Quirky Bottle Stoppers are a Whimsical Way to Keep Your Wine Fresh

Wine drinking has the reputation of being serious business, but these silicone stoppers infuse whimsical fun into a bottle. The quirky corking alternatives include an unpeeled banana, genie, pickle, and cat. Each is designed to fit a variety of bottles and in doing so, creates an airtight seal to keep your wine fresh. eWing currently sells them as a set of five on Amazon

Tomoyuki Yanaka can see through walls. Known for meticulous, hand-drawn ballpoint renderings of the innards of everything from furniture to museums, the Japanese architect’s most elaborate works are studies of Tokyo’s sprawling train stations. Tanaka’s unpeeling of the underground labyrinths of Tokyo Station, Shibuya Station, and Shinjuku Station (one of the world’s biggest, and busiest, transport hubs) are like MRIs of some of the most amazing infrastructure on Earth.

Click through to use our magnifying tool to get an up close look at his images.

MORE. Lose Yourself in Tomoyuki Tanaka’s X-Ray Illustrations of Tokyo Train Stations

So, as my multi-chapter fic is unbeta’d, I’ve been going through it from the beginning and correcting small mistakes and errors that I missed in my original editing process. This also means I have the opportunity to reread all of my (many, many, many) comments* on the story.

Big up to @trylonandperisphere for, what remains to this day, one of the best comments I have ever received.

‘Meanwhile, can the first sentence of the next chapter be something like “Delphine turned toward the creepy man beside her and kicked him soundly in the nards at least a dozen times?”’

*read: shamelessly long conversations with @roaringfaith.

anonymous asked:

just want to mention smth important: please use sex toys that are appropriate to whatever cavity you are using them for. Please do not experiment by putting random things into your body. They are generally easier to get in then out. And when you end up in the er with random things up your ass n a perforated bowel no ones going to believe you just sat on it 🙄Lol a lot of adult toy companies provide discreet shipping i.e. No labels or weird names so please invest in appropriate toys if ur curious

STORY TIME, though not really a sex toy: I had a friend who’s sister stuck a peeled banana up her hoohah. It broke off inside of her and due to the um…temperature and pressure, she wasn’t able to pull it out. It was a mushy mess. She had to go to the ER because the fool stuck an unpeeled banana up her coochie. USE APPROPRIATE TOYS FOR APPROPRIATE CAVITIES. NOT UNPEELED BANANAS.