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If not, then how many unwanted children will you adopt when abortion is illegal? How many hospital bills will you pay for due to dangerous, self-induced, illegal abortions?

“(Woman) Actually, we set a dress code of, ‘white’, before coming here. I’m feeling a little bit wistful. It’d have been better if I hadn’t worn gray for my inner layer.”
“Did you match your shoes color too?
“(Man) Very coincidentally, we’re even wearing the same socks. No, this wasn’t really planned. It’s purely coincidental.”

“(여자) 오늘 사실 그냥 흰색으로 맞춰서 입고 나와봤어요. 제가 안에 입은 회색옷이 좀 아쉽지만요.”
“혹시 신발도 맞춰서 오셨나요?”
“(남자) 양말까지 어쩌다보니 똑같은 걸 신었는데, 이건 진짜 아니에요. 정말 우연이에요.”


In the ultimate right-time-right-place moment of my movie year, the above happened at the end of our 8pm showing at AMC Lincoln Square.
A 2D showing and in one of their smaller auditoriums too! We freaked out. 

John Boyega: First of all I just wanted to say a big thank you to you guys for coming out–
[Audience guy: Holy shit, he’s British]
JB: Yes, I’m British. [laughter] And this is amazing, honestly, I’ve just been to various different theatres to see you guys on opening night and the support has been absolutely crazy. And I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart honestly, thank you so much…and May the Force be with you!