unpopular gazette opinions

hanabiri  asked:

The Gazette (?)

  • Favorite Member: Ruki
  • Least Favorite Member: Kai
  • Prettiest Member: Uruha
  • Most Beautiful Member: Aoi
  • Member I Wanna Marry: Ruki
  • Member I Wanna Be Best Friends With: Reita
  • Favorite Pairing: Ruki x Reita
  • Unpopular Opinion: the GazettE has become shit lmfao

Send me the name of a band!

This is a friendly PSA regarding the world tour,

Don’t go to the airport and shove camera’s in the band’s face.

Don’t support pages that publicize their flight/hotel information.

Don’t stalk them or take photos of them.


Please just follow the rules that the management sets in place.

It’s things like this that ruin these really exciting things for everyone else.

It’s things like this that not only make the Gazette and their staff feel uncomfortable, but other bands and their staff as well. If they see that people cannot behave, then bands WILL.NOT. tour our cities. They just won’t bother considering anyone of us for this kinds of things.

We’ve worked so hard to prove that we can handle them being in our home cities and people are already ruining that experience.

Just stop.