Oddly, I think Sherlock’s temperament is more shaped by the fact that he is human and trying to be superhuman. The amount of stuff that we call polite civilisation is a huge distraction to this man who has to think on an unparalled level of complexities. It’s not really that the world is stupid it’s just that for him to be clever he has to really drown out a lot of noise and what he permanently gets surprised by, and what I think is his real weakness, is sometimes not seeing what’s right in front of him. His blind spot is the very thing that he purposely turns his head from in order to be as good as he is as a sleuth. So it’s a complex relationship he has with the world. He needs it to be that way in order to conquer it but at the same time the way he engages with it often blinds him to the most obvious. That’s great from a story point of view because people don’t see things because he doesn’t see them. His stupidity is also the world’s brilliance which is why there are things, people, and events, which overtake him. He’s not unhuman, he is human and he is fallible.

Benedict Cumberbatch interview on series 4 - (x)

“How much of Sherlock’s temperament is driven by the apparent inadequacies of others rather than his own desire for perfection?”

Okay but u know what I need in season three I just. A hug. I need Jake and Amy to hug it out, like a big, wrap my arms around you press my face to your shoulder stand there breathing together for three minutes hug because it’s been a long time coming and they’ve been through so much but there was all this other crap that made a hug complicated except now maybe that crap isn’t fully there anymore and, just, they’re best friends above all else and they really, really need to just. Hug.

I didn’t need a sleeping curse.

I didn’t need a TLK.

What I needed from for this couple was for them to have something new, something different, something unique, because that is what they are.

They are one half 300-year-old fairytale reformed pirate and 21st century real-world savior.

They crossed realms with each other and for each other.

They met each other for the first time, countless times and were always drawn together.

They saved each other and gave each other the strength and support to save themselves.

Their love makes them the best versions of themselves.

What I needed was exactly what we got, a new, unparalled fairy tale romance for the ages.

It was worth the wait.

They Never Learn

It’s sad isn’t it? Humans. They never learn to see what’s right there in front of them. Such hollow beings who have an insatiable desire for everything and anything beyond what they may possess. Eventually, they realize what they had was something do very valuable. But here’s the catch, they only notice when they’re about to lose it. Or when they do. So what’s the difference? Between something that is lost, and something that they don’t have? The contrast is negligible, both things are now no longer in their possession.

Such hollow beings… They will never learn either.

I’ve never had a conversation with her, maybe that makes me an idiot, but that’s okay. Because hearing her argue so passionately about things most people don’t care about unless it’s for a grade is refreshing. About themes and metaphors, and important things only your teacher notices. She can make the whole class laugh and yet, still has the teachers in love with her.
—  Unparalled - Camren - fanfic

Visions of Sunrise by Sathish J
Via Flickr:
I had envisioned sunrise over the Rockies in the US to be a dreamy affair: of snow-capped peaks highlighted by in orange by the rising sun, a lake nearby reflecting the entire vista with unparalled symmetry, of clouds highlighting the dim sky with palettes of orange and red. However, when I started out that morning a couple of years ago, I know that only one of those three would come true - that the clouds would take on a majority of hues from the warmer colors of the spectrum. The other two aspects, the snow-capped peaks being lit up and reflected on a still lake, would not come true. Hence, I headed out to a previously scouted spot along the Bear Lake Road in the Rocky Mountain National Park where I searched around for still water on a marshy overflowing meadow. That part was easy. However, getting a suitable foreground was a lot trickier and time was running out. Here is what I ended up with that sunrise a couple of years ago. 

Rocky Mountain National Park CO USA