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I truly think that a big part of this fandom hate Joshaya or just Josh just because they hate Uriah. Honestly i care a damn about Uriah. I do care about his character. I care about Joshua Gabriel Matthews, and i think that he is perfect for Maya. Sorry not sorry.
Why I ship SasuHina:

((First of all, I would like to mention that this isn’t a post about why Sasuke should have ended up with Hinata, but a post about why I think Sasuke and Hinata make a good pair. I’m clarifying this for, ‘Just in case’ purposes.))

Sasuke doesn’t know Hinata exists.

Well, I beg to differ, considering they are seen standing next to each other in the chunnin exams before the preliminaries begin. I know Sasuke has a very narrow tracked mind, but even with a Sharingan he could see her. We all know someone by association, and I’m sure Sasuke knows her. They are both part of the Rookie 9 and Sasuke knew of Neji as well, a Byakugan user. 

“Hinata doesn’t know Sasuke exists.”

Please, that isn’t even a valid argument, Hinata more than well knows the boy exists. He is the sole survivor of the Uchiha Clan, rival of the Hyuga Clan. The love of her life, Naruto, only talks about Sasuke every other second of his life. Even if she didn’t wish to know anything about him, she would still hear the gossip from Ino or Sakura. Hiashi would probably have some comments about it as well. 

They’ve never talked...”


…In Canon!”

Fine, I’ll give you that much. If we are counting the new movie and the spoilers aren’t fake, then they will have their first conversation. But that shouldn’t mean anything because you don’t need to talk to a person to get a measure of who they are. 

Hinata is weak and can’t defend for herself. Sasuke wouldn’t want someone like that by his side-

See, I’m going to have to stop you right there.This isn’t about Sasuke and Sakura or Karin or any other character. This post is about Sasuke and Hinata. Let’s state some facts: (Facts acquired by Lunaneko14 post and then researched for accuracy. If you want me to take the)

  • Hinata is one of the only rookies to not cheat on a written chunin exam.
  • Hinata created her own jutsu at the age of 16. Making her the 2nd youngest to do so (after Kakashi) and the fastest at preparing for combat.
  • Despite only being a chunin, at the beginning of the fourth shinobi war, Hinata outlasted Neji (then a jounin) in stamina.
  • Within months of creating her won jutsu and withing seconds of mastering the eight trigrams of 65 palms, Hinata was able to merge them making her the fastest ninja to develop her own technique to the next level. 

Am I saying she is Sanin level like Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke? Of course not, because she wasn’t trained under them. But to say she is weak, that is just wrong because she has been dedicated to her hard training, like the rest of them.

They have nothing in common.” 

  • Sasuke loved Itachi, who gave up his life to save him, same with Hinata towards Neji. 
  • Fugaku and Hiashi trained their strongest child for the sake of the clan, while neglecting the other.They felt as if they weren’t good enough. ((I believe if they would have ever interacted back in their academy days, they would have formed a strong friendship just based on sympathy alone.They could understand this pain better than any group of characters in the show.))
  • Both are strong shinobi who can fend for themselves. 
  • Both come from a noble clan with strong blood lines.
  • Their personalities are alike: 
    • both train diligently to the point they became blind for about a month.
    • are quiet in their own ways. Hinata is shy while Sasuke is quiet because he wants to be left alone. Which is great because they can be in silence comfortably

Well if they both are quiet, how would they hold a conversation?”

Sasuke actually talks to people he likes, even in the beginning he didn’t like Naruto and Sakura that much and still easily talked to them. 

Also, (imo) I believe Sasuke would have liked to be noticed by her, considering she didn’t have the loud annoying fangirl type of of reaction. She never really annoyed him, fawned over him, and if he wanted to be alone, because of Hinata’s personality she would have given him his space. Hinata has always admired Naruto because of his hard working personality that helped her strive on forward, and it would be refreshing for Sasuke to have seen someone fall for the other based on their personality. It would be pretty comforting to know for Sasuke that if she ever fell for him, it wouldn’t be because of his looks or lineage, but because of who he was. 

Miscellaneous: (my personal nonsense opinion about it)

  • They have a great color scheme going on. Talk about easy drawing. (I’ll admit it’s shallow, but they do look good together))
  • They’re almost always seen drawn next to the either in official fan art where it includes them standing side to side. 
  • Its like the perfect sweet innocent cinnamon roll dating the most ruthless character and it is great fanfiction and fanart material. 
  • Their kids would be over powered as fuck. Don’t get me wrong, like Boruto isn’t already, but still. Hyuga and Uchiha, bad ass to say the least. And their kids would be adorable.
  • Can you imagine Hiashi walking into his house and being like, “Hello Hinata, Hanabi, Neji, Ko, Sasuke.. wait… what?”
    • what type of reaction would the hyuga clan have??? :O 
    • would they welcome the missing nin with open arms or what?
    • like i said, great fanfic material.


Don’t get me wrong, I love NaruHina so much that when it came out at the end of chapter 700 and then the movie was released I cried, but that doesn’t stop me from imagining a what-if scenario with Sasuke and Hinata. I know it won’t happen, but the thought of it would be nice. 

So...much as I love and miss you Jellal....

I actually neither think that nor want for Jellal to appear just to “rescue Erza because she’s losing to Ajeel”.

One of my favorite Jerza moments was during Tartaros, when this

was going on. I wasn’t yet part of the fandom while these chapters were being released, but I can imagine a lot of people were expecting/hoping  Jellal would come and rescue her. While I think that would have been really sweet, I absolutely loved that that didn’t happen. I loved Erza as a character long before Jerza was even a thing, And this moment showed why:

Erza is don’t need no man to come rescue her because she is the mothereffing queen and can do it herself.

But then why is this my favorite jerza moment? Because this is exactly why I love this couple so much:

They are strong independently, but the support of the other is invaluable to both. They see and love the other for who they are but being together changes them for the better

I was really proud of Mashima for keeping these two such a great couple - showing that you can trust and support each other without making each other too codependent. 

So I actually like that Erza can get crap done herself and trusts Jellal to take care of himself, and that Jellal can get crap done himself and trusts Erza to take care of herself. 

And I also just love how cute these two are together too. I MISS YOU JELLAL

Unpopular Sign Couples I Ship

Aries and Scorpio ((both feisty and
Taurus and Leo ((both possessive and romantic))
Gemini and Virgo ((both curious and live to learn))
Cancer and Leo ((deep feelers and protective))
Libra and Taurus ((submissive and dominant))
Scorpio and Aquarius ((both dark and rebellious))
Sagittarius and Capricorn ((both adventurous))
Pisces and Libra ((both hopeless romantics))


I started watching Supergirl this season because Chris Wood was on the show, not gonna lie. Best decision ever, because now I’m completely hooked on the show as a whole. Like, there’s not a single thing that I dislike, which is really nice. To quote TVD (ha!) , Chris Wood brought me to Supergirl, and the show made me stay.

Also, Supergirl gave me two new ships to fangirl about: Maggie & Alex and Kara & Moon El. Totally different pairings, but both very well-written.

My only complaint? The hate Karamel is getting because apparently we can’t ship two white people…. I’m rolling my eyes so hard I can see the back of my brain. Anyway, once again I find myself rooting for an unpopular couple. But you know what?

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Sparks Fly

For SoMa week this year I decided to do something where all the prompts fall under one AU. So if the beginning seems a little confusing, it’ll all make sense as the week progresses. I also have a partner in crime for this event. eisschirmchen did a cute piece of Soul and Maka getting ready, and you can see who they’re cosplaying as

Special thanks to fabulousanima and dragons4ever for looking this over, and making it better than before! I do appreciate it!

Enjoy day 1: Geeking Out :)

Throughout his life, Soul Evans has loved many things and people. He has had loves that were brief, didn’t last so long, and died away as he grew older. There were loves that stayed with him, starting in his childhood and seeping into his teen years. There were the loves that he grew to realize were the most important, the ones that didn’t fade away as time wore on, and the ones that shaped him into the person he is today.

It’s incredible to think that everything played an important role in his life. How everything he cared for deeply has remained rooted on his timeline for all of eternity.

But there is one love he refuses to ever let go.

One that didn’t originally start out as love, but rather grew as he did, as she did.

The person he has grown to love the most is the girl he has known since he was five and she moved next door to him. She’s his best friend in the entire world, the only person who knows all of his secrets, the one who has been there for him when no else was, and the one who means the most to him. Maka Albarn has a kind soul that has touched him in ways he didn’t know were possible. It has helped shape him into the person he is today, and taught him that it is possible for someone else to love him.

Even now as he stands near the gate to her house, hidden in the shadows from the rest of the partygoers, he knows it’s true. His heart beats wildly against his ribcage, palms sweaty as he flexes his fingers in and out; even his breathing is shallow at what he has come here to do. He loves her. He loves her more than anyone else in the world, and he wants her to know that. It has been hell being away from her for so long, but it has taught him that really does want to be with her. There are no other people like her, no one else that makes his mind go blank or makes him think about future.

It has been her.

It has always been her, and now is his chance to see if she feels the same for him.

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I really love gay representation, but really, it all seems to be focused on white cis male gays. Damn, even when it comes to Japanese games, the ones focused on lesbian couples are unpopular and nobody talks about them, while the ones focused on males are extremely popular and it's all over my dash. Shaking my head honestly....

Ok the whole “Chris Carter doesn’t owe fans anything” thing really irritates me. It’s one thing if a writer kills off a character or pairs up an unpopular couple because that’s the writer’s choice and writers don’t have to (and really they shouldn’t) bend the plot of their TV show to please fans HOWEVER writers do owe it to the audience to present a coherent and well-polished show. The fact that Chris Carter believes that attempting to keep continuity “stifles his creativity” or whatever is a) bad writing and b) insulting to fans. Take, for instance, the discrepancy of how Maggie Scully says that she gave Scully the cross necklace on her birthday and then later the flashback to when Scully got the necklace for Christmas. It’s not the BIGGEST plot point, obviously, but it’s significant enough that it’s a noticeable discrepancy. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for fans to expect a degree of consistency. When a writer doesn’t bother to check for continuity it comes across as lazy and as if the writer doesn’t really care about producing a quality script. And why should a writer expect fans to be content with something that seems half-assed? And obviously continuity errors will happen, to err is human, especially when you have 200 episodes of a TV show, but the fact that Chris Carter more or less admitted that he doesn’t care about continuity does rub me the wrong way.