Truth: The new hate speech

Email received Sept. 5th, @ 12:35PM:

What is the latest update regarding the cell tower on the SW corner of Highbanks and Ft. Florida Road?

Email Sent Sept. 5th, @ 5:50PM:

Hello Diane,

BOTH towers are hung up in lawsuits. The third tower that would have almost met the unrealistic city codes and been out of the way behind Riviera Bella on a 100 acre parcel of otherwise unusable land was stopped because the property owner was scared of the negative image he might create for his development by pursuing it.

I said once something along the lines of “no matter how accommodating the proposal in DeBary, you will be met with unreasonable city restrictions & law suits.” The council subsequently apologized on my behalf for that statement. So I am not sure what I can say about this. I’ll let you decide.


Email received Sept. 6th @ 9:22AM:

I voted for you and I believe in your stance.  As for the rest of the CC, political correctness is self serving.

Anti blackness and sexism in my unit is unreal.

My Sgt just called me unpolite cause I told a told an officer just yes when he asked if someone was on the phone and then went back to my business. ..he said I wasn’t being nice and being polite helps..like
..i walk on egg shells in this unit im where I’m I am legitimately the only black female in the company (the only one in staff other than a black staff sgt) ..like please go fuck your self.

And then one other white sgt was like oh yea cause they don’t want angry black women they wan sweet ones like ice tea!

-___o I can’t deal

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Yeah, but do you really want a criminal who has had people killed being the leader of our country? At least the worst Trump has done has been being unpolitically correct.

The best thing about our country is that we can each vote for the candidate we like best!!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

every time i try 2 make my tumblr unpolitical nd a chill place i realise that all my thirst-follows r fuckin commies jesus christ why r u all so hot and so much smarter than me this is unfair

Clarence Page: Black Panthers ‘Did a Big Favor’ By Raising Police Brutality, Beyonce’s Show ‘Entertaining’

Clarence Page: Black Panthers ‘Did a Big Favor’ By Raising Police Brutality, Beyonce’s Show ‘Entertaining’

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Chicago Tribune Editorial Board member Clarence Page stated that Beyonce’s halftime show at the Super Bowl was “entertaining” and that the Black Panthers “did a big favor” by raising the issue of police brutality on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.” Page said, “I thought it was pretty entertaining, and then afterwards, I thought that it was controversial.” He later added, “It was a very unpolitical…

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69: Bad breath, messiness, unpolite

70: Nice eyes, politeness, kinkiness

71: Lol idk

72: Lol not saying

73: Buy me flowers

74: Nice eyes

75: Ask to kiss me

76: Got someone tickets to see Behemoth for valentines

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Steve McCurry has taken alot of cool photographs of Afghanistan but i wonder what his politics are? like im just genuinely curious because i only know his pictures which are relatively unpolitical i feel like (maybe idk they could probably be interpreted in some political way but im not gonna try)