They Never Learn

It’s sad isn’t it? Humans. They never learn to see what’s right there in front of them. Such hollow beings who have an insatiable desire for everything and anything beyond what they may possess. Eventually, they realize what they had was something do very valuable. But here’s the catch, they only notice when they’re about to lose it. Or when they do. So what’s the difference? Between something that is lost, and something that they don’t have? The contrast is negligible, both things are now no longer in their possession.

Such hollow beings… They will never learn either.

I’ve never had a conversation with her, maybe that makes me an idiot, but that’s okay. Because hearing her argue so passionately about things most people don’t care about unless it’s for a grade is refreshing. About themes and metaphors, and important things only your teacher notices. She can make the whole class laugh and yet, still has the teachers in love with her.
—  Unparalled - Camren - fanfic