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Heyy~ Long time, no post! ( ゚▽゚)/ This was to be for the Moon Viewing stuff that went on last month (and kinda Tsukki’s b-day too), but I was busy with my own birthday and lots of other things so I’m only now finally getting it together. ‘Better late than never’ though, right? ੧(❛▿❛✿)੭

therealcryptidismygender  asked:

How about the batfam reacting to bat mom getting criticized or slandered in the press

I have this unofficial headcanon, that the press never touches Batmom.

They might talk about the kids, or Bruce, maybe even Alfred. But they never talk about her.

Partially because she’s practically a saint, all she does is talk about how much she loves her adoptive kids, and her husband. And then the other half of it is that she’s done so much for Gotham charity wise, that if any reporter wrote something about her, they would almost immediately be fired. 

If she ever is in the papers, it’s usually for a positive reason. Or because some tabloid claims they’re getting a divorce because Bruce was cheating. 

anonymous asked:

That anon talking about articles on HL got me thinking. Do you think maybe ot4's contract ended since liam signed the record deal and since agt? as well as how it's been nearly six years since they signed w modest! and syco. i find it quite interesting. maybe the media is trying to make larry more relevant for a while, right? do you think maybe that way baby gate will end and we'd have a coming out... Don't wanna raise my hopes only then to be let down tbh. Wby gabi?

I have an opinion which I think I shared many times but I’m gonna wait it out. I want to see if the great things continue because so far 1d since the agt show has become night and day. So far I say a tentative yes.

- Louis’ Free Spirit after agt taping.
- taping happening 1 year+ a day after Simon’s baby confirmation
- Liam’s timing. HIS announcement. Liam who’s been pushed back as loved up and hasn’t been associated with music by Simon. The way his announcement was done. The way the press release was done.
- His announcement brought attention to the band.
- Then a few people tweeted who normally wouldn’t. Ruth did an unofficial press release that sounded different than *band not speaking up because they have their hands tied*. It sounded more like *ok you and you will tweet to calm down fans a bit but no more because we want to keep the mystery*.

Then the anniversary.
- Louis’ using the official twitter since what 2010?
- Then the fact that it was a video, not a tweet on his account.
- Then H sent his tweet right in time when the celebration for Louis’ video died down.
- And bamm perfect opportunity for the press to use their names in the headlines.
- The families were also coordinated, like.. Anne was retweeted and Jay also tweeted, pretty close to each other. I don’t remember ever an anniversary when such a coordination happened.

So my yes is a YES because everything I listed is new. But it’s tentative because contracts are tricky.

Let’s hope it continues. And you already know why I think that this smart team would want to end it all with a bang. :)



i’m selling the last of my kpop merch since i’m kinda over having it. i feel like theyre just collecting dust on my shelf and i figured someone else will probably enjoy them much more than i will

so here’s what i’ve got:

1. Got7 1st mini album Got it? (no photocard) - $5
2. Exo 1st mini album Mama (group photocard) - $5
3. Infinite H mini album Fly high (both photocards) - $5

4. Btob debut & history dvd (7 photos) - $15
5. SNSD I got a boy era Jessica snapback (worn once & disinfected) - $10

i also have posters & theyre not in perfect condition so i’ll sell them for a dollar each or something

for posters i have:

got7 got it, exo mama, inf h fly high, suju m perfection, two block buster posters,super show 3, 11 unofficial infinite posters & btob press play. 

i would like to ship only inside the USA and use paypal for payment.