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Pairing: Luke & Female Reader (only because of the pet name princess other than that it’s genderless) 

Words: 1200+

Warning: sfw 

I’m making this into a series based on Luke getting his new apartment bc you guys don’t know how happy i am he’s settling down in Sydney !!!

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so i read the cursed child


A full list of my thoughts while reading The Cursed Child: 

i’m ready, witches and bitches

  • “don’t stop and don’t be scared you’ll crash into it. best to do it at a run if you’re nervous” juST FUCK ME UP
  • ron doing a lame trick and everyone loving its lameness is something i didn’t know i needed
  • “mum! i can’t give a professor love!” obviously rose hasn’t read much fanfiction
  • scorpius sings, and then realizes singing was a mistake….my precious smol bean, the smolest of beans
  • “the rumor is that he’s voldemort’s son, albus…it’s probably rubbish, I mean, look, you’ve got a nose” i don’t even know what to say i just
  • i’m on page 18 and albus and scorpius are gay
  • “Albus Potter, the Slytherin squib” alright I’m ready to fucking throw down and fight, you talk shit about me and you talk shit about my house but DOn”T TALK SHIT ABOUT MY SON
  • “just cast a spell, dad, and change me into what you want me to be, okay? it’ll work better for both of us” this book just started how am I already suffering this much
  • “I didn’t choose, you know that? I didn’t choose to be his son” be my son please
  • wait did I read something wrong or are harry and ginny on a no sugar diet
  • wtf boy you killed the dark lord and you think a little sugar is going to hurt you? eat that toffee, bitch
  • “How many people have died for the Boy Who Lived? I’m asking you to save one of them.” …….well shit
  • lily is a pure angel and her fairy wings are the cutest, how did they do that on stage i must see this play
  • “The poor orphan who went on to save us all. So may I say– on behalf of wizarding kind– how grateful we are for your heroism. Should we bow now or will a curtsy do?” wow albus is a salty little shit, isn’t he? my parents would never let me
  • “well there are times I wish you weren’t my son” OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT WADDUP
  • his scar had not pained him for 19 years, all was well BITCH YOU THOUGHT
  • why is scorpius rambling about how rose smells like bread on the hogwarts express, this boy is so socially awkward
  • oh hi hello middle school rose and scorpius feels
  • albus hugs his friend. with fierceness. they hold for a beat. it’s page 51 and albus and scorpius are gay
  • “okay. hello. um. have we hugged before? do we hug?” they are so gay ?? like ?? so so gay
  • why are two fourteen year old gay boys trying to time travel to save someone they have never met just because one fourteen year old gay boy is angsty towards his father, what is this plot, i love it, but what is this plot
  • what the fuck. the trolley witch. what the fuck.
  • hello draco, nice seeing you again, still a little shit i see
  • “nothing scares me, apart from mum” same ron, same
  • how the fuck do they do this on stage
  • “I don’t care what you did or who you saved, you are a constant curse on my family, Harry Potter.” I mean he’s not wrong.
  • is it still casual incest if pollyjuice potion is involved
  • this is like a really interesting really well written fanfiction
  • wait where is teddy
  • of all the people they could bring back to life they chose cedric? no offense to cedric, but….really?
  • where is teddy
  • what the hap is fuckening
  • harry james potter scorpius is a smol bean child why can’t you see thatalbus is a bad influence on scorpius not the other way around SMH MY HEAD
  • he’s going to use the map to spy on albus?? he’s going to force albus into gryffindor?? he’s keeping him away from his boyfriend??  WHAT THE FUCK WHY IS HARRY BEING SUCH A BAD DAD
  • oh. oh. oh albus is actually in gryffindor. okay so harry is slightly less of a bad dad
  • but still a bad dad
  • it’s page 121 and albus and scorpius are gay
  • w h e r e   i s   t e d d y
  • “but you’re not this mean” “and that’s 20 points from gryffindor to assure albus potter that i am this mean” #teachinggoals
  • “I don’t want to hurt you, Draco” “How interesting, because I do want to hurt you” GOOD SHIT GOOD SHIT RIGHT HERE THIS IS GOOD SHIT
  • “you two– you belong together” even characters in-book ship this okay
  • “We’re losers. True and total losers.” #same why is this book so relatable
  • oh how did i not realize that this entire scene takes place with scorpius and albus wrestling on the ground okay
  • maybe the real cursed child was the friends we made along the way
  • oh man i just hate it when i upset the dementors and interrupt voldemort day :///
  • honestly though it makes sense Voldemort is team valor.
  • the scorpion king, the blood ball, oh potter, this is too much
  • f o r   v o l d e m o r t    a n d   v a l o r
  • “she made being brave very easy, your mother” aw draco
  • draco defied his father for love I cannot
  • and to think I thought I would get through this book without having to see snape, fucking hell
  • “Cedric Diggory killed only one wizard and not a significant one– Neville Longbottom”
  • IF NEVILLE HADN’T BEEN NEVILLE HARRY POTTER WOULD NOT HAVE WON, NEVILLE WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT, MOST SIGNIFICANT, if I accept one thing from Voldemort Day™ world, it is this canon recognition of Neville’s importance goodbye
  • “I’m a wanted man” “less wanted” SAVAGE
  • scorpius watches as hermione and ron have their souls sucked from them after finally realizing they are in love, okay, yes, i am fine
  • I still hate Snape
  • okay wait it just sunk in that cedric became a death eater and ?? no ?? I don’t like this or approve of it ? that just destroyed his character? cedric would never okay
  • okay if we’ve had the conflict and the resolution and we still have 100 pages…what comes next…
  • “What did I miss?” “It is considered polite to knock when entering a room, Hermione Granger, maybe you missed that.” I fucking love McGonagall okay, I havent’ said that enough in this liveblog
  • “bravery doesn’t forgive stupidity” A LITTLE LOUDER FOR THE GRYFFINDORS IN THE BACK
  • okay well at least they acknowledged that Slytherin!Albus wasn’t the reason for all their problems
  • oh yeah voldemort i forgot about him
  • glad to see the moldy voldy nickname has caught on
  • seriously though why has no one mentioned teddy lupin this entire play does he not exist anymore
  • who the fuck is polly chapman
  • “It’s time that time-turning became a thing of the past” I love this boy with all of my heart
  • who the fuck is craig bowker jr
  • hello delphi, fancy seeing you again, i still don’t care about you
  • wait delphi is the book’s main villain ?? that feels anticlimactic
  • ron and neville are drinking buddies
  • “Your niece” “I don’t have a niece” oh shit, the plot thickens m8, too bad i still don’t care about delphi
  • she’s torturing scorpius to get to albus i am both sad and also happy, i love this trope but i want to protect my sons
  • it’s page 229 and albus and scorpius are gay
  • craig bower jr is dead, and i am so broken and sad, he was my favorite character, i am so emotionally attached, after how much we’ve all gotten to know him, oh no, what a shame wow.
  • “but if the prophecy is inevitable why are we here trying to influence it?” fucking finally
  • how is she flying without a broom do they ever actually explain this
  • how do they do all of this on stage i am still wondering
  • I won’t accept this
  • what the hap is fuckening
  • “I didn’t know much about it so can’t take responsibility– and I’m pretty sure my kids had nothing to do with it– but if this lot are standing up here then so am I.” I love you Ronald Weasley, until the day I die
  • where is teddy lupin
  • why are they saying albus fancied delphi, they had no chemistry and this appeared nowhere else in the story
  • are we going to get to see lily and james potter because if we are all is forgiven
  • “wow. squeak. my geekiness is a-quivering” I love scorpius malfoy my smol bean son
  • a young, attractive couple leave a house with a baby in a pushchair
  • carve that onto my tombstone
  • “Go. Leave. I don’t want you here. I don’t need you. You were absent every time it really counted. I fought him three times without you. I’ll face him again, if needs be– alone.” FUCKING FINALLY
  • the boy finally admits dumbledore was a shitty father figure, my day has finally come
  • the boy finally calls dumbledore out on his bullshit for leaving him in an abusive home !! I have !! waited !! years for this !!
  • “it isn’t true that I never complained” we know, harry, we know. you could have been renamed “the boy who whines”
  • “What did you want to do?” “…Mainly I wanted to be happy.” be still my beating yet aching heart….draco…my son…my boy…my precious child…
  • the ministry’s time turners were too vanilla for lucius malfoy
  • “secretly I think he preferred a world without voldemort” thank you jk rowling this was all i really needed to hear
  • “It is exceptionally lonely, being draco malfoy” oh god, my sweet boy
  • “I would sell my soul for another minute with astoria” WHY IS THIS SCENE GIVING ME SUCH EXTREME FEELS
  • why do i feel like this is the beginning of a drarry hurt/comfort fic on ffn
  • draco and harry bonding over parenting is my aesthetic
  • “as pleasurable as it will be to hide in a hole for the next forty years…” their relationship is written in such a way that I’m still not sure if he’s being sarcastic or not
  • “if I had to choose a companion to be at the return of eternal darkness with, it’s you”
  • draco has a ponytail
  • but how are they going to get back to their own time again, time turners don’t allow for that i don’t
  • #savevoldemort81
  • ron is the most chilled out
  • I bet ron does weed i’m calling it now
  • so is delphi immune to the five minute rule on this time turner because it seems like this is a plothole
  • “I’m being bossed around by Hermione Granger…and I mildly enjoy it” dramione fans everywhere are shitting their pants I’m sure
  • but when did they have the time
  • “Are you crawling away from me?” She seems surprised. Obviously she didn’t read the first seven books.
  • “I’ve never fought alone, and I never will” FUCK YEAH
  • is jkr really making harry witness his parents murder?? this is so fucked up
  • HAGRID !!!!!!!!! <3 <3 3 <3
  • scorpius asked out rose which on one hand brings back so many middle school scorpius/rose memories, but also angers me because for 300 pages albus and scorpius have been incredibly gay
  • what is this forced heterosexuality bullshit
  • “Your dad used to love to do this smoke ring thing with you” i’m so happy i’m so happy
  • aw harry is afraid of the dark
  • i accept claustrophobic harry as canon
  • but pigeons ?? really ??
  • who the fuck is craig
  • “not ALL slytherins” “your right, scorpius and albus would NEVER”
  • time to rewrite all my middle school next-gen fanfiction

in conclusion: somehow despite it all I still loved it

Daisy Chain (Everlark Drabble)...

Okay so I thought I’d take a break from writing today after work and just chill, maybe watch some TV, read fanfic, read my book… but then this happened! I wanted to write Pregnant!Katniss and it’s slightly inspired from my work today in the little kids section of the shop - they have the cutest little things there!

Daisy Chain…

I’ve timed my work perfectly today, and as much as I want to think it a result of my time keeping and accuracy as a scientist, I know - like most science - it was sheer luck. I shrug out of my lab coat after scrubbing my hands clean, and hang it on to the peg that is unofficially, mine. It’s almost too tight now, like most of my clothes, but I’m stubbornly putting off the inevitable.

“See you later!” I call, only looking back briefly before swinging out of the double doors and head to my office. It’s lunch now, well for me at least and I’m making sure I make the most of it before settling in for an afternoon of reading and research. I walk as quickly as I still can, though I notice how my feet turn out more, how I’m waddling a little, though not nearly as much as I will be by the end. I’m tired, my back aches a bit too, and my legs scream as I try to walk faster along the sparse, bright and silent corridors. I’m just inserting the key into the door when I feel it, on cue. The flip in my belly, the nudging against me. 

I freeze, my eyes wide and my mouth falling open too, my hand slowly coming up to press against the bulge of my stomach. I’m still getting used to her moving, though I seem to know her schedule of movements and rests. The terror I first felt still ebbs around me, but the corners of my mouth pick up too, just a little, and my hand presses firmer to her as I exhale. 

I shut myself into my office with a quick click of the door, tiny feet and fists still whirring inside me which I respond to only once I am definitely alone and eased into my chair. My hand smooths over my bump and I pull out the lunch Peeta made for me, insisting that my “pathetic excuse for a sandwich” just wouldn’t do, and my phone.

“Okay little one, will we see if your Dad remembered that we’re meeting Auntie Annie and Jo and we won’t be home till later?” I speak softly to her. The nudges don’t stop.


“Please, oh please tell me we’re done and can go get something to drink now!” 

I laugh at Jo, dragging along behind both Annie and me. She hates shopping. I’m not a big fan either, but Jo hates it. Annie has successfully pulled us into shop after shop, but it’s taking it’s toll on Jo. And my feet.

“Yeah, are we nearly done? My feet are killing me.”

Annie rolls her eyes and Jo bites back her usual retort about my not being allowed to complain since it’s all mine and Peeta’s own doing. She needs me to be on her side.

“Okay, nearly, just let me pick something up for Finn. I swear that boy grows out of his clothes every week.”

Don’t I know it; I feel like I’m physically growing and ballooning by the second. My stomach growls and a foot presses into my ribs, and I try to silence both with a gentle pat and rub with my palm. Although more comfortable openly displaying this with Annie and Jo, we’re still in public and for some reason, that makes me pretty self conscious. 

Annie drifts into the kids clothing shop and Jo and I trail along behind, not really paying attention to where we walk. It’s so bright and colourful in here; like a set of crayons were used to colour the clothes. My gaze flits around me, and I wander away from my friends.

Before I know it, I’m right in the middle of the newborn section.

Tiny little onsies, bibs and soothing blankets, stuffed, fluffy toys. 

My fingers brush over a soft, white onsie, one little daisy embroidered to the chest. We haven’t bought her anything yet. But maybe one little starting point wouldn’t hurt. Carefully, I take the hanger from the rail, “Newborn 0-2 months” reads the label, and I clutch it to my chest. We really should start.

“What do you think baby?” I whisper, glad to be the only one in the section. “We should get you something, right?”

A hand pushes against mine softly, and I smile. “That’s settled then.”

I turn slightly and another stand catches my eye.  Shoes! Shoes for feet so little and perfect. My hand reaches out to touch them, and a lump lodges firmly between my throat and my chest. Oh no. Oh no, not now. I’m going to be the stupid, pregnant woman, blubbering in public.

I am the stupid, pregnant woman, blubbering in public, staring at tiny, white sneakers and holding a romper limply at my side. 

“There you are, Katniss! Jo, she’s here!” 

My head whips round to meet Annie’s eyes, my braid flying through the air as I turn. My lip quivers and I sniff before I turn away again, wiping at my eyes.


Annie stands next to me, a hand on my shoulder and her voice as soft as cotton. “What is it?”

I don’t even know. I can’t explain it. I laugh through the tears still cascading down my cheeks and point to the sneakers. “They’re so tiny.”

I don’t know what I thought she would do or say, but when she laughs softly too and wraps her arm over my shoulders, pulling me into her embrace, I am so glad she found me first and not Jo. “They are,” she agrees and lets me go. “Are you going to get them?”

I wipe my cheeks clear this time and shrug, biting my lip. I want to, but I’m afraid that if I start, I won’t want to stop. 

“Hey, are we done? Can I sit down now?”

I laugh, hearing Jo behind us before we see her.

“What’s going on? Are you betraying me now, Brainless? You’re gonna prolong my shopping torture, aren’t you?”

I look down at the daisy suit in my hand, my knuckles white with my grip refusing to give it up. “I haven’t bought her anything yet,” I whisper without looking up at my friends. I think I hear a muffled gasp from Annie, and I’m glad I didn’t see her cover her shocked expression. Jo puffs a long breath and speaks first.

“Well, we can’t have her naked for the first year of her life.”

When I look up, Jo is smiling and Annie has pinned her full attention to her too. “So, I’ll take that bit,” she gestures wildly, “Annie, you’re over there and you have that part in the middle. We pick up everything we like, and Katniss gets to veto. Okay?”

I’m grinning and then I’m nodding, and Annie is walking over to her assigned section.

“And as soon as we are finished, neither of you are allowed to buy anything else for anyone, unless it is a large gin and tonic for me, okay?”


It’s dark when I get home, even though it was Annie who took Jo back to her apartment. I slam my door over and grab the bags from the boot, trudging into our home. Peeta is still up, I can see him in the living room window, and he stands when I open the door.


He meets me halfway and I let the bags drop to the floor, his lips pressing against mine firmly before I lock my arms around his waist. 

“Did you have a good time then?” His arms are strong around me, and pull me as close as they can into his warm, solid chest. I nod.

“I cried at a pair of shoes and,” I pull back to look at his face. “Okay, don’t be mad.”

His eyebrows knit together and he smiles apprehensively. “Why would I be mad?”

“I bought baby clothes. For her.” I nod to the bags at our feet and look back to him.

He’s still grinning, wider now. “Great! Let me see what you picked!”

He goes to pick up the bags and I stop him, my hand on his arm and a shake of my head. “I’ve got these ones…” I hand him my car keys. “There’s three more in the trunk.”

He laughs, and tosses the keys in his palm. “Well, you definitely stocked up.”

“I’m sorry. It just… happened.”

His hands come to rest on my shoulders and he presses a kiss to my forehead. “Katniss, I’m not mad. I’m happy, really. Now, go sit down and I’ll be right back in, and you can show me everything you bought, okay?”

At a loss for words at how wonderful he is, I close my open mouth and nod with a light smile before we part ways; me to the living room and Peeta to the driveway. 

I settle down onto the couch and groan, stretching my aching back with a few clicks and a sigh. It feels nice to sit down in the comfort of the cushions. I wrap my hands across my belly, my eyes growing heavier. Just for a minute, I think. I’ll just close them and listen for Peeta coming back in, and to the sounds of the fire he has going and…

Peeta’s POV:

“Right, let’s get this fashion - “

I stop mid sentence, seeing Katniss fast asleep on the couch. She looks peaceful, and happy, a small smile still ghosting her face. I don’t want to wake her, so instead, I put the rest of the bags with the two she had first brought, and grab the blanket from the other couch, draping it over her gently. She sighs in her sleep, her shoulders wriggling a little, but her hands daren’t move from her stomach. I smile and sit beside her, her head lulling on to my shoulder, my lips brushing over her hair and wrap my arm over her shoulders with a sigh. In this moment, I don’t think I’ve been happier.

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Unofficially Mine (Jin & Yoongi)

Request: _________ gets jealous when another member get’s an excuse to hold you.

A/N: There well be a Hoseok & Namjoon addition plus the maknae line. Scenario request are opened.

Jin & Yoongi | Hoseok & Namjoon | Maknae Line

-Admin D


Jin watched as you were trying to balance yourself on the chair to reach over the cupboard for the pasta. He got up to help you but then as you were still reaching you slipped. He quickly went over to you just in time to grab onto you, holding you by the waist. He felt his cheeks flush as he looked down to where he’s hands were located.

“Jin! Thank you. I’m so stupid for trying to get…” You rambled on but he wasn’t paying even the slightest attention.

At some point in your friendship, Jin noticed that he would stare a little longer than usual and that he felt so much different whenever the two of you hung out. But now, for the first time, that his arms were around your waist he knew for sure that he liked.

“Are you going to let go of me or?” you asked smiling at him.

He quickly let his hands drop to his sides mumbling,“I have to go.”

You stared as he stumbled out of the kitchen causing you to laugh,”He’s always so weird.”

A few hours after your slipping incident, Jin went back to talk to you trying to figure out if you felt the same way. As he got out of his room he heard you giggling along with Taehyung’s raspy voice. He furrowed his eyebrows thinking,”What the hell are they doing?”

When he reached the living room, he saw that Taehyung was chasing after you. You were trying to get away but his long arms quickly captured you holding onto you from behind. 

“Caught you! Now give me back my phone.”

Jin stared at the two of you feeling his anger rise at the younger boy. “Taehyung what are you doing?”

“Trying to get my phone back do you ne-”

Jin rubbed his forehead,”Yes I do need something from you.” He motioned to the younger boy as you stared in confusion.

Jin lowered his voice,”Do not touch her. Even if she’s not mine she will be soon enough. Now I’d like for you to stay away from her, if possible for the remainder of the day.“

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He wasn’t aware that you were going to be hanging out with him and Jungkook. It was partially the younger boy’s fault because he knew how Yoongi felt about you and he should have told his hyung about you being there. It was clear to you that the atmosphere changed once you reached the two boys.

“Hey, everything alright?” you asked with a worried look on your face.

“Everything’s fine. Do you guys want to get a bite to eat?” Jungkook asked.

You looked over at Yoongi, who had a rather uneasy expression on his face. You felt uneasy and seeing that Yoongi wasn’t too happy about your presence being there. “Oh! I’m so stupid. I forgot I had to,” you said beginning to turn but resulted crashing into Yoongi. He steadied you by placing one hand on your shoulder and one on your arm.

You muttered a rushed sorry, feeling embarrassed for not seeing him in the first place. “I’m sorry that I have to cancel boys,” you said rushing out the park. The two boys staring at you as you drove away.

“You were acting so cold hyung. It was honestly so awkward,” the younger boy said laughing.

“Shut up idiot. I just freeze up every time she’s near,” Yoongi muttered embarrassed that he’s telling this to him.

Jungkook made an ‘aww’ sound poking at Yoongi’s side. “Never thought I would see you like this.”

“Jungkook! (Y/N) is looking for you!” Hoseok yelled out. Yoongi quickly turned to look at the younger boy, who was standing up. “I’ll be right back,” he said walking out to the front of the house.

Yoongi became curious when Jungkook didn’t come back after 10 minutes. What is this kid up to now? When he was reaching the front of the house he heard Jungkook chuckle.

“I’ll see you later Jungkook,” you said smiling up at him. Yoongi stood behind the wall hoping he wasn’t visible as he stared at both you and Jungkook.

You walked closer to the younger boy hugging him. Yoongi gripped at the edge of the wall feeling his jealousy rise. He counted the seconds expecting it to be a short goodbye hug but then Jungkook wrapped his arms around you hugging you even more tightly.

“Jungkook! I have to go,” you said pulling away playfully pushing him as you opened the door waving goodbye.

“What was that?” Yoongi asked coming out of his hiding place.

“Yoongi you scar-”

“Why were you hugging her for so long? Do you like her too?” he asked getting closer to Jungkook.

“Of course not. What I can’t hug my friends?” Jungkook challenged.

“Not her. Anyone but her,” he said getting closer to his face on finger on his chest,”Got it?”

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One Direction: The Inside Story

More like One Direction: The Inside of Simon Cowell’s asshole.

Anyway, nothing new. The oldest appearance they have included is the 2013 AMA’s.

No one really important made an appearance, although one journalist from Heat mentioned how their connection to the fans via social media makes it “appear” that they are closer to their fans.

Interesting header for official narrative pushing Radio1D. I know others have said the big UAs have replaced the nourriam pics with OT5 but I find it very interesting. The pic they used as their header tells a story, IMO. Nourriam together on a bright red couch. Zaynie to the side on a black couch. Obviously it’s a photoshop pic someone made but it’s interesting. And that Zouis are looking forward while Nouiam are not. And that these are the folks who made sure the Fandom saw the pics of Zaynie in LA. Hmm.

You’re welcome. 

Thanks for the attention. Are you trying to let people know you disagree with the official narrative you’re pushing?