Haikyuu 224 - The New King of the Court.

Something amazing and extraordinary has just happened.
I’m exploding with joy; Kageyama is a new person now.

First of all, he realized his mistake. And when I say “mistake”, I’m only referring to his unpolite and too much straightforward way to speak. What he said was right, though.
He realized and felt sorry. His teammates understood that he was right after all, he wasn’t doing anything wrong actually.

The real problem was communication itself.
I already said it last week: Kageyama believes that communicating in that way is his only way. He’s just like this. He actually can’t stop behaving like a King, because he is a King.
A King who can guess what’s better to do in every situation. A King who knows how to exploit his teammates’ talent perfectly. A King who is able to give his best in front of the strongest opponents.
This is the true King of the Court.
This is what Kageyama is.

And if people around him have a problem with it, they just have to say it in the same direct way Kageyama does. Hinata has always known it. That’s why he didn’t say anything in the last chapters, because he’s used to confront directly with him if they disagree about something.

And this is all wonderful and special, because thanks to Hinata who has never had problems with Kageyama’s behaviour, Kageyama learned to accept what he repressed about himself after middle school. He accepted his true nature. He accepted the fact that he is a King and is allowed to be a King, as far as it allows him to communicate and understand his teammates.

He’s finally able to be himself. Not a two-goody-shoes, not a tyrant.

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lexa asks abby for clarke’s hand in marriage

“And you are certain that is how it is done?” Lexa watched Lincoln nod. “They leave such things up to those not involved?” Another nod. “I hate so many things about them.”

“Yes, heda,” he agreed before she waved him out.

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this is your unfriendly and unpolite reminder that this “teen wolf with girls” gifset is racist because: 

  • shay mitchell is filipina. tyler posey is a mixed mexican-american of indigenous heritage. brown people are not interchangeable. 
  • jackson is there; though he left at the end of season 2; while danny (his best friend, one of the show’s few canon queer characters and hawaiian) is not, though he lasted until season 4.
  • liam is there, but his best friend mason (the only other recurrent queer character, and one of the few black people in the show) is not.
  • isaac and erica are there, but boyd (who stayed on the show way longer than erica), the other member of the beta trio, is not.
  • the only black woman, braeden, is whitewashed as fuck. this is meagan’s real skin color.  

stop fucking reblogging it.

I’ve already heard so many people who claim to be unpolitical express outrage, disgust and helplessness at this budget. Never have we seen such a life shattering budget motivated by a contrived budget “emergency”. Standard and Poors have let us know that there is no risk to our AAA credit rating, so why the panic? Why the heartache for millions of Australians? #bustthebudget #budgetfail #budget2014 #auspol

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SHINEE - When they think they’re getting some, but you just want pads


This, young lady, is utterly unpolite of you. Ugh, how could you *Sigh*. *He doesn’t really speak to you, but being the kind-heart he is, he buys you pads*

*Dramatic gasp* AH ! Omo, so this was the case all along, huh ? *For the following days he imitates you by putting on your robe, taking your stuff*

Oh my god girl, how dare you ! I let you use my shampoo, my make up, my clothes and this is how you treat me ?! *Continues to sass you for a month or so even in public*

*Pretends to be surprised* Oh no. How dare you. I didn’t know all along. Wow. Of course I did you dork. I was spoling you during these days and when this ends you gon’ spoil me *Winks*

You did bad. You know what this means, right ? *Gets what he wants anyways, because he’s a lil’ devil*


One Direction as Cards Against Humanities Players

Louis: *makes as many weed jokes as his cards will allow*

Zayn: *plays straight up, tries to answer with as many real answers as he can*

Liam: *boner jokes…. nonstop boner jokes*

Harry: *random ass cards, plays every round as if he has a bad hand*

Niall: *the absolute worst shit you can imagine, plays as unpolitically correct as possible*

Asher watched less than thrilled as people partied around him. Someone had just shoved an unsuspecting pledge into the pool and unfortunately for the brother he’d been in the range of impact. His jeans were soaked wet, not that they matched the clothing required in the first place but Asher decided that if someone was brave enough to say something he’d unpolitely tell them where to go. Right now he was looking like a wet cat in search for something to brighten his mood. Namely - alcohol. In great quantities.

Sketchy Tuesday - Fins Origins

When we first thought of the story for Voxel Gen we were very keen on having Fin be a quiet and edgy character. He was unpolite, didn’t talk to the people in Harosh (which is a very friendly city, you can look forward to visiting it) and was just a real bore.

No wonder: Originally his whole family was supposed to die a gruesome death, haha.

But as we grew older we realized that we’d much rather have a fun relatable main character.

We gave him quirks like talking in a very old fashioned manner, or in rhymes.
Thankfully we quickly realized that quirks do not replace personality, so we thought about what the person that we’d want to experience this adventure with, would have to be like.
Cool calculating Voxel Generating Pro? Who can identify with that?
Smart know it all? Kinda annoying.

How about a person that has his whole life planned out and just wants to spend his days in the most boring place in whole Anika? Yeah screw him, let’s throw him into an adventure!

We gave that description to our Concept Artist Fergus, and he drew these 5 fellas.

We all immediately agreed on the same base design.

Voting was easy until it came to Fins jacket.

Many long discussions were held over that jacket… at one point it even looked like fucking toothpaste.

We were desperate… when out of nowhere Gal had a perfect idea!

And that’s how this dork came to be!