unpack everything

moving into your junior year house you were sharing with some friends and your mom embarrassingly decided to hire one of those groups of college guys who offer to help people move in before school starts and you were expecting a group of douchebag boys who were trying to pick up girls at the beginning of the school year but instead it’s a handful of clean cut boys who shake your parents’ hands and are strong enough to carry multiple boxes at once and move your bed and couch with ease and you can’t stop looking at the tallest one who has dark hair and dark eyes and a smile that mimics the sun and a laugh that shakes his whole body and he’s tan and has muscles that are accentuated by moving all of your stuff and you and he end up in the kitchen alone together carrying boxes of plates and bowls and silverware and he takes the time to introduce himself as Nathan, and he smiles just as bright at you as he had been smiling all day and you learn by the time everything’s unpacked that all of the boys are on the swim team and they like getting to know new people and welcome new students and before they all leave Nathan makes a point to invite you to their first race and he smiles that sunshine smile when you say that you’ll be sure to make it.


Here’s a sneak peak of the project I was working on before I started this crazy moving process. Right now it’s stalled at the line art and I still have to pick one more character to add but once I get everything unpacked I’ll be back to working on it!

amy-vic replied to your photo “I am having such a great time. I love moving six years worth of crap….”

Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush/paste and your meds in that overnight bag! And maybe a roll or 3 of toilet paper :)

Very good advice. <3 I also packed a suitcase with clean towels, clean sheets, and toilet paper, etc. Moving in and suddenly realizing you can’t take a shower because you don’t know where towels or a shower curtain are? I’ve been there. (Just realizing I said all this earlier and am too tired to remember.) And I want to be able to just make the bed and go to sleep without digging through boxes. I am maniacal about where I pack my meds. I have a whole system. And we have a plan for the cat. He’s going to spend a lot of time shut up in bathrooms tomorrow. I’ve tried to explain to him what we’re doing about 20 times. He doesn’t understand.

Moving Minds (Josh P request)

(I’m going to give this a warning as it deals with a topic some people may view as sensitive)
“Hey roomie!!” Conor grins when he opens the door.
“Hey Conoorr!” You smile, hugging him.
“Want me to help?” He chuckles, seeing the pile of bags and boxes you had brought.
“Umm yeah. Yes please” You laugh, wheeling in your suitcase and thanking Jack as he takes it into Josh’s room.
You carry in some of the boxes and go into the room you would now share with your boyfriend to unpack everything.
“There you are babe” You grin, setting them down on the floor.
“Yeah sorry I was just clearing out some space for you” He smiles, leaning down to kiss you.
“Awe thank you” You grin, “Its only this stuff so its not too much”
“Whatever you say princess” Josh chuckles, “Need any help?”
“No its alright thanks babe” You grin and he leaves you to get to work with setting everything into the room.
You set up your bedside table and pack away all of your clothes, knowing everything wouldn’t stay this tidy within a week of living here.
“Josh is my black bag out there?” you call, hanging away some final pieces of clothing.
“Ummm” He pauses, “Yeah it’s here”
“Can you get my laptop please?” You ask him.
“Yeah sure” He replies.
It is a while before he brings in anything and you decide to go out to see what he was actually doing.
There, you find him crouched on the floor, the bag open at his feet and something grasped in his hand. A brown bottle of pills. You automatically recognise them and a big lump forms in your throat. He’d found them.
“Josh i-” You begin and don’t find any words to finish that sentence.
“What are they?” He asks with a hint of cold harshness to his words, as though he expected them to be something illegal.
“Theyre-” You start and again can’t say anymore.
“(Y/n) you don’t need to lie to me” Josh comments and he can’t look you in the eye.
“They’re antidepressants” You mumble loud enough for him to hear.
Your boyfriend looks up to you with a combination of emotions in his eyes and it is at this point that he is the one who can’t find words to say.
“I was going to tell you but I didn’t know how to and then-”
“No (y/n)” He shakes his head, standing up, “No it’s okay”
“What do you mean?”
“I know it must be more difficult for you than I can even consider and I’ll never be able to understand what you’re going through but” He pauses to lace his fingers with yours, “But you don’t need to worry. Because I’m going to be here. If you need anything. And I’ll try my best to help you even if it is the worst help someone could give”
You smile slightly and look up to him, “Are you sure?”
“Of course I’m sure” He smiles and leans down to press his lips against yours in a way that sealed his promise, a way that showed there was no disapproval from him to your mental illness. That changed nothing about you in his opinion. It just meant there was something about you that meant those pills could help. And though you would go through the hardest of times, he would be there to go through them with you. And though your need for those pills will never go away, neither will he.
(I hope I’ve been able to write this well. A topic like this is something very tough to write for me so I’m sorry if I didn’t do the request enough justice)

millie genuinely isn’t a cold person by nature she is so loving and sweet and nurturing but she’s tired of bein treated like trash and walked all over for daring to be soft so she just becomes this bristly prickly thing with a soft core and it manifests in this weird affectionate hostility? and it isn’t cute or quirky it is just frankly hard to deal with.

… imagine if someone filled a cactus with hot fudge :c that’s millie

Disability Rant/Story

So I’m not in the best place right now, mentally and especially physically. Moving from home back into the college dorm life is hard. I need all my stuff aligned perfectly otherwise I tear my hair out from anxiety.

Anyway, my family helped me out and brought all the boxes I had to my dorm room. Now, I have a fatigue issue and the most important item that I needed from all of that was of course my electric chair. Without that, I have no way of being as independent as I can manage with a chronic disability. Luckily I got that shit but when my family left, I took it upon myself to unpack everything. 

I was so out of it. I physically felt drained. I struggled to put books under my desk and arrange all of my clothes. With all of the psychical strain on my body, I honestly thought I was going to faint or some shit. I was determined to get it done though and once I start, I refuse to stop until I’m content.

So after I emptied all the boxes, I knew I had to throw them away. Like I mentioned, I was too drained to even lift an empty fucking cardboard box. So I stacked them up and used to chair to help me get them outside and throw them away. This turned out to be harder than I thought.

Getting into the commons room which lead outside to the dumpster where all the move-in boxes were thrown away. First of all, my dorm doesn’t have any accessibility buttons for the doors so I have to kick them open while holding like four boxes. I kept dropping them and these basic white bitches kept watching me and started laughing with her friends. I was getting really pissed off and with hardly any strength left, I fell and I reopened I wound I had on a box so it started bleeding again. I asked the girls if they were gonna just stand there and watch me or if they were gonna stare. They laughed again and left leaving me on the floor to do it myself.

It took way much longer than I intended. Getting those boxes out there was really difficult and I felt helpless and angry that there were so many people in the common area watching me and not giving a fuck when I was obviously struggling.

What we can learn from this is that as someone with muscular dystrophy, and as someone who uses a wheelchair, there are still people who don’t care and there are people who will laugh at your inability to function like a normal human being.

This is why I don’t trust people.

Soonseok holiday AU

So i was on my way to Seventeen fanmeet and talking about this picture as airport au and Im 100% blaming @doubledo​ for giving me ideas non stop when we were at the airport together but honestly it grew so out of control like this is totally my own fault.

Also known as the one soonseok au that i’d never write because i have way too many on goings right now. Happy reading!

  • Seokmin and Soonyoung went to Jeju and accidentally took each other suitcase in the baggage claim at the airport 
  • Seokmin is a band vocalist (with the whole hip hop line as bandmates) and going to Jeju as holiday trip after their first tour together
  • Soonyoung is the leader of a super famous dance crew hired to perform in an underground bboy annual event at Jeju
  • Seokmin doesn’t even realize his suitcase is not his suitcase until the next morning because he is too tired to unpack everything when he arrived at hotel (paid by Seungcheol of course, i think he is their guitarist slash rich kid that back up the whole band before they are famous because why not)
  • Imagine Seokmin and the boys sleeping together, sparwling on the same bed and being all cuddly with each other before Seungcheol wakes up two hours later and ushering the other three out from his and Seokmin’s room
  • Soonyoung immediately opens the suitcase because he want to take shower but surprise surprise his clothes are not there 
  • Imagine Soonyoung complaining to his roommate Chan and wanting to call the airport and Chan is all “No hyung, you cant call the airport now, our flight was the last one, it’s 1 am now dont call them, we will take care of everything tomorrow HAVE SOME PATIENCE OH MY GOD”
  • Bonus Soonyoung gave up complaining and goes to bed with the top at the pile sweater (which is Seokmin’s), a little too big for his frame but imagine how cute Soon is in that Im totally into boyfriend shirt trope ahaha 
  • When Seokmin finds out about the switched luggage in the morning he just shrugs and promise the members to look for it later that day (and he promptly forgets because he wears the clothes and they are comfortable, albeit a bit tight, and whoever owns that suitcase has a really good fashion sense)
  • The next morning when Jun finds out about the suitcase he insists on clothes shopping because their leader not having decent gear for their gig the night is just unacceptable 
  • Ending with spending the whole day at the mall because Jun is such a picky little thing getting distracted by dance dance revolution machine at the game centre
  • By the time Soonyoung remembers about his luggage he is standing in the backstage, in black ripped jeans and white long sleeved v-neck and spiked leather collar, ten minutes away from their stage 
  • Its already too late, again, to call airport so he just unhappily pouts backstage after performing because none of his crew want to go back to the hotel immediately and mourning his lost luggage with him 
  • “You know Seventeen right, there is this suprise performance by them later tonight and no way in hell im missing that to a nightly long full of whining from you!" 
  • So Soonyoung sits down ad throws some hating glares at the stage until the last gig, a band, show up and wow apparently Seventeen members are way more attractive up close 
  • Their di caprio look alike of a bassist is pretty hot and oh my God their vocalist is so hot, look at that nose, nose that sharp can break anyone’s heart in the first try 
  • The classic ‘Seokmin’s voice is so wonderful it left Soonyoung staring dumbly and speechless’ and possibly a bit hot and bothered too
  • Minghao interrups his daydreaming, "He is wearing the same shirt that you have hyung, that one we go to the new world one piece shirt that we gave you on your last birthday!" “Mine has that one headband skull print you desgined at the back,” "I never said he is wearing your shirt.”
  • Soonyoung spends the rest of the song trying to peek under Seokmin’s black coat to no avail at all 
  • They all went back to the hotel and Soonyoung can’t sleep because the shirt thing is still on his mind so he snucks out to the convenience store downstairs in the middle of the night and guess who he finds there?
  • Seokmin, at the cashier with steaming hot ramyon on his hands, wearing the same shirt without the coat and the unique skull print on his back 
  • Soonyoung does the only thing that makes sense of course, grabbing the shirt and screams, “YOU ARE WEARING MY FAVOURITE SHIRT, TAKE IT OFF!”
  • Imagine Seokmin absolutely adorable suprise face when a stranger suddenly grabbed him and demanding to take off his shirt in the middle of a convenience store 
  • “Uh, who are you?“ "You are wearing my shirt,” "Yeah and who are you?” “Soonyoung and you are still wearing my shirt!” “Are you the one whose luggage got switched with me?“ "Probably but i know that you are wearing my shirt!” “How do i know you are not my crazy stalker wanting to own this shirt!” “I LOVE THIS SHIRT GIVE IT BACK!" 
  • They end up in the hotel 24 hours cafe talking about One Piece all night long 
  • “Wanna go back to my room? you have to check if its really your luggage and everything.” *insert Seokmin’s sexy eyebrow rise here*
  • Time skip and Soonyoung is back in Seoul and his best friend Seungkwan is going through his camera to find bunch of soonseok holiday themed selca 
  • Imagine sassy Kwan raising a judging eyebrow at grinning Soonyoung, “So you are telling me you are dating this Seventeen’s vocalist hottie right now? How?" 
  • Soonyoung crosses his legs at the couch, "It all started when our luggages got switched..”

Feedbacks are appreciated ♡ and if you are wiling to write a full fic based on this i’ll probably love you forever


This was it, they were in LA and almost everything was unpacked, minus of course their room which was a mixture of his boxes and her’s. Each labeled with their own sloppy or, pristine handwriting. Of course Sutton labeled each and everything that was within the box, and well, Lip barely even packed his shit. He just tossed it all into boxes and he probably had three times as many boxes as her’s because he was so unorganized. “When the fuck did I pack this?” He asked, lifting up a face mask. “I feel… Like I was stoned, definitely stoned. How’re you doing over there?” He asked, finally turning on his heels to study her.

everything is unpacked, it’s kinda hot, where’s the local weed man, i don’t know these people, i have no toaster, and i was almost late to this mandatory meeting

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[1978] Little Matt

Tiberius had been living in his flat for a month now, he had unpacked and everything was in it’s place, he had food in the kitchen, and as soon as he saw that everything was in condition to request to have his nephew over he owled his sister.

They had mentioned that Marlene wanted to babysit as well and it all ended being a great sleepover at his place. While Matt and him waited he decided to play his favourite game, tickle monster, having them wrapped up that they didn’t notice Marlene entering the flat.


A few positives and a few sorta negatives.

+ My cable and internet finally got installed this morning!
+ I managed to stay awake all day after the installation.
+ Finally created a close reading anchor chart for my classroom. (I had to start over because I realized after almost finishing the first chart that I forgot the “d” in “reading.”) I’ll make another if the teacher I share my second room with will let me have any wall space in her room.
+ Master schedule get sent out this week and I have the exact same schedule as last year, right down to the room breakdown.
+ I successfully contacted maintenance about my toilet that wouldn’t stop running and they had it fixed within 2 hours of me submitting the request. Tops.
+ My apartment is starting to come together. I really need to get some frames for art prints so I can start actually personalizing this place. Most everything is unpacked… except for my clothes. I can’t be bothered to do anything with that. 
+ I’m obsessed with the concept of bullet journaling. Don’t know if I’d be any good at it. When I TRY to have good handwriting, it’s awful. When I’m not trying, it’s super cute - which is so frustrating.

- Kind of wish I didn’t have to switch rooms between class periods that I teach on both sides of (I teach periods 1, 2, 3 in a row, but have to switch rooms between periods 2 and 3.)
- I managed to fuck up my knee sometime between moving, going to the Wisconsin state fair in flip flops, and wandering through the Chicago Botanical Garden. It’s slightly less painful, but I still can’t go up and down stairs without pain and have to sit down and ice it pretty frequently. Wondering if I should head to the doctor soon about it…
- I tried to go into school today to get work done and get some of my supplies (paper gradebook, extra popsicle sticks, hanging folder things) but I forgot it was Friday and apparently, even though we’re a week away from school starting, the building is still closed on Fridays.
- All of my friends have plans this weekend, so I’m stuck up here in Kenosha by myself allllllllllll weekend. Maybe I’ll take a trip home to return Rubbermaids just so I can talk to someone.