I wrote jayalvarrez in the most polite way telling him that he should accept criticism when it has educational purposes and when its said politely. I was supporting essenaoneill because I thought she was on her right to spread the truth: animals are kept in captivity and sold as entretainment and by them taking a picture of it they were supporting it without even knowing. I wrote Jay and I ended up the message by saying “no hate 💕” because that was not my intention. I’m utterly surprised by his rude answer. For real. I also told him that we would love to know more about their minds, their purposes, which I think they take beautiful pictures and they are extremly gorgeous, but with the social power they have, they should use that to reach real world problems… Now tell me, what did I deserve to get this hate, calling me bitch and get blocked? Just because I’m not praising their relationship or sayig omg, blahblah. And only saying MY opinion in a polite way….??? Where are manners people. Where. And he is supposed to be GOALS. Well let me tell you, calling someone who didn’t insult you in ANY way, bitch, that is not goals.

Your parents didn't raise you up like they should.

People are so fucking rude and unpolite. I wanna see y'all when u’re old and you can hardly stand up how the hell are you gonna stand in the bus when it’s full and u ain’t got a fucking seat. I wanna see you. Fuck you.

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Hm. Hi. I have a question. I just really want to understand. I don't want to be unpolite or rude. I'm not an english speaker. Why some people referes to themselfs like they, then? Isn't it for more than one person? Sorry if i was at any point rude.

Not rude at all nonnie!

They/them pronouns can be used in the singular with one person. They are considered gender neutral pronouns, so if somebody doesn’t like she/her or he/him for example. so they/them can be for a group of people or just one person. I hope this helps!

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you're loud.

hahahahahah well. there are loud italians indeed. psa: it it ok to hate the steterotypically loud and unpolite italian abroad. As a matter of fact, we (decent people) hate them too.

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How do you know Eliza ships clexa?

I’m gonna go ahead and guess you are the one who said that ’in your head Bob and Eliza ship clexa lol’. If you’re not(and if you aren’t I’m not blaming you at all), this is a warning for people that feel the need to be unpolite for no reason. That was quite rude, the way you put it. Quite a lot, to be honest. Don’t do that. Anyway. Bob has said it on twitter, when he proposed a clexa/murphamy double date(explicitly confirming he shipped it, too, if my head remembers correctly. Well, if the double date thing isn’t a confirmation enough..). Eliza confirmed it multiple times during the last panel she attended. 

Ok so this interviewer had this whole controversy planned and GD just gave a fuck to the “take care of what you say” advice. I think he wanted to talk straight but without being unpolite or rude. But babes, truth is rude

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I'm new to the city and I just found out that I missed the less commodified more inclusive Alt Pride that happened today. I want to go to some Pride event this year but not if tomorrow's is just an unpolitical capitalist feel good event where big corporations and banks and the cops are there in rainbows acting like they don't oppress and literally kill LGBTQ+ people. Have you ever gone to either the Alt Pride or the regular Pride here before, what are your thoughts on them?

I’ve been to the Pride Parade (conventional) 2 years in a row now, and although it’s a lot of fun and extremely celebratory, it’s the same every year.
The same floats, route, and market at the end. It’s a really nice feeling having so many different members of the lgbtq community all together, celebrating happiness, love and joy and all around pride in ourselves. As well, the parade is an all ages event, so it’s just as wonderful seeing little ones developing open minds and hearts. There is Pride Week that leads up to the parade; local shops will display their support with rainbow paraphernalia, and there’s events and 19+ shows.
This is the first year I heard of Alt Pride. I missed today’s festivities due to work, but I definitely plan to make it next year! I wholeheartedly support what Alt Pride stands for and how they set out to cater to everyone’s needs! Not only is there a parade, but other events like a clothing swap, a workshop on clothing alterations to accommodate yourself, as well as a community festival in a local rec centre with drinks and snacks provided.
I enjoy Pride and the parade for dressing up, having a great time, making connections, and for the freedom of expression and love! Personally, I may not be the best person to ask about this because I haven’t much looked into how corporate it is, I simply have only gone to enjoy myself and celebrate. I believe it’s up to you how you choose to feel about it, and I would definitely recommend going to Alt Pride for a completely all inclusive experience, cooperation aside! 💜✨🌈

Politically Incorrect Views: Transgenderism

Unpolitical Views: Transgenderism

Obviously, this article is a result of the debate sparked by Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner. I initially ignored the headline with the response “Who the hell is Bruce Jenner?” I’ve since discovered he/she did things in the olympics. I’ll let you decide for yourself if you want to think it was a publicity stunt and just say there are probably easier ways to get publicity. Instead, I’ll be focusing on the…

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Well, i really hate unpolite people because for me every1 must be polite or we wont get respect >.<

And i hate when i´m being ignored by whatever person that i´m talking or texting, this makes me really mad. xD


I’m raised in the state of blank photography taught to loose the conscience consume. consume. Everything in sight until there is no more once I’m fat with power now increase the substances to tame my enemies my people for them to die in their own lust to please themselves only to please me this is the WORLD. and we love it #conscience #unpolitical #sarcasm #world #selfishishness #selflessness #dystopia #utopia #poetry #peacefullanarchy #bukowski #nirvana #countryjoeandthefish #earth #electricblues by chloriinesakeh https://instagram.com/p/4OCmCFIkB7/

dear bioyfriend

i miss you. sorry if i wasn’t unpolite. i need your attention. i don’t need fancy things… i just wanna be with you. i love you from the moon and back.