unofficial rules of tumblr

The unofficial rules of tumblr -
  1. Don’t talk about tumblr TO REAL LIFE ‘FRIENDS’ WHOM YOU DISLIKE.You’re going to bitch about them constantly on your own blog, and if they come here on tumblr, it will cause disturbance, trust me. EVERYONE here is going to bitch about facebook, so don’t put your tumblr url on your status and be all ‘Follow me I made a tumblr hurr durr’ unless you’re cool with everyone who is going to see your blog. We are accepting people, unless you’re a douchebag.
  2. If there’s some content on someone’s blog that you don’t like, UNFOLLOW. Don’t bitch and moan and go into their ask as anon and be like ‘You used to post cool stuff but now you have changed, I don’t like it’ - chances are, they won’t give a flying fuck.
  3. You’re/your, Their/they’re/there, It’s/its. Learn the difference.
  4. Try and learn the memes if you can - it will make life so much easier for you.
  5. Sarcasm is not the lowest form of wit. It’s the common language that we speak here. Try not to take us too seriously.
  6. Do not save pictures and repost them, or change the source link to your own url. It’s stealing, and it’s not tolerated. Give people credit for the work they have done.
  7. If you’re homophobic (and saying ‘I don’t care if you’re gay, just don’t show it in public’ goes into that category) -GTFO. We stand for EQUALITY here. We accept everyone as they are, no matter what their sexuality is. 
  8. Same rule applies for religion. Don’t assume that all christians are like the Westborough baptist church. Don’t assume that all catholics are like the Pope. We don’t talk smack about the Atheists, so return the same favour.
  9. Post whatever the hell you want AS LONG IT’S NOT OFFENSIVE. If someone doesn’t like seeing it on their dash, answer them with a:

  10. Don’t make posts saying YOU HAVE TO REBLOG THIS or THIS IS AN INSTA-REBLOG POST. No. We don’t HAVE to do it.
Them Crazy Lg's Filling Their Shit Up In My Dashboard.

I have a couple girls on my tumblr who are the most lgest lg’s I’ve ever seen in my life, they just don’t know what to do with their lives or something..

It’s sad but also kind of scary. 

They post about weed and suicide all the time, not even fucking apart of any fandom. They just.. suck.. or something.. I don’t even know. But they should stop, they really should..

They think they’re so cool because they have a tumblr, posts billions of statuses about it on facebook, and make their occupation “Working at Tumblr” or some stupid shit like that.

I haven’t been on Tumblr too long, I’ve had my account for almost a year, but I’ve only used it for about five-six months.. but I know the unofficial Tumblr rules, they should too. Unofficial or not they’re good fucking rules.