bakery boy wonwoo
  • awkward cashier who mumbles a lot
  • shows up late with bed hair and glasses
  • hates rude customers
  • apologizes for everything
  • lowkey loves his job tho
  • begged for the morning shift just so he could see u
  • now loves to see u walk into the bakery every morning
  • too shy to approach u and ask if u need help with anything
  • gets startled when u ask him where something is
  • “um…mm..mmhm….um..hhh…”
  •  thinks ur the cutest person hes seen
  • gets teased by his coworkers hansol and mingyu who works the shift with him
  • “wonwoo-yah is ur xxxxfriend coming today??? dont choke up this time”
  • ofc it’s all out of love
  • one time he was so immersed in watching u that he ran into a display stand that hansol had just set up and knocked down 234385 packages of bread
  • was so embarrassed he ran into the staff room and almost cried
  • hansol didnt talk to him for a week
  • worked up the courage one day to compliment u but he fucking
  • “i like ur…..ur um…..ur..sleeves!”
  • got slapped by mingyu in the back of the head
  • “my friend here is trying to say he thinks ur cute”
  • so horrified he almost throws up on mingyu
  • shoots u awkward smiles from that day on
  • sneaks a small pastry he made into ur bag when he rings u up
  • tries to talk to u daily and eventually starts a friendship w u
  • sits with u and talks if it’s not busy
  • falls so damn hard for u like is he ok was it a hard fall
  • finally gets the guts to ask u out
  • hands u a small cupcake with a strawberry heart on it and asks if u wanna go on a date with him
  • almost pees bc so nervous o man
  • when u say yes he jumps up from his seat and his chair tips backwards and hansol and mingyu yell god damnit from the staff room
  • suddenly wants to go home
  • smiles when u laugh and pulls u into the softest most warm bear hug
  • ahhhHHHHHH
  • takes the time to smell ur hair
  • asks “so where should we go?” cuz he didnt plan it this far
  • “i know a good place..” 
  • “here”

the ‘xxxx’ in front of friend can be substituted as girl/boy friend, im trying to write things that are more gender neutral for everyone to enjoy :-) this is so dumb but ive had this idea for ages and im too lazy to write something out!! feel free to request something!

Find out horrible things a big cartoonist I like to did to people u_u

Now I can feel less guilty to ridicule them in a comic update and future videos