unpack everything

honestly half my headcanons are just “what increasingly ridiculous things can i make the vagabond do”

and so anyway during a heist the crew is hitting a bunch of stores at once for Plot Reasons, and ryan goes off to rob the one circled on his map

but he pushes open the door to the shop and doesn’t even manage to get his gun out before a huge box is being pushed into his arms

and ryan’s trying to peer around the edges of it as he holds it, just sort of taken aback, like, “uh–”

and this tiny old lady, like, possibly one hundred years old with enormous sunglasses and curly white hair, goes back behind the counter and says, “you’re late. start unpacking everything onto the bottom shelf in the back.”

awkwardly, ryan’s like, “um, i’m not–”

and the lady doesn’t even look at him as she waves a hand imperiously in his general direction and barks, “now, young man.”

and ryan–masked up and tall and broad-shouldered and armed–sort of snaps to attention and mumbles, “yes, ma’am.”

three hours later the crew finally manages to find him, thinking he’s injured or kidnapped or dead

and they find the vagabond working politely and diligently in a little crafts shop while somebody’s grandma barks orders at him.

(”what the fuck are you doing? we need to go,” geoff snaps.

“right, just– my break isn’t until two,” ryan says, brow furrowed in concern.)



thanks to the determination of neven-ebrez and the incredible printing prowess of Stadsblades, i now have angel blade hairsticks in my possession. you guys. YOU GUYS. after like, a year of drooling over these, they are real things. IN MY HANDS (AND they’re in stock in glenn’s shop right now!!)

one is sturdy and hardcore enough to hold up all of my hair, so i can use the other one as decoration–and to take out when i am inevitably asked what’s sticking out of my head. and they’re just dull enough they don’t hurt your head, but sharp enough that if you’re encountered by a supernatural being you can easily fend for yourself

that being said, i am in love  (●´□`)♡

(this photoset also features one of zerbe’s grace necklaces!! she’ll be selling those at dc’s con, ALONG with the tiny blades!)

When people are angry… please just let them be angry. Their moment of anger isn’t an opportunity for you to tell them how to act properly in response. They’re feeling that way for a reason. Let them feel it. Later, if necessary, maybe approach them once the anger has worn off and unpack everything that happened. Then you can actually have some constructive comments that don’t just piss them off more.

i saw american honey yesterday and it was absolutely fucking incredible. easily the best film i’ve seen all year. it basically does what spring breakers tried to do, but 100 times better - which was to showcase american youth culture in relation to the american dream and upward mobility. the characters are so fucking real it’s almost unnerving like. they’re not characters but more so recognizable people. people you went to high school with who heckled in the back of the classroom, people who hang out in grocery store parking lots at 2:00 AM, people who run around walmart causing a ruckus. everyone knows these groups of people. it’s such a real subgroup of young people that i’ve never seen so accurately represented. there’s so much depth and recurring motifs woven throughout the film, i honestly don’t think i’m intelligent or qualified enough to unpack everything and i can’t wait for more scholarly sources to write about this film. visually breathtaking, a soundtrack to die for, and fantastic performances by its entire cast, especially newcomer sasha lane. i’d definitely recommend checking it out if you have the chance!

Relocated [1/10]

Summary: Reader recently moved to another city. She meets a man, spends a day with him at an iconic tourist location, and the story goes…

Pairing: Modern!Steve Rogers x Reader AU

Warnings: Extremely cliché, slight cursing

Word Count: 3,003

Author’s Note: This is heavily inspired by Before We Go and Playing It Cool. I’m a romcom fanatic, so this will be the most cliché of the clichés. Hope it ain’t too bad?

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It was only 9AM in the morning and the sky was a beautiful blue, not a cloud to be seen. With a groan, Y/N slowly sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. As her sleepiness washed away, the sight before her made her drop her head back onto her pillow with a whine. Boxes. Boxes everywhere. Having only moved a few days ago, she hasn’t had the time to unpack and sort everything out yet. Her arms dangled off the side of her twin size bed as she stared at the ceiling, trying to plan out her day. I should unpack and put everything in place today, she thought. Y/N turned her head to the right and looked out the window. The sun was shining brightly and she could hear the faint chirping of birds outside.

“Fuck it,” she muttered. “The weather’s too good to be cooped up inside.”

Decision made, she tossed her blanket aside and dragged herself to the bathroom to freshen up. Twenty minutes and a bowl of cereal later, she’s ready to take on the day. Dressed in a plain white V-neck and a pair of dark wash jeans with an army green backpack slung over her shoulders, she slipped her feet into a pair of sneakers and was off to explore her new home – the city of San Francisco.

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The Tea Towel

Second gif prompt coming your way folks. Submissions are still open for this if you want your own written.

The reader has moved into a new apartment and what does she find? Naked Steve in the hallway. What a time to be alive eh?

For simple-as-a-snozberry

Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: Fun smut times :D

It was the first morning you were in your new apartment. Your friend had got herself knocked up and then panic married so she was moving out of the lovely little two bed place you had. After an unsuccessful flatmate hunt you had to move out into a much much much much much smaller place you could actually afford.

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Hey! I’m new to this blog, but already love it. I think I might have a story that my parents tell me once in a while, that others might find interesting. Plus, I think it fits in well with the blog’s motif. ;)

When my parents first got together and got married my mom agreed to moving to California all the way from New York to be with my dad. They bought a new house together, which of course, was old and somewhat eerie, though they didn’t really see it that way.

With all of their things in moving vans, they had to take the time to unpack everything from the trucks and bring them inside. My mom ended up leaving her purse out with some of their things, and when she went to grab it later on in the day, she noticed that her wallet was gone, ID and money and all of that included. Thinking that someone had simply stolen it while while they were inside the home, they shrugged it off and thought of it as some unfortunate, annoying incident.

Though that was pretty self explanatory in their minds, my mom does remember that she used to be able to hear someone washing dishes on the first floor of the home, at night, while she and my dad tried to sleep. They were the only two in the house. Dishes being washed, foot steps being taken, and sometimes humming. Nothing too extreme, but just eerie and creepy enough. Still, they never made a big deal out of it, and neither of my parents confessed to me that they thought that meant their first home was haunted. Which is funny, because the last thing they told me would have convinced me, hands down.

I don’t really remember why they decided to move- it might have been because my older brother was on the way? For whatever reason, they had decided to move, and so, that meant packing up everything and once again, loading things onto the trucks. This time, though, nothing was stolen from either of my parents. Instead, my mom found a blank package on the doorstep that looked like it should have come in the mail, except for the fact that the packaging was void of any writing. She opened it up, and low and behold, there was her wallet, with everything inside. Nothing was taken out, and everything was exactly where she remembered it being. They never even notice anyone coming up to the house or leaving anything on the porch. So, on their last day at their first house, my mom got the wallet back that had been missing for years, since their first day at their first house.

So, I was thinking about unpacking, but then I realised that I would not be able to unpack everything just yet, so if anyone were to see me right now, they would see me eating a box of chocolates, surrounded by clothes everywhere, help? Hi, I’m Melissa Benoist and most people know me as that one Alien on the CW, but if you don’t know me, hello! Nice to meet you!

Digging Up Amonkhet

Last week was the official announcement of The Art of Magic: The Gathering – Amonkhet, Viz Media’s fourth installment into their series of Multiversal art books. If you’re a Vorthos that’s interested in Magic art, lore, and world building, these books are must-have items for your collection. The incredible full-page art is supplemented by Creative team member James Wyatt’s stunningly detailed descriptions of the planes and their inhabitants.

Viz Media was even nice enough to give us a free wallpaper of the book’s cover, illustrated by Titus Lunter (@tituslunter):

Wowza! There is a lot to see here, so today’s article is going to unpack everything in this image, from big-picture concepts to gritty details.

Here Comes the Sun

Let’s start with the obvious: Amonkhet is ruled by Nicol Bolas. The same one who killed Ajani’s brother; enslaved Sarkhan Vol and Tezzeret; manipulated Liliana, Jace, and Chandra; orchestrated the release of the Eldrazi; (almost) killed Ugin; and loved every moment of every dark dead.

Bolas rules Amonkhet as God-Pharaoh, though apparently he hasn’t been around lately. The people of the plane participate in trials to five gods, preparing for their leader’s return. When will the Elder Dragon grace them with his presence again? The announcement holds a clue:

“[T]he Second Sun creeps across the sky, growing ever closer to the horns of the God-Pharaoh.”

Not a second sun. The “Second Sun,” which is clearly important. Confused? Me too. But check out the cover art again:

There are most certainly two suns in the sky. One is, in fact, very close to the big Bolas horns. This makes sense, as it’s a clear reference to the Gem of Becoming that normally floats there:

Gem of Becoming by Jack Wang

What will happen when the Second Sun aligns with that monument? I have no clue. Is it simply the signal of Bolas’s return, or is it the event that leads into the ominous second set of the block, Hour of Devastation?

Regardless of the outcome of the story, Bolas’s presence is clearly felt. He reigns as the God-Pharaoh of Amonkhet, and the people here clearly love him for it. Check out this fancy boat carved in his image:

First, this boat is hugeee. Like, big enough for a Dragon huge. Check out the tiny scale boats to the left of it. Then notice that there’s a whole building in the middle. This is likely a reference to the mythical solar barge the Egyptians believed the god Ra sailed on through the sky.

The Bolas horns also form a visual motif all through this art. Below, we can see them built into the sides of buildings, shaped on the headpiece of a staff, lined up in a decorative row on another building, and imbued into a patio wall:

In case you didn’t think that was enough, there’s another stealthy hint at Bolas’s supreme power. You know how the gem between his horns just hovers there? Look at the tops of the pyramids and buildings:

Look at the obelisks:

Notice anything weird? They’re defying gravity too. It’s a subtle nod to Bolas, but a nod nonetheless. Visually, it’s also a neat way of making Amonkhet feel magical and unique, not just a transplanted Ancient Egypt.

In his typical fashion, Bolas has completely infiltrated the culture of Amonkhet. He reigns as God-Pharaoh over the people, who toil away waiting for his return. But who are these people? What are they like? We get some clues about that too.

A Head Start

Other than humans, this piece of art shows four-to-five different humanoid species from Amonkhet. While anthropomorphizing animals isn’t new or unique in Magic, these beings have some traits that differ from previous humanoid races. Here’s what I noticed first:

This ibis-like aven has non-avian arms. They have no feathers. They have no talons. Those are otherwise normal human arms. It’s a clear shout-out to Ancient Egyptians gods, who were often depicted as normal humans with the head of an animal (In this case, wings too.) If you want to make an Ancient Egypt plane, it’s smart to pull from the thing people probably know most about the culture. In Ancient Egyptian culture, ibises were associated with the god of knowledge, Thoth. This being likely represents our Blue race.

But here’s the thing. Not all the humanoids in this piece are seemingly part human like this. Check out Mr. Anubis here:

We have the standard god theme of animal head on a human body. But notice how dark the arms are. Those are black arms, like the jackal head, not like a human skin tone. Why does the aven have regular human arms, but the ainok has arms more like its animal head? It might just be an aesthetic choice; it might have some diegetic meaning.

Also somewhat confusing is the relationship to Anubis, a god associated with death. When we saw the ainok on Tarkir, there were in Red, Green, and White. While it’s not impossible for them to be the Black race on Amonkhet, it feels a little bit weird. If true, I’ll be interested to see how they’re different than the previous incarnation of the race.

Not everyone in this image is a returning race, however. It looks like we have a newbie here:

WAKE UP, SHEEPLE. It’s a ram-headed person. And ram-armed. I don’t know why these arms are all different, but that’s obviously not as important as a new humanoid race. We’ve had an antelope-esque Minotaur before, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen sheepfolk in Magic.

It might seem weird to debut sheepfolk in Amonkhet, but the ram was the symbol of Amun, king of the gods. Amun is one of the most-worshipped Ancient Egyptian deities, making his governance over the divine a good fit for White. Sheep are also herd animals, already appearing in White in Magic. I think we’re looking at a new White-aligned race in sheepfolk.

OK, fine, I’ll talk about this person:

The crocodile head is clearly a reference to Sobek, god of the Nile, but size is the real detail here. This person is huge! And they have a fancy neck thing. And they have a fancy staff with the sun and Bolas horns. Is this one of the Gods of Amonkhet? Is this merely Amonkhet’s version of a Giant? And why are the arms and body just regular human again!?

I do like the styling on the crocodile head. It’s smooth and has flat colors, much like a hieroglyphic or papyrus painting. It’s a neat aesthetic effect that reflects an aspect of the source culture.

If you look closely, there’s one more mysterious figure in this painting:

From left to right we have a human, a jackal person, and something else. Is this another sheepfolk? The horns seem too wide for that though. Maybe just a person in a fancy hat? Maybe something else entirely? So many questions raised, but so few answers!

Walk Like an Amonkhetian

Our first real look at the Ancient Egyptian inspired world of Amonkhet is layered with beauty and intrigue. The fertile river delta will house a great city-state of Nicol Bolas, but what his plans are for the plane are unknown. We’ve seen some of the inhabitants, but what do they represent? How do they relate to the five Gods? Questions, questions, questions.

Until next time, planeswalkers, may the mysteries of Amonkhet fuel your speculation in the coming weeks.

I love when you restore a backup onto a brand new computer and it scatters the clutter back on your desktop, it feels like hiring a moving crew to bring your stuff to a new house and they go the extra mile to unpack everything for you and as a final touch they shake a bag full of all your dustbunnies and pocket change from the old place out under the sofa to make you feel at home.

I am back from Japan and slowly be doing scans as I unpack everything. I bought the Osomatsu-san postcard book and will first be doing a few scans from that. Here’s a clean version of the book’s cover with a New Year’s greeting that equates roughly to the standard “wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year”.