One of my sims is legitimately being stalked by her ex.

The man in the background is Bob Pancakes. He and Eliza are divorced and they can’t stand each other. They separated before their child was born, Bob moved out, and Eliza was going to raise their daughter alone without letting her so much as ever meet Bob.

So I’m playing as normal, and suddenly Bob just.. walks in through the back door. He does not live here. I purposefully moved him to a smaller house across the street and marked him as unplayed. Sims can’t just enter other people’s houses, and there’s supposed to be an option to tell visitors either “Goodbye” or “Ask to Leave”.

Bob has none of those options.

He did have a “Go Away” interaction, which made him wander off and stand on one of the balconies. I didn’t want him to interfere with this family, so I took precautions.

This gave me some time to think about my options.

I’d never intended to play him again, so I could just leave him trapped until he died. After a day had passed, occasionally checking on him, he was extremely stinky and only able to stand there playing games on his phone. I felt bad and instead told Eliza to quick travel to his house, with him in tow.

Entering his household to check on him, he immediately fell asleep on the pavement. Fine. He could take care of himself from there.

Switching straight back to Eliza, she carried on doing her single parent thing, meanwhile I locked the front and back door COMPLETELY to seal them inside the house for the time being. Eliza doesn’t have a career so there was no reason to even leave for the next day or so. I also added a lot trait for ‘Private Dwelling’ to reduce visitors. She and her toddler went to sleep, and when I tried to put the game on fast-forward, I realised it wasn’t doing the high superspeed it usually does when all Sims are asleep. There was nobody else in the house. Then I checked the back garden.

Bob was back. He had not showered. Unable to actually enter the house, he sat on the patio and wandered around all night long. The Pancakes house has a barbeque, so he continually made himself food on it. Since he has a food source he’s not capable of dying out there, even if he never leaves. He might stink and fall asleep on the ground, but with access to burgers, he can do this indefinitely.

The family ignored him. Because he is a Slob, and had nothing else to do, Bob rummaged through their garbage bin and created constant piles of rubbish, which he then stomped on and played in.

Switching back to Bob AGAIN, I made him return home. And this time, when I reloaded the family and watched him in front of his house in the same neighbourhood… he walked off screen and disappeared. He hasn’t been back and their daughter was able to unlock the doors for her birthday party.

But the next time I load the Pancakes house I have no way of knowing whether Bob will be pressed up against the windows looking in.


Blythe Harbor Lite is a CC-free save in which I’ve filled all of the Willow Creek lots with my own creations. Most of the lots are ones I have already shared, but I’ve made edits to several of them to improve them or make them CC-free. I’ve also built two brand new lots - a community park and a spa/gym. The links below go to my original posts of the lots, so they’re going to look a little different in the Blythe Harbor Lite save. I’ve listed any edits I made in parentheses.

There are only two Sims of my own in this save - Geneva and Gene Carroll, who are brother and sister and own the Retail and Restaurant lots. Feel free to have them sell the lots if you want your Sims to own them. I left all of the Willow Creek EA-made Sims as unplayed townies, but you can delete them in the Manage Households panel if you don’t want them in your game. I didn’t do anything with Oasis Springs or Windenburg, so all of those lots are intact, and the EA-made Sims still live in their houses. Magnolia Promenade and Newcrest are also untouched.

Feel free to do whatever you want with this save! Delete lots, renovate them, move them around, etc. As I mentioned, no CC is required, but I did use stuff from all EPs/GPs/SPs through Kids Room Stuff (though I didn’t use much from that one). The EPs and GPs are the most important - if you don’t have those you might be missing windows, wallpaper, and landscaping here and there (which you can replace with whatever looks good to you! :)

(See the second-to-last pic for instructions on installing this save.)


Here is the list of lots - the numbers correspond to the numbering in the map pic:

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everything comes back to you

@imlouisaf told me to do a big bang about narry being in love with each other all through 1d but not getting it right and i remembered that i actually had the start of a fic like that. so here you go:

~1k of angsty canon harry being sad over niall

when harry gets the notification, he’s standing in line at the supermarket with a bundle of bananas, a packet of frozen berries, and all the ingredients for chocolate cake. he’s turned on notifications for niall’s tweets–of course he has, just him and grimmy–and he glances at it as he puts the milk on the conveyor belt.

it takes a moment for it to sink in.

they’d known niall was going to release a song. he’d emailed them about it nearly every step of the way, to get their opinion and to make sure it was alright with all of them. they’d all said yes, that’s what the hiatus was for, after all– doing their own projects.

harry still hadn’t listened to it, felt the tiny sting of irrational rejection he tried to put out. it’s now or never, he guesses.

he pays and gathers his things, dumping them in the back seat of his car as he navigates his phone trying to buy niall’s song. finally, it downloads. he plugs it into his stereo, turns it up and presses play.

he gets as far as the first verse and has to stop. he puts his head down on the wheel and breathes deeply, absentmindedly hoping there’s not any paps around that’re capturing this moment. it’s be great for the tabloids; former member of one direction has meltdown in car after other member releases a single. no, thank you.

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Happy Birthday

A/N: It’s been forever since I’ve done this so why not one on my favorite Robin’s birthday?

Warning: Smut filled cause you know, I only have like 4 imagines and 3 of them are smutty so why not? XD

Word count: 1,130

It was late at night and Jason was sure you’d be asleep by the time he had gotten home from Red Hood duty but was surprised to find a light illuminating from your apartment window. His eyebrows furrowed and he quickly slipped in through the window, searching the room with curious eyes. A bowl of popcorn was on the coffee table between the couch and the tv, along with some of Jason’s favorite snacks. A movie left unplayed on the screen, Jason quietly searched the apartment. Did some bastard decide to kidnap her? Jason immediately thought, his fists clenching at his sides until he heard the sound of footsteps from the hallway behind him. He turned, ready to grab his guns when a figure jumped at him, causing him to use his hands to keep the figure from falling, giggles filling his ears.
“Y/n.” He groaned as he held your body up, your legs wrapped around his waist.
“You’re finally home!” you said as your hands wrapped around his shoulders, your lips pulling up in a smile. “Took you long enough.”
“Sorry, did we have something planned?” he asked and your eyebrows furrowed as you stared into his mask. “What?”
“Are you joking with me right now?” you asked, jumping down and his eyes widened as he frantically took off his mask, following you as you stalked off to your room.
“Y/n, babe! I’m sorry! Was it our anniversary? Your birthday?” you slammed the door in his face, locking it as his hands banged onto the wood. “Valentine’s day? Babe, I’m sorry! You know the gang’s been stressing me out and I haven’t been able to think straight! I’ll make it up to you, I pro…mise…” his words slowly faded as you opened the door, leaning your hand on the frame as you posed, your lips shaped into a mischievous smirk. His eyes stared at your bare legs before moving up to the only piece of clothing that covered your body:
A Red Hood sweater.
His symbol stared back at him as he took in your appearance, your h/c hair cascading in soft waves down your back and your face barely covered in makeup. His mouth stayed open as he tried to process words to say but the only things that came to mind was everything that he would do to you if he got his hands on you. Your smirk widened as you gently pulled him into your room, closing the door before turning to face him. Placing your hands on his chest, you pushed him until he sat on the edge of your bed, his face still showing his astonishment as you moved to straddle his lap. You threw his mask over your shoulder, knowing it wouldn’t break before working on the armor you have become accustomed to and pulling it away piece by piece, clearly feeling his bulge grown from beneath you.
“Y’n..” he groaned as his hands found your hips but you smacked them away, standing up after removing his shirt. You went down your knees, quickly undoing his belt and sliding his pants down, deciding not to tease him tonight. You placed a few kisses on his tip before taking him in your mouth, his groan making you look up at him as you continued your actions, bobbing your head up and down. He groaned more, his hand tangling in your hair as he gently pushed you a little further before letting you continue on your own.
You knew how to please him.
His head fell back in pleasure as you moved up, your tongue moving on the slip of his tip before going down again. Then to add a bit more, you moved up and wrapped your hand around his shaft, having it move with your mouth as he moaned out.
“Fuck, babe, that feels so good.” he groaned. “Just a bit more, baby. I’m almost there…fuck..” his juiced filled your mouth and you slowly pulled away, your eyes never leaving his as you licked at your lips.
“You good for more, Jay?” You cooed and he nodded, watching as you unzipped the sweater, discarding the rest of his clothes. With the sweater still on, you took your place on his lap and pushed him down, hovering over him as you looked at him with lust. With your tongue slightly poking out between your lips, you positioned yourself above him before meeting his eyes once more.
“Happy birthday, baby.” You whispered as you slowly moved down and he groaned, immediately grabbing at your hips.
“Fuck..” He groaned out as you began to move, slowly rocking your hips back and forth. You smirked at him, loving the effect you had on him as you moved up and down. “Shit, babe…y/n..” he moaned out as you kept going, soft pants leaving your lips as you slowly came closer and closer.
“Fuck..” You breathed and he wrapped his arms around your body, sitting up as he met your thrusts. “Jay…”
“I’m almost there, baby.” he breathed and his lips found yours, his arms clinging your bodies close. Both of you let out moans that got lost in kisses, your body beginning to shake as you nearly reached your high. With a few more bounces, you felt him bite down on your shoulder, adding to your pleasure as you both moaned out, reaching your high together. Panting, you looked into his green eyes, smiling as you cupped his face in your hands.
“I love you.” You whispered and his eyes seemed to glow as he smiled, making your heart swoon.
“I love you too.” he whispered back, his lips meeting yours once more. “So..about that movie?” he asked and you giggled, slowly moving off his body.
“We can watch a little while we give you a small break before we go again.” you smiled as he raised an eyebrow, a smirk forming on his lips.
“Oh, we’re going again?” you nodded as you zipped up the sweater, grabbing his hand to pull him off the bed. “How many more times are we going, y/n?”
“How old are you?” you smirked, letting out a giggle as he picked you up, your legs wrapping around his hips as he took you both to the living room.
“Best birthday ever.” he mumbled into your shoulder as he sat on the couch, you on his lap and you smiled, hugging him close.
“You have a kink for your brand shit, huh?” you joked, hearing his chuckles as he hit play on the movie.
“Only if you’re the only one wearing it.”
“Aw, Jay.”
“I’m totally fucking you on every piece of furniture you have in this apartment.”
“You’ve got plenty of years, babe.”

Vermin be gone!

(HUGE thanks to @vampireprincessmaria for getting me a SFS invite code!)

Download Here! [*]

It’s no secret that I hate the weirdos that come with City Living. It’s not because I hate weirdness in The Sims, in fact I love it, but I just can’t stand the sheer amount of Sims that the game decides to generate. In one evening, I’ve ended up with nine new Sims, including Raccoons, St. Paddy’s Day Elders, Luchadores, and god knows what else. And that number only increases the longer I play.

It’s too much, especially when I already have a


of unplayed families and the last thing I want is for them to be culled, all because TS4 would rather make a brand-new townie for each role instead of using one of my existing, unplayed, unhoused Sims.

So I’ve been testing a mod I made that stops them from generating. No more Raccoons, no more St. Paddy’s Day Elders, no more Luchadores. I’ve kept the “Sim in a bathrobe because he’s been locked out of his apartment” Sims, because, well, my game needs a little weirdness, and they actually serve a purpose (Sims who got locked out of their apartments? Or Sims who had a one-night stand and lost their clothes? You decide!).

As a result, my game only generated two new townies, both of which were towel-wearing weirdoes. No more, no less.

This also does not affect vampire townies from appearing in San Myshuno, as seen below, and the mod will work regardless of if you have the Vampires GP or not.

As usual, I won’t take requests for changes or future mods to make (bug reports are fine), because I mod for my own personal use. I just thought people might find this useful.

Also, because I’ve decided to no longer upload to ModTheSims, this will be the first file to bear the name humanowitz, instead of danburite2 (my MTS name) or kwanzaabot (my Gallery name). Should make it easier for people to track me down and look for updates.

Download above, and enjoy!

AOS Fic - In Darkness, Part VII

Originally posted by lasheeda

For @gracieminabox

In Darkness chapter index - This link takes you to the ID masterlist; I’ve got too many chapters now to keep linking them all on each page.

Warnings - angst, medical squick. 

McKirk, ‘cause it’s always McKirk.

But often faltering feet
Come surest to the goal;
And they who walk in darkness meet
The sunrise of the soul.

~ Henry van Dyke

The sound of hurried footsteps in the hallway wakes Jim. 

He’s not sure what time it is. It’s one of the many small adjustments to losing his sight, something Jim never would have predicted - his internal clock is all messed up.

“… can’t get his heart rate down,” Christine Chapel is murmuring to someone.

Jim sits up, strains his ears.

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Make Severus Snape on Sims they said, it will be fun they said.

Gets feels every time Snape makes a new friend
Gets feels every time Snape is a good, loving father
Gets feels when Snape’s child wants him to pick them up
Gets feels when Snape cuddles his baby
Gets feels watching Snape teaching his children the basics

Gets the biggest feels when an unplayed sim hugs him and whenever Severus is happy.

Training a Prince (Part 1 of 2)

Pairings: Roan / Reader

Warnings: Violence, eventual Romance… maybe

A/N: One of my best friends growing up was deaf, and as a kid we all learnt sign language to talk to her. When you’re that young its fairly easy to pick up and it didn’t seem like anything strange. Now i’m an adult and i’m so proud to say that I can sign and speak to people who have a hearing impediment. I honestly think it’s so important to make everyone feel like they are part of the same community. 

So yeah, this is my tribute to my best friend Hayley (who is fairly in love with Zach McGowan, who wouldn’t be?) I hope you enjoy babe! 

@angelaiswriting @georgiagrl1990 @selldraug @angryares

It felt much like being punched in the gut, all the breath had gone from his body and he couldn’t get his eyes off of the vision in front of him.

Roan hadn’t thought to ever feel anything like this for another person. Thought himself hardened of heart and deadened to emotions. The sight of the girl in front of him though had awakened what he thought extinguished.

She was beautiful, maybe not in the conventional sense, but there was presence about her. Hands settled on her waist, dark eyes watching the scene unplaying out in front of her. Pale skin smudged with dirt and a scar running from her hairline down the left side of her face that spoke of pain and strength.

She stood beside Clarke one of the Wanheda’s friends. They hadn’t been introduced but he wanted desperately to be so. Clarke said something to her making her nod once and move away from the group of grounders and Skaikru currently training in the main open space of Arkadia.

“Who is she?”

Clarke jumped at Roan’s voice coming suddenly from beside her. Roan watched her look up, the quick flash of distrust float through her eyes as usual when looking at him. She didn’t pretend to misunderstand who he meant though.

“Y/N, she’s one of the original 100 who came down to earth together”

“Y/N” Roan repeated the name, rolling it around his mouth. It suited her perfectly and he doubted he’d ever get tired of saying it.

Hairs on the back of his neck prickled in warning, telling him she was coming back. Sure enough she entered the arena once more, this time holding two identical swords, one in either hand. Clarke stepped forward to meet her as she pushed the swords into a sheath on her back.

“Y/N” Clarke glanced over her shoulder at Roan before looking back at Y/N “This is Roan, Prince of Ice Nation”

Dark eyes flicked to his own as she looked straight at him, pinning him in place. She didn’t speak though simply staring at him.

Clarke was stood watching the two of them stare at each other. Reaching out she touched Y/N’s shoulder once more getting her attention as her eyes flicked back to Clarke.

“Roan’s going with you”

That made her raise her eyebrows and a frown settle there as she glared angrily at Clarke.

“Going where?” Roan asked surprisingly accepting of being sent wherever Y/N was going.

“Y/N is going to the Trikru village, they have supplies that need bringing back here. Go with her”

Y/N still did not look happy at being told Roan was going with her, she still didn’t speak though finally just nodding her head and indicating to Roan that he should follow her.

Roan didn’t fully understand what was going on, didn’t understand how his day had been redirected into following this Skaikru girl into Trikru territory. He also knew though that for some reason he wasn’t going to argue the decision.

He started to follow Y/N when Clarke grabbed his arm. “Speak to her face” she said quickly, then with that disconcerting piece of information she simply turned and left.

Roan grabbed up his own weapons running after Y/N who was already nearly at the gate.

“Y/N!” he shouted but she didn’t stop, didn’t even acknowledge that she’d heard him. “Y/N!”

One of the guards at the gate grabbed her shoulder pointing behind her. She turned finally, eyes meeting his own. She still just looked frustrated, but she did stop and wait for him to catch up. Standing next to him as the gates opened and the two of them left the relative safety of the Arkadia complex.


You didn’t understand why Clarke had decided the banished Azgeda prince should come with you on what was an easy and quick supply grab. All you needed to do was get to the village exchange the few boxes of bullets in your pack for the pile of furs and other necessities and bring them back to Arkadia. It wouldn’t take more than a day and would probably not even need you to draw your sword. So why, did you have a heavily armoured and weaponed warrior prince striding along beside you.

Deciding that it wasn’t your problem to try and figure out what went on in Clarkes head you instead let the heat from the sun warm your skin and enjoyed the crunch of leaves and sticks under the heels of your boots.

“Y/N” you were grabbed by the shoulder spun around as Roan’s face stared down at you. “I don’t like being ignored so blatantly”

Ignored? You hadn’t even realised he was talking to you. After all surely he knew… actually why would he? You’d simply assumed that Clarke would have told him but maybe she hadn’t.

Taking his hand off of your shoulder you stared at his face. Pointing at your ears you shook your head waving your hands. When all that got was a confused look on his face you sighed. You didn’t like speaking as a rule, didn’t like trying to force words that you couldn’t hear out of your mouth but sometimes it seemed there was no other choice.

“I’m deaf”

“Deaf” Roan repeated staring down at your face. “You mean you can’t hear me”

“Correct” you didn’t use your voice very often and it felt strange to try and push the words from your mouth.

“Then how are you hearing what I ask you?”

Suddenly understanding dawned once more, the grounders would never have encountered someone like you, someone who had survived their disability. Down here on the ground you wouldn’t have survived past childhood, but on the Ark you had been cared for and treated the same as any other child.

Slowly you reached out and touched his lips with your finger then brought your hand back to your eyes. “Read”

Roan thought for a moment “you can read my words from my mouth”

You nodded once, pleased that he seemed to have guessed so quickly what you meant. His eyes flicked to the swords on your back and then to your face.

“How do you fight if you can’t hear the people around you?”

That was trickier to explain to someone without words. Looking around you found an open piece of land beckoning him over. Roan, curiosity obviously piqued obligingly followed you. Lifting your foot you touched the sole of you shoe which unlike his thick boots was simply a single piece of tough hardened leather. You then slammed your foot to the ground.

Roan simply looked confused. Damn how could you make him understand that you could feel the vibrations through the floor, could tell when someone was walking close by because you could literally feel their footsteps. It hadn’t been a skill you were born with, much like learning sign language and the ability to read lips you had learnt to be able to recognise vibrations. You had no idea how to make Roan understand that though.

“Floor” you said trying to shape the words in your mouth. “Vibration” you stamped once more as Roan watched what you were doing.

When he still didn’t show any recognition you sighed grabbing his hand and ignoring his surprised glance you pulled him down to the floor with you, taking his boot in both hands you pulled one off.

It was likely that you’d simply shocked him into immobility because you were fairly sure the Prince could have stopped you at any moment he wished. After all he was a lot bigger than you, and probably a lot stronger.

Once you had found only the bare skin of his foot you placed it back on the soil of the earth and banged your hand down close to it.

Roan’s eyes sprang open in sudden understanding. “You can feel us walking? All of us?” You nodded your head. “And can you tell the difference? Between people, animals, groups of people even individuals…?”

You nodded once more “can”

Roan’s eyes suddenly narrowed in determination as he grabbed his boot slipping it back on as he stood up once more, it was him this time that took your hand in his pulling you up from the floor.

“Can you teach me? Teach me to feel what you do?”

You looked at him curiously unsure why he would want to learn the skills you had no choice but to know.

“Please Y/N”


That determined look was back on his face as he stared down at you. “Because I’m going to get my tribe back and you’re going to help me”

You knew what it felt like to be different from the rest of your people, fair enough they had never banished you but you had always been on the outsides of society. Accepted but never really fitting in anywhere. You got the feeling that Prince Roan had experienced something very similar.

So you nodded “ok” you knew Clarke would be horrified knew that the whole camp would be, giving more skills to the Ice Nation. However, for once you were going to make your own decisions about your life. Not be controlled by others who thought they knew what was best for you. You had literally meant Roan only an hour before but for some unknown reason you felt more comfortable around him then you did around your own people.

“You’ll teach me?” Roan repeated. Those blue eyes were strikingly direct as he stared, never once looking away.

Taking his hand you brought it to your heart touching it briefly there and then moving your linked hands to his chest touching his own heart. Roan obviously got the symbolism of the move as he finally smiled.

“When do we start?”

You let go of his hand looking around the clearing you we stood in. Suddenly and without warning you dropped to a crouch swinging your leg out and knocking the Prince off of his feet to the floor with a thud. Standing back up you smiled down at him.


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billciipher  asked:

If you're still taking requests, could you draw a ghost acara? :o If not, feel free to ignore this haha!

this made me think about ghost neopets so here is a trash headcanon;

we all know that neopets don’t die if left unfed, unplayed with, or even sick, but where do ghost neo’s come from then?? it’s not possible that they were all murdered, tho that would be very frightening if they were, but what if… neopets who have an owner are ‘safe’ from the effects of hunger, of sickness, and so cannot die when they are loved by their owner, even if forgotten. the worst harm that can come to them is sadness. but what if, when disowned or simply born and never assigned an owner, they are susceptible to anything? maybe that’s why the pets in the pound are so sad, bc they can feel hunger or loneliness, or worse yet, because they witness those who have stayed too long in the pound pass away, or are maybe even aware await a fate in the hands of that creepy techo..

Mental Hospital! Michael

Pairing: Y/N and Michael


Words: 3K

Summary: Michael is a new patient at the mental hospital which Y/N works at. Y/N looks after many patients but Michael is her new favourite.

Sorry if this offends anyone x

Originally posted by ashirtwit

Another day at the mental hospital. No I’m not crazy. I’m a nurse at the hospital, I got my nurse diploma and I look after the people in the home. It’s actually a fun job, you get to see so many people with all different things. This one time we had a man who couldn’t help but keep getting naked and run around. It was a pain as you had to hold him down and shove his pills down his throat but in the end he overcame it and I heard he’s living in LA with a beautiful wife. The mental hospital was quite a large home, we took up to 500 people and had around 95 nurses which worked different shift. My shift was all day and some night. I don’t know what it is but I love working here. I love meeting people and finding ways to entertain people and make them smile. I sometimes think I’m the only nurse that actually give a shit. The other nurse are just to strict and treat the patients like they’re un-human. I think that’s wrong, no matter what is wrong with you, you should be treated equally.

Today I was doing a one hour shift in the medic centre. Which is where all the medicine is stored. Luckily during my hour nothing usually happens as the patients have had there pills after lunch and currently it was 2pm. As nothing happens during the hour it gives me a chance to catch up on ‘Perks of being a wallflower’. It such a beautiful book. It has such a commitment to the ugly side of the truth, it ride’s with honesty and has a lot of captivating drama along the way. So far I’ve gotten half way through the book and it’s one of my favourite books. I don’t usually read but ever since I read The Fault in our stars I’ve been addicted to these sort of books. I’ve also started reading because the shift in the medical centre is usually quite boring. Luckily in the medical centre they have a window with a small window perch. Which you can sit at and the window shines in, in all different shades of orange and yellow. Usually I bring a pillow but today I forgot it. 

I went and sat on the window perch and removed my bookmark. I looked down out the window and all the patients were dressed in all white or blue and white nighties. They were all sitting on the grass outside with plenty of nurses. Even though it looked beautiful, I know that there’s still a massive spiky grey fence surrounding the area and that all of them are only aloud out for a hour a day. As the hospital management are scared that the patents will manage to escape. Which is bullshit because they’re mentally ill and can’t even count to ten let alone figure out how to escape.

I was sitting peacefully until I heard the bell for the desk ding.
I jumped and dropped my book to the floor.

“Crap I lost my page”I picked up my book and walked towards the desk whilst trying to find my page.

“Hi can I help?” I looked up to be met with the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen. There was a boy at the desk, skin as white as snow, his lips were a beautiful rose colour and he had wild blue hair and a eyebrow piercing.
He was the most beautiful man I’ve ever laid eyes on. He started laughing and I shook my head.

“S-Sorry” I apologised. That’s so embarrassing he caught me staring.
“It not a problem, could I have my medicine I have the prescription here”
I looked at his clothes, of course he’s a patient and not a nurse. But there didn’t seem like there was anything wrong with the beautiful man. Shit. I can’t think he’s beautiful when he’s a patient.

“W-well you’re not actually a loud to collect your pills, your nurse has too”

“Oh…I don’t have a nurse”

“Ok hang on, I’ll look in the database and see what nurse is supposed to be assigned to you, what’s your name?”

“Michael Clifford”

As he said his name I couldn’t help but smile, it was said so smoothly and ran perfectly off the top of his tongue. I searched the name on the computer and it came up. He checked into the hospital two days ago, I looked at the nurse. Y/N. I was his nurse, that’s strange I never got a email or text saying I had gotten a new patient. 

“Well Michael it seems like I’m your nurse" 

"Oh, What’s your name?”


He smiled at me and I grabbed his medication. Since it was 3pm, Amber was here for her shift in the medic centre so I left with Michael and we walked to his room.

“So you’re new here?’


“What are you in for?”

“Depression, anger and attempt”

“I’m so sorry”

“Nothing to be worried about I’m alive aren’t I?”

“Barley in this place” he sighed and hummed along with me. We got to his room and he sat on his bed. I opened up his medication and poured him a glass of water. I passed him his pills and he tilted them back. 

“So Michael what do you do?”

“I write..songs, but its hard to get inspired in this place”

“Not even writing about being beside someone? Girlfirend? friend? family?”

“My family sent me here, my friends are in a band and yeah I miss them but they’re just friends and I don’t have a girlfriend”

“A beautiful boy like you doesn’t have a girlfriend?”

“What about you? shouldn’t you be getting home to your boyfriend?”

“No boyfriend I’m by myself”

“What? A beautiful girl like you doesn’t have a boyfriend?” he said mocking my words from earlier. I laughed at him and sat crossed legged on his bed.

“You want to hear part of a song I wrote?”

“Yes!” he passed me over his book

“Everybody’s got their demons 

Even wide awake or dreaming

I’m the one who ends up leaving

Make it okay

See a war I wanna fight it

See a match I wanna strike it

Every fire I’ve ignited

Faded to grey

But now that I’m broken

Now that you know it

Caught up in a moment

Can you see inside?'Cause I’ve got a jet black heart” 

I looked up at him and he was smiling at me

“Wow Michael, you have a amazing talent! Keep it up”

“T-thank you”

It had been 4 months since Michael had checked into the hospital and he was by far the best patient ever, he was kind, beautiful and amazing at singing. At first he was shy to sing to me but after I had sang a awful version of Michael Jacksons the way you make me feel. I had also managed to bring in my unplayed guitar to him so he could string the cords to ‘Jet Black Heart’. 

I never felt, that being around someone like Michael I could laugh so much, that I could adore one person for there many insecurities and there in perfections. Maybe I was falling for him, but theres nothing I could do about it. Yes he could get out, yes we spend most of the time here together, but being so close but so far away hurt..there was a reason he was in here although I don’t like seeing the world in that way. Even if I do love him its not like his head is in the right state of mind to feel what love is or decided what he wants. 

“Y/N! Damien wants to speak to you!”

I looked up from my book and looked at Amber she was chewing her gum and leaning on the counter top. 

“Ok look after the medicine” I said letting her into the centre 

“Will do” she yawned

I made my way to Damien’s office. Damien was the man in charge of the hospital and he are sure that everything was in check. His attitude towards the home was the same as mine. His wife was checked in here a long time ago and he spent every moment with her before she passed away. He doesn’t necessary come into the patient part of the home he stays in his office and checks on things.

I knocked on the door to his office and I heard a faint come in.

“Ah Y/N, just the gal”

“Hello Sir”

“Please call me Damien”

I walked in and took a seat.

“Now I’ve noticed a lot of things over the past 6 months, I’ve noticed how your attitude is one of the bests in the hospital and as you can see I’m getting old, I don’t have any children or and siblings so its my duty to pick someone to look after the hospital when I’m gone. So Y/N what I’m asking is would you like to become joint manager with me?”

I couldn’t say a word. I was so shocked, I didn’t realise that my work had gone noticed, I always thought he was flirting with the older nurses. 

“I can see you’re shocked”

No shit.

“I would love to Sir thank you so much”

“Great! You can start today, Your office is over there and you’ll be working on the paperwork and you can go into the canteen and garden anytime you want”

“A-And what about my patients?’

“They’ll be passed onto Amber”

My heart exploded, will I not be able to see Michael? But looking after Michael was the only part of my day I enjoyed now, I was his escape from the hospital and not going to see him could harm him. Leaving him with Amber also, its not that she’s not nice she just doesn’t care.

My promotion in the hospital could not have been better I was in charge and I made sure that the nurses treated the patents like humans. Even though I missed a few of my old patents…especially Michael.

It had been a week since I had gotten to see him, Amber had put restrictions on his door because apparently he lashed out, but knowing the Michael I knew he would never do that. I hadn’t heard any updates with him within the week and I was so worried. So tonight I had the late night shift so I could go check him and make sure he’s ok as Amber doesn’t like to speak to me about him.

I said goodbye to Amber and I walked to Michaels room. I got the key and unlocked the door. I walked on in and he wasn’t in there, he must have been in the toilet (in the room but in a blocked off bit) I walked over to his bed and his journal was lying there. I know I shouldn’t but I want to make sure he’s ok, so I opened it. I skipped to around a week ago and read what he had written.
“today has been the worst day. she’s left me. I’ve never felt like this, she makes me feel human like I mean something to the world and not some depressed kid. she’s so beautiful and I’ve lost her. it’s great she got the promotion and I know I’m being selfish but I love her. I love Y/N” I read the last line over again. He loved me. I heard the toilet door unlock and I placed his journal on the bed. I stood up and sorted out my skirt.

“Hey” Michael whispered as he walked over to me

“How have you been Michael?”

He looked at me with glossy eyes and blinked away the tears 

“I’ve never felt so empty, Ambers not the same as you, she treats me like I’m a dog” I walked over to him and hugged him

“She shoves the pills down and leaves, she doesn’t read me stories, she doesn’t help me write songs and she never talks to me” he sobbed into my shirt.

“She’s not you” he said whilst leaning his head on mine.

I wiped away his tears and left my hands on his cheeks. He looked so sad and I couldn’t help it, I hated seeing him sad. I leant forward and attached his lips to mine. I heard his breath hitch as he responded to the kiss. His lips felt like heaven and he was the Angel that in no way should be in this hell hold. He detached his lips from mine and looked me in the eyes. 


“Yeah” I whispered

“I-I love you, you make me feel real”

“This is against all the rules but I couldn’t help it, I love you too”

“I promise I’ll get out of here and I can take you on a date" 

I laughed at him and reached my arms around his neck.
I kissed his cheek and slowly edged towards his lips. He crashed his lips onto mine once again. He swiped his tongue against my lips and I moaned as his tongue entered my mouth. He picked me up and placed me on the bed as he crawled over me.

I nipped on his lip and reached under his shirt and caressed his sides. He groaned and started to suck purple love bites into my neck. He sat up and removed his white shirt. He leant down and grinded into me, I wined and grabbed hold of his shoulders. His hands came under my shirt and grabbed hold of my boobs.

“Aw baby you’re boobs are so perky” I shot my eyes open and looked at him, he had a small blush on his cheeks as he removed my top. He leant down and kissed above where my bra meet’s my breasts. He squeezed them upwards and licked in between them and sucked hickeys onto them. I reached around my back and undid the clasp. I ripped it away from his grasp and he went straight into tugging on my nipples with his hands. 

“Mikey it feels so good”

I sat up in the bed and he stroked up my chest and he grasped my cheeks and kissed me hard. I reached down and pulled his sweats down revealing his white underwear. I stroked over his bulge as he pulled down my skirt. He leant back and I climbed onto of him. I ran my hands over his tattoos and his pale white arms as I grinded over his bulge. 

“Shit Y/N” he stuttered, I felt his dick twitch as I leant down and kissed his nipples. I made my way to his neck and felt where his pulse was and sucked hard. I felt him whine underneath me and he held my hips still.

“I haven’t done this in so long Im not going to last please just remove the dam boxers” he pleaded

“But Mikey” I pouted whilst grinding down on him

“Y/N I mean it, just make love to me” my heart fluttered in my stomach and he gave me a goofy smile. I removed his boxers and my panties and lined up his dick with my entrance. I sank down on him and we both let out animalistic groans. I rested the palm of my hands on his chest and bounced on his dick. It hit all the right places and I could feel it rubbing up against my walls. 

“God you look so beautiful” he moaned

He reached up and cupped my breasts the pleasure was so good I couldn’t bounce so I grinded down on him. I could feel my orgasm approaching and i grabbed hold of Michael, He brought me down to his face and kissed me. He held onto my hips and thrusted up, he hit my g-spot multiple times and I moaned into his neck.

“Mikey I’m going to cum” 

“Wait I’m nearly there” he moaned, I sat upright and bounced on top of him once again and he let out a strangled moan

“I love you so much, cum for me” I came around him as I collapsed on him. I let my breathing get back to normal and I rolled next to him and placed my hand on his chest and I nuzzled my head in his neck.

“The first moment I saw you I knew I was going to fall hard. I never thought you’d love me back, I’ve never been loved and hearing you say that…I believe you, and I’m unworthy of love so believing you is like believing pigs can fly” he whispered 

“You’re not unworthy of love because I love you more than anything”

“and I love you Y/N” we laid on the hospital bed with Michael stroking through my hair, I knew this moment wouldn’t last but for the moment this was heaven.

Compete in the Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble

Get ready to compete in the Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble Online 

Competition! In this competition, the only Pokémon you can use are those you could discover in the Kanto region in Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, or Pokémon Yellow, along with Pokémon of the Alola region you can find in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. All qualified participants will earn a Pidgeotite and a Steelixite for playing. These Mega Stones allow your Pidgeot and Steelix to Mega Evolve during battle.

You’ll use your Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon game to battle. All battles will be Single Battles and all your Pokémon will be set to Lv. 50 for the duration of the match. Your Pokémon will be allowed to hold items; however, Mega Stones will not be allowed.

Registration for the Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble begins March 9, 2017, at 0:00 UTC. The competition goes from Friday, March 17, at 00:00 UTC, until Sunday, March 19, 2017, at 23:59 UTC. Trainers will be limited to 15 battles per day.

To learn more about the Kanto x Alola Regional Rumble Online Competition, including a complete list of eligible Pokémon, check out the regulations.

Good luck, Trainers!

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I’d like to thank the Famine Friends, the Delicious Friends’ DST gatherings, various tumblr DS friends including @quackadero and @ramensquid in particular for their frequent and/or marathon servers, the skin drop system for encouraging me to putter around in public servers when no one I know is on, and the Town of Shipping people for talking about this game back in May 2015 and thus encouraging me to play Don’t Starve instead of leaving it in my Steam library forever unplayed