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Some lickilad stuff and also Team Oculus.

Ive drawn like half form lickilad before and its still quite fun! I dont really have a reason for it though. Maybe there is a story there who knows.

As for Team Oculus I have been workin on a team that I feel fits me for so so long now. Experimenting with various types and themes. As you know me I love all them crazy creepy eyes so figured I’d make a team based on it. Added a few tweaks to the designs, eheh.

We have Skortch the Solrock, Nynder the Claydol, Bogmire the Beeheeyem, Grimwhald the Dusknoir, Bombur the Scoliped, and Oculus the Unown.


Trainer Info

Name: June (Juni)
Nickname: Lickilad, Lad, Fairy,
Occupation: LoreHunter, Cafe Worker
Hobbies: Lickilicky Care and Breeding, Drawing, Cooking, Exploring, History,
Personality: Shy and Quiet at first but Silly and Overcaring with Friends.
Nature: Quirky
Characteristic: Often lost in thought.

Pokemon Team:
Team Oculus (History and Mystery Hunters)
-Bombur the Scolipede
-Bogmire the Beeheyem
-Grimwhald the Dusknoir
-Skortch the Solrock
-Nynder the Claydol.
-Oculus the Unown.

Alternative Team Oculus Members
-Murdock the Cacturne
-Zozo the Riolu
-??? the Croagunk.

-Lickilicky Maniac

I guess the theme for Team Oculus would be History and Mystery.

I really love lore and strange places in the pokemon world. The Dream World and the Reverse World are just some of the out there places June and their team would love to visit. More down to earth places usually include ruins and haunted houses.

The Team deals a lot with otherworldliness and the supernatural hence most of its members tend to kinda fit in with that theme.

By no means is this team malicious or seeking to destroy or rewrite the world. Its just a small team of a trainer and their pokemon who are a bunch of goofballs wanting to learn about the unknown (and unown, ha!)

railroad-lion replied to your photoset “Posts at 1 am because why not? Some lickilad stuff and also Team…”

How on earth do you come up with these terrific names!?

Aaaaaah its honestly a mixed bag!
Some pokemon I just string syllables and sounds together.

Other times I research for relevant and interesting words. For example, for the unown I tried looking up words that were relevant to eyes and sounded interesting.

Sometimes I take a relevant word and tweak its spelling like Skortch the Solrock.

I also just take a word and build off of it like Grimwhald. I just took the base word Grim and tried to add something to it that would make it sound more like an old fashion name.

Then sometimes I just name my pokemon after characters I like. Like Bogmire the Beeheyeem gets his name from Bogmire in Luigi’s mansion who was one of my favorite bosses. Bombur gets his name from the dwarf in the hobbit, (this has a fun story which I will relay below)

But yea overall its just whatever works at the time, what sounds good and what looks good to write out!

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