unpack everything


My move went amazing. It was really smooth, with no issues. Stress free. My kind of day lol.

I have the house completely unpacked, and everything has a place. Its really peaceful and I love it so much.

Next week, Naalie and I will work on our office downstairs. My bedroom is all buddha/hippie and I love it. 

My living room is kind of a country feel, and its so cute.

My kitchen is kind of a country/modern.

I will take pics this weekend when I can!

Work today, work tomorrow and then work saturday AND have the health expo at our gym to sell Naalie’s organic line of products. 

Kristie is spending the night friday night. :D

Thats all for now. Crazy busy day.

move in day || little red

Madison hadn’t really had all that much stuff when it came to moving, most of it was just suitcases.  Ezra had insisted on helping to get her boxes of books up to the apartment because they were heavy and apparently he didn’t want her straining herself.  She found it pointless to argue.  He’d left about an hour ago and she was organizing her shelves.  The little brunette had yet to meet her roommate but she figured it would happen in time.  For now she just wanted to get everything unpacked.  Getting a text from her older sister to make sure she’d gotten in alright, she took a second to type back a reply.


Because ultimately, whichever interpretation you choose to believe says something about you. Is real change possible or is the cynical exploitation of the attempt to change the best you can hope for from people? Let’s unpack this. After everything Don’s been through, and having learned not only that the mother of his children is dying, but that she doesn’t want him to raise their children after she’s gone, Don (as per usual) puts himself through the wringer, hits rock bottom and:

a) Achieves a form of inner peace. The final shots of the Coke ad can then be taken as a statement that regardless of Don’s personal journey, the game of advertising, the business of commodifying people’s fears and desires in order to make corporations richer, continues on, churning out highly evocative and emotionally rich advertisements without Don Draper there to dream them up. Life goes on, but Don is heading in a new direction, having fully shed the past.  This could be seen as tying in with Leonard’s tearful monologue about being a product on a shelf inside a refrigerator; one that fears he doesn’t know how to recognize or accept love in his life – or even if he deserves it at all. Like the ad business, the angst of middle-aged white guys and their inadequacy issues churns on, regardless of whether Don Draper is taking part in it or not. Don learns he is merely one small part of the universe and after decades of self-torture, that brings him a form of comfort.


b) He dreams up the Coke ad there on the spot, based on everything he’s experienced recently, which is perfectly par for the course with the Don Draper we’ve been watching for the last 8 years; the one whose very best ads have always come from some deep place inside himself. This is the man who checked out of his own life to try and save Diana, who abandoned her child. And when he couldn’t make that happen, he tried to save Stephanie, who also abandoned her child – and who also ran away from his attempts to save her, like Diana did. And of course, this is the man who was told by the mother of his own children that she didn’t want him raising them after she’s gone. This is the man who feels and experiences all of these things, who fails over and over again at bringing or keeping families together, and turns them into “I’d like to buy the world a home and furnish it with love” in order to sell more soda to the American public, because that soda is “The Real Thing,” of course. It’s “what the world wants today.” He will win awards, become a legend of the advertising industry and the Golden Boy of McCann-Erickson, make even more money, and live happily ever after – at least until the next emotional crisis comes along and he has yet another meltdown because he hasn’t effectively dealt with all of his shit, still drinks too much and only sees his abandoned children sporadically. But who knows? Maybe the next breakdown will give the world “I Heart NY.” Or the Reagan presidency. Don Draper will continue ever on, unchanged, but still a genius in his own way, plumbing the depths of his psyche to sell more sugar water.

So which one’s it gonna be, hotshot? Hope or cynicism? Note that both interpretations end roughly at the some conclusion: Life goes on, which can be taken either as a hopeful sentiment or an ironically fatalistic one. (x)

So, I like totally unpacked everything and realized I left my phone charger back in Paris. I suppose this means that I have to immediately try to make friends, which– I was already planning on, but jetlag and everything, bla bla bla. So, my name is Laura Smythe, I’m a submissive and does someone have an iPhone 6 charger I can borrow?

Private Message (Exes ‘Verse)

I just handed in my keys to my landlord, and dropped off the last box at the new place. We’re officially all moved in. 

Now I just gotta actually unpack and put everything back together…

I’m gonna be kinda late tonight though. I gotta catch up on some stuff at the garage. Burt’s not real stoked about the time I took off to move.

Moved my chest of drawers today and packed up all my clothes. Pretty much everything is done now. I left the hardest part till last, my plushie collection. I can’t keep them all, I can’t even keep half. I’m gonna have to sort them all out and decide which ones get to stay and which ones I’m gonna have to donate/sell. 

Not tonight dear::Matt&Lily

Ever since Matt and Lily got back from Australia, their plans had well and truly been put into action. They spent a little time getting to grips with being back in the UK again and then as soon as they were ready, went looking for houses they could raise a family in. It felt like a massively grown up thing to be doing and she still couldn’t quite believe it was happening but reality quickly settled in when they found a home that met all their requirements and not long after, were both handed the same set of keys to begin their life together. It was one step closer to their goal of having a baby, a goal Lily was constantly reminded of whenever she’d walk by the spare room that they’d set aside for the purpose of turning into a nursery,  With her schedule still clear, it gave her a chance to really settle into the place and get everything unpacked and where she wanted it. Although living together wasn’t much of a change since they spent most of their nights sleeping at one another’s places anyway, she also enjoyed the extra time getting to grips with sharing all her time and space with Matt

The chaos of moving and getting used to the new surroundings began to clear after a few weeks and Lily finally felt comfortable and at home. It was lovely to go to bed and wake up every day with the man she loved and she had to make the most of it while she could. In the next couple of weeks, her work schedule would pick back up again and she’d miss the domestic life she’d become so enthralled with, so while she could, she made the most of it. After Matt cooked a late dinner one evening, Lily took washing up duty and shooed him out of the kitchen to go relax in the living room. It was all part of the fun of living together, sharing out the duties, and when she was done, she took two glasses of wine with her on her journey to find him relaxing on their brand new sofa. “I managed to not smash any of our plates, It’s a miracle.” Lily chuckled as she set both of the glasses down on coasters on their coffee table. “I figured we should get through out house warming wine while we still can.” She grinned, taking a seat down beside him.

All Moved In

It had taken a lot longer than Brayson had hoped to unpack everything in the house. Of course with three kids, two kittens, a pregnant woman, and jobs, it made sense that it had taken longer. There was a lot of back and forth with trying to figure out exactly where everything was supposed to go, but looking around their place, Brayson really didn’t mind that it had taken them a bit longer. It looked great. Folding up the final box, he placed it near the recycling, chuckling at the size of the piles of boxes that they had, figuring that he’d just deal with those before work the next day.

Moving into the kitchen, Brayson grabbed two wine glasses, with a silly grin plastered on his face. He opened up the fridge and pulled out the apple juice, filling both of the wine glasses and then slipping it back in the fridge. He knew it normally wasn’t the choice of drink when it came to celebrations, but he hated wine and Promise was pregnant, so juice it was. Picking up the glasses, he moved into the living room and sat down beside the woman, holding out the wine glass to her. “And we’re finished moving in. How does it feel?”

Breaking Things In // Patrick + June

June was in need of some stress relief. She didn’t even need to be in control, it just needed to happen fast. Looking around her large home, she saw so many things that would need to be fucked on, or were begging to let her bend over them. Having run into the handyman, June smiled at the thought. It was a bit silly, and a cliché, though she wasn’t a bored housewife.

No, she just needed a good fuck. Work was stressful, she couldn’t save everyone. She looked at the large dining table, imagining herself bent over it; the couches, lying on her back and spreading her legs. It was all turning her on. June checked the clock. It was almost time for Patrick to arrive.

She went to her bedroom, now everything was unpacked and stripped. She’d mentioned porn, and wanted to give him that experience. June changed into a push up bra and lace underwear then pulled a sheer robe around herself. Forgoing shoes she passed down the stairs to wait for Patrick to arrive.

Update and stuffs

So we have officially left our apartment and are at our new residence. We have almost everything unpacked and I plan on finishing everything up tomorrow. If all goes to plan, I will (hopefully) be back online tomorrow afternoon.

I feel super excited and talkative so, if anyone has any questions, comments, or just wants to tell me about something awesome that happened in their game, shoot me an ask and I’ll reply first thing when I get online.

I may also give away some items tomorrow. I dunno, I just feel like good things are gonna happen tomorrow and I want to spread that to others. In fact, If you send me an ask with something awesome/adorable/etc about your day and something acnl related, tell me one item you are looking for in the game and, if I have it, I’ll give it to you for the free.

here’s a story

so I bought a dresser from ikea and bc I’m a headstrong bitch I insisted on building the whole thing myself, and classic I built it completely backwards and now the drawers don’t fit in it but I’m too lazy to disassemble it and try again so I’ve had an empty shell of a dresser for like a year

and when I unpacked from college I had nothing to unpack into so everything I own is precariously piled on top of the dresser skeleton so if I pull something out it will all come tumbling down and the worst part is

somewhere buried in that pile is my vibrator and I am VERY HORNY AND CANT FALL ASLEEP