unpopular hs opinions

I wish we had more posts defending Jake and all the bullshit he had to go through just like the other kids
Why is it that Jane and Dirk are always the victims and Jake’ always the enemy?
It’s not Jake’s fault that Jane couldn’t confess her feelings and it’s not Jake’s fault his relationship with Dirk failed
Obviously I’m sure he contributed to the eventual failure but Dirk was emotionally manipulative over Jake
Dirk kept him to himself, clung to him 24/7 and didn’t allow him to talk to anyone else
He didn’t forget Jane’s birthday bc he was a douchebag he forgot bc he was so stressed over his relationship
And when he went to Jane, his FRIEND for advice, advice she has always willingly gave him, she freaks out on him bc of it and bc she’s immature and jealous
They’re all immature
They have no real world experience
Every single one of the alpha kids were sheltered none of them have experience with other people
So can we literally just take one moment to understand that Jake had his grandmother ripped away from him when he was 8
His best friend ripped away from him when he was 16
And his boyfriend kicked him to the curb when he was 17
And not once has he blamed anyone but himself even when it’s not all his fault
And what does Jane continue to do? Blame Jake for everything wrong that happens in her life and kills him the first time she sees him again bc she’s so upset