unofficially summer

Friday, May 26, 2017

Moon in Gemini, void of course 12:18 am MDT (Saturday)

Much like yesterday, but with late-day consequences. We’re going to be so sorely tempted to take on the Universe, and/or do a half-assed job on what needs to get done, and/or rush through things - show a little discipline! It can be an enjoyable day (preceding Memorial Day, the “unofficial start of summer” in the US) if we can keep things light and responsible.

Venus/Aries conjunct Pallas/Aries, 9:24 am MDT

If you have some kind of artistic project to begin, this is a great time - with a nice supportive sextile from the Moon, no less. The only caveat is that Pallas is going to enter her retrograde zone on June 11. Don’t bite off more than you can chew; do assume that it’s a long-term project with the potential of getting it into your bones.

Looking ahead to Saturday: placid and calm enough.

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Fae wonders if you have ever played monopoly.

@dailymawile, oh sure, we get the squad together every so often to play. We’ve never managed to finish a game, though..

Senior Year

Chapter 1: Ain’t It Fun

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader x Mingyu

Originally posted by randomcoolkpop

Ch. 2 // Ch. 3 // Ch. 4 // Ch. 5 // Ch. 6 // Ch. 7

Genre: Slice of life, comedy, angst, the whole nine yards rlly

Summary: It’s senior year! Nothing better than to end school than with your two best friends right? Well, at least that’s what we all thought.

A/N: Each chapter is based off of a song. This is my first time writing a story for about  like four years(???). It’s been a while so please bare with me here. I don’t know how many chapters I’ll write, I guess it really just depends on how people react to it??? I really have no idea, but I hope you enjoy it!!!!

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Okay but Hogwarts and Ilvermorny comparison time?

Hogwarts may have a lake with a squid, but there is a Jackalope breeding ground in the yards of Ilvermorny.

Ilvermorny Pukwudgie cooks meeting Hogwarts house elves and being sickened by the traditions of cooking and meal times, because Pukwudgie incorporate much of Native American feasting traditions into their meal and banquet planning.

I know that it’s canon that Ilvermorny is in Massachusetts, but Ilvermorny being in the mountains of Montana, with the best scenery in the country. The Massachusetts location is still existent in a sense, that is the official address of Ilvermorny and upon the student’s arrival to that cottage, they are sent via a combination of magical and non-magical modes of transportation, ultimately leading them to Montana, where there is enough land barriers and weather limitations that it doesn’t need to employ a cloaking spell around the school for no-maj because any human who could possibly manage to find the coordinates on a map would have to incorportate magic into their research. So when some of the foreign exchange students from Hogwarts show up, they are so surprised to see witches and wizards exploring the terrain for miles and miles away from the school without having to hide who they are. This is a safe place for magical peoples and creatures, where learning and exploration is welcomed and revered above all. Those same students going back to Hogwarts to begin a new campaign for equality between Witches and Wizards and magical creatures. More trolls and centaurs begin being seen around campus, eventually leading to interspecies students in the UK.

Hogwarts students being wary of Ilvermorny at first because it was founded by an Heir of Slytherin, and the only other Heir they knew of was Voldy, so they subconsciously form a line there before reminding themselves that in America this name meant nothing but hope and pride, because this Heir of Slytherin just so happened to be the kindest and greatest witch of her age in their eyes. This improves international exchange to break down the boundaries and, as a bonus, subconsciously also break down the negative stigma that, for so long after the Battle of Howarts, Slytherin had the misfortune of holding.

Hogwarts students being shocked to later visit the North American continent and finally see in person creatures they had only ever read about in books. Adults, behold: the mighty Moose.

This is similarly seen in Ilvermorny Alumni who find themselves visiting family in Hogsmeade and being scared stiff when they stumble on one of the many Griffins of Hogwarts just munching on ferrets behind the butcher shop. “Good lawd, Amanda. Did’ya ever see sumthin like this in person?” “Fuck no Tom! These are from textbooks in History of Magic!”


History of Magic is much more recent in its current curriculum. The main focus is the history of Tribal magic and how the Medicine Men passed along their power through unknown lineages, and what the common themes were through the tribes to weed out the real from the legend, and how Witches and Wizards learned to harness that power and help transform their worlds. Witches and Wizards having such different relationships with the Natives than No-Maj colonists ever did.

Arithmancy is just called “Magic Math” because they couldn’t think of the word Arithmancy.

The towers and dungeons that existed in Hogwarts are the different “wings” of the campus, and have been known to expand to fit a growing capacity of students.

Because there is one school for all North America, special accommodations have been put into place to fit the student body. One of which is similar to a Room of Requirement, but more along the lines of giving the campus as much room as it needed in terms of housing and restrooms without changing the exterior. This was** how Arthur Weasley originally got the idea for his expanding car. The spell is a little more elaborate, but somehow doesn’t make the trek anymore arduous.

Ilvermorny being very spread out throughout miles of school campus, but travel by Floo Powder between classes was provided to arrive at your next class on time. The fireplaces are almost always closed down to outside fireplaces, only allowing you from one spot on campus to another. 

The fireplaces not allowing you to land in the fireplace of another house.

Those who don’t like Floo Powder are always welcome to use their brooms, or for Muggleborns, they have recently begun allowing bicycles and scooters between classes. As a last resort you could always run from Herbology on the Southeast corner of campus to Flying and Apparition on the Northwest corner. One student managed to run it one time, but then passed out once he got to class on time, and had to be removed by the school nurse. The students banded together to buy him a cheap broom after that, because they knew he was allergic to Floo Powder.

The school nurse being trained in both Magic and Non Magic healing, with specialties in Herbology, Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, and also a Muggle Medical degree in Medicine and Dermatology. The candidates are always at the top of their classes in both Muggle and Magic healing, and Pukwudgies always sit on the interview board when helping to hire this person. 

A particularly grumpy Pukwudgie who teaches Magical Healing.

Some kids growing Muggle Marijuana in the greenhouse and cross pollinating with some Gillyweed extract so that the poor Muggle kids they sell it to will not only get a new level of high, they will also be possessed with the notion and action to go on underwater adventures. 

Kids going camping in the summer. Kids who don’t like being home choosing 4H internships with Ilvermorny throughout the summer so that they can stay at Ilvermorny all year long. Unofficial summer courses are offered, like Pukwudgie Pastries, where you make baked goods with many of the staff. Archery being perfected on your broom (this was a quickly discontinued unofficial course after a second year summer student accidentally shot the unofficial instructor and he had to lay upside down for a whole week while his backside healed.

Wampus sightings in the beginning of fall, and the students who were lucky enough to see them after the first snow of the fall were considered blessed with good luck for the coming year.

Thunderbird students backpacking further and further into the mountains, often jumping off cliffs and into the rivers below for fun. It was, as they put it, “The best way to live my destiny of being a Thunderbird” and it gave them an immense sense of belonging after their first jump. The chaperones were always junior professors who, while being able to enjoy the tradition, were still qualified to help should trouble arise.

These students are allowed to practice their magic out here because, this is literally a spot that does not exist on a map of Montana. for hundreds of miles in any direction, the land exists within itself and therein lies Ilvermorny and its hundreds of miles worth of land. The school welcomes its students to explore and use magic in these lands, because it is the best way to learn how to use spells in the real world.

Ilvermorny having a strict no-bullying rule. This results in suspensions and even expulsion from Ilvermorny. Because it is a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, there is no tuition bill. So bribes of money for hushing scandal go unheard and unaccepted at this school. Not that it has ever been a big problem. Ilvermorny is a forward thinking school that has, historically, been more accepting of alternative students than others in the world. But there was one year where Dorabelle Martinez got bullied by Wade Stoughton. Man, that is the year we don’t like to talk about. It was the first and last time anyone ever saw the Headmistress get angry about something. She sent letters to the Stoughton Manor in Texas, warning about behavior that was unacceptable. They sent her a gift basket with fruit in it and a check to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for a shameful amount of money. The next morning, the Stoughtons woke up in their manor, as usual. Mrs. Stoughton walked downstairs to get her morning iced tea, as usual. It would be made by Gloria Martinez, as usual. She turned the corner only to find Gloria in tears holding a letter with the Ilvermorny Crest on it. Wade was not only expelled, he was barred from attending any school for Witchcraft and Wizardry from here on. He stood in his pajamas clutching three suitcases and his cat sat on his shoulder.

Students at Ilvermorny who are part of Native Tribes are often referred to by their Earth Names once they arrive at school. This is not a move to draw attention to the fact that the names are different, but rather a more apt communication of who that person is in their soul. Dancing Otter hasn’t been referred to as Lauren in two years and she has never had so much positive self confidence because they know who she really is.

Muggle studies and History being a thing at Ilvermorny because in North America you are expected to know Muggle History of the top of your head, and it’s a good way to hide in plain sight.

6 Money Moves Every 20-Something Should Make Before Summer Is Over

Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, is five weeks away. As you enjoy what’s left of the season a few simple steps can put you on track for a stellar financial year:

1) Track your spendings.

2) Ask for a raise…or at least prepare to. Typically, the right time to ask for a raise is about one year after your last one, or about one year after starting a new job.

3) Check in with your student loans.

4) Start planning for next summer.

Two more money moves you should make.

Over the last 5 years, Monster High has grown a huge fan base all around the world. Because of this, it’s really hard to organize a convention for us (especially if you collect the dolls).

Fright Con is going to be a Monster High convention for the fans, made by the fans. There will be panels, contests, vendors, and much more. And it wouldn’t be much of a Con if the sister series, Ever After High, wasn’t included in the fray.

Here’s the catch: it’s going to be an online convention. Now before you clicked/scroll away, I want to add that just because it’s not being held in a physical place doesn’t mean it would run like an actual Con. It will be held for ONE WEEKEND [Well, technically from Thursday- Sunday] during the summer of 2016 via Internet.  That way, everyone can join in regardless of where you live!

Running a Con is hard work, even with it  being online; way too much for one person to handle alone.  Volunteers would be greatly appreciated, especially to help shape out some of these ideas.  If you would like to help, please send me a message.

The Full Job List and [Current] Master- list of Activities will be listed by the end of this weekend. 

Thank You,


P.S- To answer some questions:

      1. No, this is not a thing that’s going to be “happening in ten years”. It’s going to happen next summer. Even if I’m mortally ill, there will be someone in my place to lead.
      2. This is a real event that a fan is hoping will go well.  
Summer doldrums: NYSE & NASDAQ volume fade

In just over a week it will be Memorial Day weekend. In recent years, this weekend has become the unofficial start of summer. Not long afterwards trading activity will likely begin to slowly decline (barring any external event triggers). We refer to this summertime slowdown in trading as the doldrums due to the anemic volume and uninspired trading on Wall Street. The individual trader, if they are looking to sell a stock, is generally met with disinterest from The Street. It becomes difficult to sell a stock at a good price. That is also why many summer rallies tend to be short lived and are quickly followed by a pullback or correction.

Below we have plotted the one-year seasonal volume patterns since 1965 for the NYSE and 1978 for NASDAQ against the annual average daily volume moving average for 2017 so far. The typical summer lull is highlighted in yellow. A surge in volume this summer, especially accompanied by gains, would be an encouraging sign that the bull market will continue. However, should traders lose their conviction and participate in the annual summer exodus from The Street, a market pullback or correction could quickly unfold.


This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer so I present to you a song that sounds like summer.

You’re at a hotel on some tropical island. The air is thick and hot. There’s a bar set up on the sand, so close to the ocean you can feel droplets of water when the waves crash to the shore. There are drinks, fancy drinks in novelty containers, drinks that taste like July, all sweet and powerful. There’s a couple - he’s in a crisp linen suit, she’s wearing a flared, flowered dress and high heels - and even though it feels too hot to move, the couple take to the sand to dance, twirling each other around and around, effortless, liquid moves that have everyone watching. A thunderstorm moves in, the air becomes even thicker and as the sky booms and drops of rain fall into drinks, the couple continues dancing, oblivious to the heat, the rain, to anything but themselves. 

This song is playing. 

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Hey, I'm madly in love with the nostalgia and small-town goodness and pain seen in Rolling Wheat So It Rolls by Saltyfeathers. I've been searching for a year or so now for another small-town goodie to sink my teeth into like that one, with plenty of delicious angst and growing pains and nostalgia, but I've come up short. Any recs?

Not many fics fit your ask perfectly, so we focused on stories where Dean or Cas grew up and now live in the same small town. The fics listed are not coming of age stories, but they are filled with small town goodness and moments of nostalgia!  If you are just looking for that atmospheric small town feel, check out some of the fics on our Southern Gothic list.  

For those interested here is Rolling Wheat, So It Rolls. If any of our followers have suggestions that fit perfectly, please drop them in our ask box. Thanks!


Bumble and bumble shows us four ways to wear fall’s most wanted, most wearable style.

Windblown waves may be the unofficial hairstyle of summer, but mermaid twists, beachy body, tousled ponytails, and more are moving into the fall, thanks to products that provide year-round texture. Check out these effortless tutorials straight from Bumble and bumble to amp up texture, no matter the season.  RENEE TRILIVAS

Spritz Bumble and bumble Surf Spray into hands and scrunch through hair. Use a curling iron to create loose waves. Break up waves with fingers and scrunch Surf Spray again through the hair to create sexy, windswept, beachy texture.

Use a curling iron to add gentle bend and volume to the hair. Run fingers through the lengths to loosen the shape. Generously spray Bumble and bumble Cityswept Finish onto hair, from mid-shaft to ends, moving hair up and down and through a cloud of spray. Scrunch hair into a subtle wavy structure and enjoy a lived-in, street-styled look.

Spray Bumble and bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish from roots to ends, and rake fingers through the hair. Pull hair back into a loose ponytail, leaving volume at the crown, and secure with an elastic. Use fingers to lift hair even more at the crown, and spray again for instant fullness and texture. Finish by misting the spray through the tail for an airy finish.

Part hair down the middle, from the hairline to the nape of the neck. Twist both sections into a loose fishtail braid and secure with an elastic. Sprinkle Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-Powder through the crown and the braids. Rub the powder into the hair to create volume and texture. Pull the braids up and across the front of the head and secure with pins.