS recognized them and that they’re not happy about how they achieved that. Believe it or not, a personal statement from one of the affected persons would be taken more in consideration than some pleas from a staff member.

And last but not least, BTS kinda signed up for this. Some years ago they had to decide to sign the contract with BigHit or not to. Every single one of them decided to sign. And if you do that you have to take all those “if”s in consideration. If we make it big, will I be able to cope with all this fame? If we somehow get the chance to tour around the world, will I be able to understand that fans from other countrys will react differently compared to what I am used to from korean fans? If some people are bothering us, do I have the strength to stand up for myself? They are old enough - like, Jin is even older than me - they should be able to deal with that because other people can do to. Not just celebrities, I’m talking about normal people like you and me. If something or someone is bothering us we don’t have staff members around us to manage everything. We have to fight back on our own, we have to open our mouth when there are things we don’t like. For example, I work with a lot of different people everyday. Some of them are nice, some of them not so, some of them understand when you explain something, others are just plain ignorant to everything you’re saying. But I have to deal with them. I have to keep my smile on, am not allowed to let my friendly attitude slip. Or else I get fired. I don’t have a whole bunch of ARMY standing behind me and supporting every single thing I do. I have to get through everything on my own.

BTS are privileged. Sure, they worked hard to come this far and I’m not doubting that. But I refuse to treat them any better than I would every other person doing THEIR JOB. If I would start complaining about my job everybody would look me dead in the eye and say: “Then look for another job.” They wouldn’t make twitter conversations about how mean all those people are to me and that they should stop and should treat me like a human being with feelings and so on. BTS are living off our money. Face it! They are wearing clothes I would never in my life be able to afford, they get freaking spoiled on their Birthdays - this is another thing that’s bothering me. They get all this expensive stuff from their fans and where is the thank you? Thinking back when I was staning Tokio Hotel they would get flustered when fans got them chocolates for their birthdays and were always telling us not to spend that money on them. Like, it was freaking chocolate. CHOCOLATE! Not a f***ing Gucci Sweater. - they can travel the world and get so see and learn so much. Just because we are buying their albums, their merch, their concert tickets. If all the fans would vanisch from one day to another they would be nothing. Every artist, not just in the music industry, would be NOTHING without a fanbase who supports them. BTS are on their way to becoming world stars, because so many people around the world are loving what they’re doing, so many people want to support them, want to see them shine on the big stages of the world. And they are starting to do so - which I’m honestly really excited about and also a little bit proud of - but just because we let them! Just because they have our money to life from.

Also, I just saw some videos from Chile and let me say: Those fans are behaving better than most fans I met at a Tokio Hotel concert (myself included, I was a fucking wreck for them) or even the few Fall Out Boy concerts I went to. Don’t turn a mosquito into an elephant! I bet Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Adele and every other artist in the world has to deal with the same thing and I don’t see a lot complaining when they get followed or even stalked around.

I could write so much more but my english isn’t the best and I’m tired.

Please, can we leave this topic be and move on. This will happen again and again and again. Nobody can change anything about it. It is how it is.

But it would really suck should BTS decide to never tour the world again because of this. And it would be really petty of them to judge a country and it’s fans just because you had an encounter with 30-40 bad ones. That would be so small-minded, I can’t even…

I’m just so incredibly frustrated that they’ve chosen to go this way with Debbie’s storyline. I feel like it’s only purpose is to serve as a wake up call to Fiona, to show her that she’s really been slacking on being a parent to these kids, which even without Debbie becoming pregnant this was painfully obvious. I mean, Carl was selling drugs and has ended up juvie, Ian has desperately needed some sort of support from his siblings and has basically been told that he is putting everyone through hell (which is explicitly said to him next week…way to make him feel ever more like shit), and Liam is just magically surviving on his own because he has barely had any scenes with Fiona this season. I just hate that Debbie is most likely going to be 14 and pregnant because she no longer felt like her family gave a shit about her and decided to make her own family. This falls on Fiona because instead of being the head of this family, she has been dealing with her own guy drama or just handling all of these issues so badly. 

i am so tired of people bashing me for not posting about leelah/ferguson/other issues. yes, i truly care about them and yes, i understand that it is horrific. yes, i support lgbtqia rights, no, i do not support racism, and i’ve debated social issues and the lack of equality with countless people. please don’t call me trash and say i should be ashamed of myself just because i choose not to blog about these atrocities. i’m not ignoring these issues; i just don’t post them on tumblr because almost everyone here is in agreement over the injustice of these situations, i dont find the need to merely preach to the choir. i have already donated to transohio, and i will definitely talk to others who may not know about leelah to spread awareness. i appreciate seeing the posts on my dash to inform me about current problems; however, i personally go on my own blog to calm down when i’m feeling upset, and i dont want to be reminded about all the horrors of the world when im in my own safe haven. please respect that. 

How the Swiftie fandom is portrayed:

Swifties who like 1989: I like 1989.

Swifties who don’t: Fuck you. How don’t you like RED and Speak Now?!

How the fandom really is:

Swifties who don’t like 1989: I’m not too big on 1989. I think RED and Speak Now were better lyrically.

Swifties who do: Fuck you! Taylor is happy this era! Why don’t you love Taylor being happy?! You’re a fake fan!

inoffensive but obviously unpopular opinion? i dnt get why you would get a vanity plate at all? especially if it’s something random like “carpet7” or “man2001” i can’t see why you’d pay extra money to put that on your car. and yet…