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thanks to the determination of neven-ebrez and the incredible printing prowess of Stadsblades, i now have angel blade hairsticks in my possession. you guys. YOU GUYS. after like, a year of drooling over these, they are real things. IN MY HANDS (AND they’re in stock in glenn’s shop right now!!)

one is sturdy and hardcore enough to hold up all of my hair, so i can use the other one as decoration–and to take out when i am inevitably asked what’s sticking out of my head. and they’re just dull enough they don’t hurt your head, but sharp enough that if you’re encountered by a supernatural being you can easily fend for yourself

that being said, i am in love  (●´□`)♡

(this photoset also features one of zerbe’s grace necklaces!! she’ll be selling those at dc’s con, ALONG with the tiny blades!)

The Tea Towel

Second gif prompt coming your way folks. Submissions are still open for this if you want your own written.

The reader has moved into a new apartment and what does she find? Naked Steve in the hallway. What a time to be alive eh?

For simple-as-a-snozberry

Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: Fun smut times :D

It was the first morning you were in your new apartment. Your friend had got herself knocked up and then panic married so she was moving out of the lovely little two bed place you had. After an unsuccessful flatmate hunt you had to move out into a much much much much much smaller place you could actually afford.

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anonymous asked:

Can we get a picture of your new room? Pretty please?

when I’m finished unpacking everything I will take some sneaky shots of my habitat

It’s already rather cozy here.

Elliott’s mother helped us unpack and get everything settled. Without a phalanx of boxes stacked against the wall, it seems more like a home.


Since she’d spent all day moving her things from her old apartment to her new one yesterday, and then spent all day today unpacking and getting everything set up, Emily hadn’t had a whole lot of time to relax. She’d had the last two nights off work — two in a row were a total rarity — so she was honestly ready to get back there tonight. Despite people’s views on strippers and strip clubs in general, Emily loved her work, and she could always relax and let her hair down there. Apparently, though, that wasn’t going to be the case tonight, something she quickly realized once she’d left the back room of the club, where she’d stuffed her purse and clothes in her locker, then made her way out into the main room again. It was already packed, despite it only being 7:05 in the evening, but there was no mistaking that familiar, vibrant red hair anywhere, and it stood out to her right away. Elena was standing right in Emily’s path, and the latina let out a soft sigh as she walked towards her, wrapping her arms around her middle, considering she was literally standing in her underwear. “Are you here to see me or is this some freak coincidence?” she called over the music, a blank expression on her face.

The Carnival| Rosalie& OPEN

Rosalie walked to her room and dumped her suitcase on top of the bed before throwing herself on top of the bed aswell. She felt tired, but she knew she couldn’t miss an event where all her friends would be. Once she rested her eyes for a good 20 minutes, she got up and reached for her suitcase to find something to wear.

 Rosalie knew she’d have to unpack everything again when she got to her dorm, but right now she didn’t want to worry about that. She grabbed her keys and kissed her father on the cheek goodbye before making her way to the Carnival in her car. She put on some loud music, trying to keep herself awake and once she got there she applied a bit more make up before walking towards the entrance, her eyes looking for someone familiar.

Sweet Tunes

Nick had just gotten back home to his spotless please. He unpacked everything he had in his bags and put every used piece of clothing in the washer before he folded his other clean clothes neatly with a small sigh. When he was happy about everything he got in to the shower. He was looking forward to meet Demi, it did feel like it had been a long time since they had seen each other last. And so much had happened. He dried himself after finishing up in the shower. He put on pair of boxers a black pair of jeans before finishing off with a simple grey t’shirt. He put on one of his caps as well. He checked the time as he slipped in to his sneakers and headed out the door. He liked to be on time, it was a rare thing that he was late. 

Nick drove to the studio where Demi was recording. Already familiar with the people there. He and Demi often visited each other to listen to each others music. He greeted a few people in the reception before he was showed in to Demi’s recoding room. He got a glimpse of her from behind the glass, smiling a little to himself as he watched her sing for a little while, sending her a small wave, he didn’t really want to interrupt her. 

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hi amber, i'm about to move to another place in a few days. any tips on the unpacking? once i left a few boxes unpacked for the remainder of the stay. ack.

I’m not sure I have tips haha. I’ve never had much problem with unpacking. The only thing I can suggest is don’t set up your wifi until everything is unpacked because you’re gonna end up sitting on a bare bed just on your computer surrounded by boxes lol

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It’s been a week since they moved into their new home in the suburbs. There were still some boxes scattered around there house here and there but mostly everything was unpacked.

Today had been a rather tiring day for Victoria because it was her first day of public school. Something she’d never done before for she was always home schooled. As she reached their house she unlocked the door and called out inside “daddy you home?” it was a possibility that Sebastian wasn’t home because of his new job.


So we survived the move, but barely: a series of terrible mishaps involving movers meant we were awake for almost 24 hours straight, and good God everything hurts.

But we are here now, thank God, and even have our internet set up already so I can distract myself as we work on unpacking everything we own. And the house is still Skinneresque in its utter perfection, so there’s always that.

Heading home! I didn’t get to open my birthday messages yesterday so I’ll get around to that and replying to messages once I get home and get everything unpacked!