uno (nanbaka)

I love how in the opening Jyugo’s eyes are colorful and it might be only me or in my head only but the colors change according to his friends eyes and hair colors for example one eye is yellow/pink and the other is blue Uno’s hair is blond/pink and his eyes are blue 

this moment of the opening is my favorite because of the colors changing on the most beautiful way 

ahhhh~~~~ not Unojyuu art, i spend my whole free time and weekends trying to finish this A3 sized full colored Jyugo in the Wonderland for a friend’s contest in Instagram…… well, i had to draw it as neutral as possible since she dont like yaoi. not that i wish to win much, i just draw this cuz @madarashin wants me to draw it too

This is my first ever A3 sized full color art, my hand is dyingggg

Alice = Jyugo
The Cheshire Cat = che-shrimp uno
The White Rabbit = Upa
The Queen of Hearts = Momoko
The Duchess, baby and maid = Kiji, Trois and Honey
The Mad Hatter = Micchan
The March Hare = Nico
The Dormouse = Rock
The White Queen = Hitoshi
The Card Soldier = Hajime, Samon and Seitarou

well i intend to draw more chara in it, but too bad not enough space for it

and also i intend to draw unojyuu version of it, hopefully i can finish it soon..


finally finished…. omg… it tooks me forever to finished drawing this short comic damn it. I’m super damn slow

i drew the lineart traditionally while toning it digitally. i’m sux at digital art, honestly…

its a neutral story, no pairing, just a school au i think of based on my real story when i was still a school student….

 i was that uno, this story is so embarrassing i wish i can erase it from my brain and my kouhai’s brain..

sorry the story is real lame