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I truly think that a big part of this fandom hate Joshaya or just Josh just because they hate Uriah. Honestly i care a damn about Uriah. I do care about his character. I care about Joshua Gabriel Matthews, and i think that he is perfect for Maya. Sorry not sorry.

i think my favorite thing about the middle name reveal from today is the sheer volume of the reaction to ‘daniel kenneth jacobi’:

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Why I ship SasuHina:

((First of all, I would like to mention that this isn’t a post about why Sasuke should have ended up with Hinata, but a post about why I think Sasuke and Hinata make a good pair. I’m clarifying this for, ‘Just in case’ purposes.))

Sasuke doesn’t know Hinata exists.

Well, I beg to differ, considering they are seen standing next to each other in the chunnin exams before the preliminaries begin. I know Sasuke has a very narrow tracked mind, but even with a Sharingan he could see her. We all know someone by association, and I’m sure Sasuke knows her. They are both part of the Rookie 9 and Sasuke knew of Neji as well, a Byakugan user. 

“Hinata doesn’t know Sasuke exists.”

Please, that isn’t even a valid argument, Hinata more than well knows the boy exists. He is the sole survivor of the Uchiha Clan, rival of the Hyuga Clan. The love of her life, Naruto, only talks about Sasuke every other second of his life. Even if she didn’t wish to know anything about him, she would still hear the gossip from Ino or Sakura. Hiashi would probably have some comments about it as well. 

They’ve never talked...”


…In Canon!”

Fine, I’ll give you that much. If we are counting the new movie and the spoilers aren’t fake, then they will have their first conversation. But that shouldn’t mean anything because you don’t need to talk to a person to get a measure of who they are. 

Hinata is weak and can’t defend for herself. Sasuke wouldn’t want someone like that by his side-

See, I’m going to have to stop you right there.This isn’t about Sasuke and Sakura or Karin or any other character. This post is about Sasuke and Hinata. Let’s state some facts: (Facts acquired by Lunaneko14 post and then researched for accuracy. If you want me to take the)

  • Hinata is one of the only rookies to not cheat on a written chunin exam.
  • Hinata created her own jutsu at the age of 16. Making her the 2nd youngest to do so (after Kakashi) and the fastest at preparing for combat.
  • Despite only being a chunin, at the beginning of the fourth shinobi war, Hinata outlasted Neji (then a jounin) in stamina.
  • Within months of creating her won jutsu and withing seconds of mastering the eight trigrams of 65 palms, Hinata was able to merge them making her the fastest ninja to develop her own technique to the next level. 

Am I saying she is Sanin level like Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke? Of course not, because she wasn’t trained under them. But to say she is weak, that is just wrong because she has been dedicated to her hard training, like the rest of them.

They have nothing in common.” 

  • Sasuke loved Itachi, who gave up his life to save him, same with Hinata towards Neji. 
  • Fugaku and Hiashi trained their strongest child for the sake of the clan, while neglecting the other.They felt as if they weren’t good enough. ((I believe if they would have ever interacted back in their academy days, they would have formed a strong friendship just based on sympathy alone.They could understand this pain better than any group of characters in the show.))
  • Both are strong shinobi who can fend for themselves. 
  • Both come from a noble clan with strong blood lines.
  • Their personalities are alike: 
    • both train diligently to the point they became blind for about a month.
    • are quiet in their own ways. Hinata is shy while Sasuke is quiet because he wants to be left alone. Which is great because they can be in silence comfortably

Well if they both are quiet, how would they hold a conversation?”

Sasuke actually talks to people he likes, even in the beginning he didn’t like Naruto and Sakura that much and still easily talked to them. 

Also, (imo) I believe Sasuke would have liked to be noticed by her, considering she didn’t have the loud annoying fangirl type of of reaction. She never really annoyed him, fawned over him, and if he wanted to be alone, because of Hinata’s personality she would have given him his space. Hinata has always admired Naruto because of his hard working personality that helped her strive on forward, and it would be refreshing for Sasuke to have seen someone fall for the other based on their personality. It would be pretty comforting to know for Sasuke that if she ever fell for him, it wouldn’t be because of his looks or lineage, but because of who he was. 

Miscellaneous: (my personal nonsense opinion about it)

  • They have a great color scheme going on. Talk about easy drawing. (I’ll admit it’s shallow, but they do look good together))
  • They’re almost always seen drawn next to the either in official fan art where it includes them standing side to side. 
  • Its like the perfect sweet innocent cinnamon roll dating the most ruthless character and it is great fanfiction and fanart material. 
  • Their kids would be over powered as fuck. Don’t get me wrong, like Boruto isn’t already, but still. Hyuga and Uchiha, bad ass to say the least. And their kids would be adorable.
  • Can you imagine Hiashi walking into his house and being like, “Hello Hinata, Hanabi, Neji, Ko, Sasuke.. wait… what?”
    • what type of reaction would the hyuga clan have??? :O 
    • would they welcome the missing nin with open arms or what?
    • like i said, great fanfic material.


Don’t get me wrong, I love NaruHina so much that when it came out at the end of chapter 700 and then the movie was released I cried, but that doesn’t stop me from imagining a what-if scenario with Sasuke and Hinata. I know it won’t happen, but the thought of it would be nice. 

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an unpopular opinion: as for a "break-up" or new beard, i really don't see the seeds of that in the works. imo, they're laying the groundwork for d coming out, & we can't know the timeline of that, but i don't think it will be that convoluted. also my gut tells me ryan murphy is about become a key player in this narrative, & work his dark magic, to the benefit of d & obviously himself. whatever the plans are though, i think they are going to clear up dramatically over the next couple months.

Unpopular? I’d say that quite a popular opinion and what I would love to see happening. It’s what I vote for. But we don’t get a vote.

My opinion. Based on observation and thinking about it way too much. I think we are about to go through a phased process. I do believe part of the agreement he made with Mia is a break up. Which prevents him from immediately coming out. She does not want to be known as a beard and she wants the sympathy that will come from a break up. And I think Darren would agree to about anything in order for her to finally walk away. And I agree. I think Ryan Murphy is playing a huge huge role in this phase. This has been in the works for months. There is a reason Ryan saw hedwig in the fall. There is a reason he’s given Mia a token role in his charity. There is a reason she has been allowed on set to play and posts some snaps a hand full of times. This is her “reward” for walking away and keeping silent on whatever information she has on Chris and Darren she’s threatened to unleash in the past. And whether it’s real or fabricated. Whatever it is must be damaging for Darren to continue to allow her in his life for way longer than necessary. So phase 1 break up.

Phase 2. Rehabilitation. If Darren and Chris ever what to come out as a couple. They need to rehabilitate their relationship in the public eye. Most fans believe they have not seen each other in 2 years. That they don’t talk. They don’t interact on social media. That they do not support each other’s projects like Hedwig and TLOS. And yes. Many think they hate each other. And many thrive on that hate (still a mystery to me how you can love one and hate the other when what they did together onscreen was magical).

So they need something to bridge from where we are now to them socializing and showing to the world that they are friends. And this may be, if done right, where a new beard comes in. First, she would shift the spotlight away from the immediate focus on CC once a break up occurs. It’s bound to happen and it would defeat any attempt at invalidating miarren. And it’s why I think for a short but dense period-Chill will be increased.

But more importantly. This person may be a reason to have them interact. Go to parties and events together. This is critical. And while I think this could be done without a beard, and again the direction I would choose, if they pick the right person, it may be more natural. And an easier path forward.

Key to me -if they go in this direction. Never confirm it. Just let it be rumors and gossip. Let the new plus one be pictured on RCs. Taken to events. A few vacations. Blinds. Articles. But never a confirmed couple. That way. When we do finally get to the goal, Phase 3, Darren coming out and CC confirmed as a couple. No more lies were told. No break up necessary. Just the truth. New beard can simply say. I love Darren and Chris and I wanted to help them on their journey to come out in a happy and healthy way. And everyone wins.

On Ryan. Darren has, no question in my mind, made a deal with the devil. As mentioned above, I think he’s playing an instrumental role in the break up. But even bigger will be his role in Darren’s coming out (likely timed with ACS promotion). He will play the role of mentor. He will receive praise for paving Darren’s path to the truth. Darren will take the blame for being in the closet. He will say it’s a decision made with management and PR. And the role that Ryan and fox played will be buried. And he will be made to look like a hero.

In my heart. I hate it. That bastard should pay for the games he played with Darren and Chris’ lives. He put them in a war. Made their lives hell on earth. And when glee was over. He left them on their own to try to climb out of this disaster. Leaving them to deal with a woman who is vile and will do anything to remain relevant.

But my head. My head thinks Darren has made the right decision. The decision that not only will change his career. Bring him huge accolades if performed well. But the path and the ability to finally tell the truth. Or at least some version of the truth where he and Chris can live their lives openly and not have to hide their love. And anything that leads to this can only be good in my eyes.

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001 Riverdale

  • Favorite character: jughead 
  • Least Favorite character: ms. grundy
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): betty & jughead, veronica & archie, kevin & happiness, veronica & cheryl, val & someone who treats her right 
  • Character I find most attractive: veronica 
  • Character I would marry: val 
  • Character I would be best friends with: betty 
  • A random thought: make bughead the anchor couple 
  • An unpopular opinion: the idea of alice and fp having a thing (past, present, or future) grosses me out 
  • My canon OTP: BUGHEAD 
  • Non-canon OTP: jughead & a stable home life 
  • Most badass character: betty 
  • Pairing I am not a fan of: betty & archie (“not a fan of” is putting it lightly) 
  • Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): archie, but i’m hoping they wrote him the way they did in the first season on purpose. i’ve talked about my womanizer archie theory on here before 
  • Favourite friendship: betty & veronica 

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🔥 me, jkjk , uuuuuh -- tags?

Oh boy, this is a tricky one — turns out I’ve never actually given tags any thought, tbh?? :O Hmm, okay, I guess this counts — I don’t feel any need to have specific tags for each character/relationship/type of content etc. I just tag stuff with my partner’s url or something really generic like “icons” or “memes” & that works fine for me. I used to try to come up with tags for everything, but it ended up messy, & I couldn’t decide how they should look, & I would have to retag tons of posts — so I just dropped it. Idk if this is really an opinion though? It’s just, everyone seems to have some kind of fancy tagging system, & I feel no need to — I suppose, that counts as “unpopular”.

Unpopular opinion: I thought Callie and Wyatt were absolutely perfect for each other. When the show first aired I really skimmed over the relationship so I had no opinion on the who is better for Callie debate that might have been going on.

But since the show has been on Netflix I’ve been rewatching it. Honestly I don’t understand how anyone could not have liked them together. There were so many good moments where they just vibed so well together, effortlessly. I really wish they would bring him back so they could be together again.

I’m so sorry to bother you but I have a unpopular ship. I can’t find any art for it (of course) so I wondering if maybe you could do draw Jervis x Edward? You don’t have to of course! I was just wondering… Love you art by the way! - Anonymous

I know the feeling to ship an unpopular couple (and I’m not even talking about Batriddler), so here you go!


Make me choose: youngxsavier asked:
Hank/Mystique, Mystique/Erik, or Charles/Mystique

She’s good.
You have no idea.

me when i ship the most unpopular couple of the fandom: *mood changes in the speed of light every minute* hey, shipping is personal stuff. you’ll never understand the beauty of this couple, the true chemistry between them, i feel sorry for you all. i do what i want, leave me alone, suckers!!

me when i ship the most popular couple of the fandom: *panics* hey, is it something wrong with this couple? why is everyone shipping them? are they gonna die? god, they sure gonna die, right? omg i need to stop shipping them before they destroy my heart and soul

So...much as I love and miss you Jellal....

I actually neither think that nor want for Jellal to appear just to “rescue Erza because she’s losing to Ajeel”.

One of my favorite Jerza moments was during Tartaros, when this

was going on. I wasn’t yet part of the fandom while these chapters were being released, but I can imagine a lot of people were expecting/hoping  Jellal would come and rescue her. While I think that would have been really sweet, I absolutely loved that that didn’t happen. I loved Erza as a character long before Jerza was even a thing, And this moment showed why:

Erza is don’t need no man to come rescue her because she is the mothereffing queen and can do it herself.

But then why is this my favorite jerza moment? Because this is exactly why I love this couple so much:

They are strong independently, but the support of the other is invaluable to both. They see and love the other for who they are but being together changes them for the better

I was really proud of Mashima for keeping these two such a great couple - showing that you can trust and support each other without making each other too codependent. 

So I actually like that Erza can get crap done herself and trusts Jellal to take care of himself, and that Jellal can get crap done himself and trusts Erza to take care of herself. 

And I also just love how cute these two are together too. I MISS YOU JELLAL

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🔥 Laurentius

(( A mun-popular [HA!] opinion I have regarding Laurentius is that he’s actually a quite capable combatant, even though I play him relatively reserved in that regard. You have to consider: he fought his way to the Depths, which means that in his version of events he, at least, battled two demons, an armored boar, and a considerable number of Hollows. 

I say this is unpopular because in a couple of fight threads I’ve gotten polite but insistent messages that I’ve made him too powerful, to which my response is that he won against the Capra Demon. He’s certainly not a slouch, and so when an Ornstein picks him up by the jaw and he slams a fireball into said Ornstein’s helmet, I just want everyone to remember that. ))


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Daikon - Weirdest name you ever picked for your character, farm, animals etc?

Bok Choy - Do you ship any non-canon pairings?

Broccoli - Favorite ingame season?

More about Grindeldore

The other post was getting atrociously long so here is my reply, abbieforth.

I like the way you think. I too believe Gellert’s love for Albus is what got him imprisoned. He was a brilliant wizard equipt with the extraordinary Elder Wand.

There is no denying that he half assed it. He was more vulnerable than he let on. I believe he felt a lot of guilt for destroying the Dumbledore family and he had bottled it down quite well. In battling Albus, it popped back up against his will. This, along with his love of his old friend made his magic weaker and Albus won with less effort than it should have taken.

I love the possible speculation that Gellert somehow influenced WWII. In all honesty, you are probably right though. The most logical explanation for the overlap in dates is muggles being distracted.

I think that the battle between Dumbledore and Grindelwald and what came after is incredible proof of Grindelwalds love. I also have the unpopular opinion that much of their relationship is best left to fan interpretation. I am kinda selfish about it, I just dont want JKR to take my headcanon away.

Shower me with speculation on Aberforth. Please. I love him so much, goats and all. I used to entertain a couple extermely unpopular ideas about Aberforth (I. E. crush on Gellert). Totally not canon but fun to fangirl about. Heh, the Dumbledore family (including Gellert and Elphias) have been in my life for so long that I’m pretty sure I have entertained the idea of every cross-ship. I am disgusting fan scum.

Unpopular Sign Couples I Ship

Aries and Scorpio ((both feisty and
Taurus and Leo ((both possessive and romantic))
Gemini and Virgo ((both curious and live to learn))
Cancer and Leo ((deep feelers and protective))
Libra and Taurus ((submissive and dominant))
Scorpio and Aquarius ((both dark and rebellious))
Sagittarius and Capricorn ((both adventurous))
Pisces and Libra ((both hopeless romantics))