How I Get Things Done

I am a very unorganized person (laundry all over the floor, my desk at work is disgusting, lose my keys all the time, etc) and to combat that I make an effort to update my planner on a daily basis.  The type of items I scribble in my planner usually include my to-do lists, work deadlines, events I need to attend, workout schedule, items I need to buy, & more! In order to keep this habit & not lose interest in detailing my schedule, I deck out my planner w/stickers, doodles, & washi tape.  This has turned updating my agenda in to a hobby rather than a chore.

Some of my (less personal) spreads are shown below.

Erin Condren & Bando have some of my favorite agendas, & I usually buy my stickers from Etsy, Red Bubble, and Bando.

xx, Shannon

anonymous asked:

So do hekatons have trouble with gene diversity or health issues from all the incest? Is sterility ever a problem?

Technically each of the 5 original hekatons are genetically very vastly different from each other, but.. the Hekaton species was actually very much designed to be in-bred. So.. No. They don’t face any health issues, actually. Its somehow not an issue for them. Even if it came down to two hekatons, they could rebuild their population like some sort of freakish bomb-disease and basically carry on as usual without.. really any issue besides not getting all the different hekaton types at their disposal for cool powerz!!1

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So! Thought I would be satisfied with just Sketchtember? Of course not! That was just a warmup. :) I’m going to be attempting to do Inktober this year. I did do it last year but I was pretty unorganized so this year I created this list of prompts. I’ll be combining these prompts with VIXX! 

I honestly pondered on what to do Inktober about, if on original stuff, Voltron, ADSOM, but decided to go with VIXX because I honestly missed drawing them, and feel that they fit the October setting very well. For those that follow me for other fandoms, do not fear! I for one can say I can rarely go a day without drawing for more than one fandom. So expect stuff coming your way. Heck I even have a bunch of leftover themes I didn’t include that could be used for some neat stuff. So please do stick around to see what I come up with! 

people who wear eyeshadow everyday freak me out like how are you so in control of your life most days I can’t even find clean pants

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follow-up to bitty on cutthroat kitchen ===>>>> okay so like. bitty as a judge on chopped junior? he’s asked to be on there a lot like he’s one of the regulars

imagine it. bitty is already a huge sweetheart and super well known in the cooking world so these kids come to compete and see bitty is their judge and it’s like. normally they’re all like ‘holy SHIT alex guarenashelli’ but now it’s like…. HOLY SHIT ERIC. RICHARD. BITTLE-ZIMMERMANN. IS JUDGING MY FOOD.

and half of them are hockey fans and are like. 'listen to me my IDOLS are Jack zimmermann and Eric bittle and now I get to cook ??? for one of them ????’

like imagine all the young gay kids that come on this show who aren’t out yet or who aren’t comfortable with their own identity and they see bitty doing what he loves to do and being so supportive and happy and it just ? it just helps them out a little bit?

I got sidetracked whoops. anyway imagine bitty when the timer is running down to zero and one of the kids doesn’t have an ingredient on his plate. bitty’s literally /biting his hand/ and Ted is like 'listen Eric you can’t say anything to him’ and bitty is like 'why not let me HELP’ and alton brown (another guest judge) is just cackling bc this is so opposite of bitty on cutthroat kitchen and he loves it

and then when the time runs out bitty is literally half-standing out of his chair looking super panicked and he just slumps when all the kids step away and you can literally hear him say 'this is taking years off my life, good lord, I don’t know if I can handle this anymore.’

and then the kids come up to present their dishes and bitty is the King of compliment sandwiching okay he’ll be all “your crust is DELICIOUS, and your meat was a little little overcooked but you were SO CREATIVe you should be so proud of yourself honey.” and he’s just so nice and non-threatening it’s great

(him and gordon ramsey get along super well. ANYWAY)

when one of the kids tells them what they’d use the money for Eric always cries. regardless if it’s sad or hopeful or just like, “saving for college”, he cries. he was asked why in an interview once and he just said “because these kids are chasing their dream and they don’t care what anyone says and I’m so proud of them”

when one of the kids is chopped, bitty is always the one to talk to them because he’s just super inspirational and the kids honestly don’t always walk out of there disappointed because they just. bitty literally lifted their self-confidence so much and made them feel important and special in a way that not many of the judges do and they just feel so happy.

He also hugs the kids who get chopped along with the winner like he’s that judge who will whisper encouragement in their ear and the camera won’t be able to catch it but the kid pulls back and is always smiling at him and he like rubs their arm and sends them on their way.

tl;dr bitty would be a great judge on chopped junior and I need him to do this pls

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