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So the Japan National ended.. with expected winners..

Well the biggest surprise was that Hanyu got the flu and had to withdraw which made me so disappointed, cause I was excited like crazy!!  But maybe this was for the best.. take care of your health and come back stronger!! –he’s always in a (mechagucha) state this time of the year!!  Why don’t they move JN to January, really.. it’s not even 2 weeks between it and GPF, and their best athletes are always exhausted-..

So Hanyu will be going to 4CC and Worlds like he planned!!  Ganbatte!!  Always look infront of you and do your best!

Shoma was under so much pressure that it showed on him!!  He fell on a quad in his short, but did all three in the free, well done!!  But had many little mistakes in his jumps.. but overall great!!  -I still like his FP in GPF the most-..  The weight of the pressure showed in his last pose and tears, and maybe exhausted too!!  Omedetou Shoma, National Champion..

Shoma will go to 4CC, Worlds and Asian Winter Games!! Wow!! Ganbatte!!

Mura did very well in SP, but he again made mistakes in the FP!!  What happened.. maybe his stamina!?  And Tanaka doing so well in the nationals.. omedetou.. lol, Hanyu must be so happy watching his friend, and more he’s going to be with him in worlds and 4CC!! Lool.. Tanaka get ready for the over excited Hanyu..

Tanaka will go to 4CC & Worlds, while Mura will go to the AWG.  Ganbatte!!

As for the ladies, I was so happy for Kana I got tears in my eyes at the end of her FP!!  She had two hard seasons.. and at last she performed a clean FP.. and the step sequence at the end was so beautiful.. otsukare sama..

(Aww.. her coach is crying too..)

And Mao!  The 3A is back!! Lool.. how stubborn can this lady be..!! (reminds me of someone who’s down now with a flu)!! -whistle-

I’m glad the 3A is back but I hope that her knee is totally cured to do that!!  Even if she didn’t land it, she’s getting better now, jumping her triples.. she still needs more confidence though before her triple jumps.. she does them perfectly at practice, but in her SP I felt she slowed down before her triples.. which make my heart sink!!  In the FP though she went for them and jumped, even though she fell twice.. I think that’s better than doubling them!! Go Mao!!

(lol, i saw that! Yes too bad for the 3A!)

(Comforting her self after the sp!!)

(I like how still she helps out with the flowers <3

(I don’t think she can carry more than this, lol)..

She got 12 in the ranking though.. and we won’t see her in the 3 coming competitions.. I’m hoping she would participate in small competitions if there were any.. Kana won’t compete too.. but she’s a substitute for AWG.

(More Mao screen shots..)

Hongo did really well.. I was surprised of her being 5th!! Maybe the jumping layouts!!  And she brought back the River Dance for her FP, I like it better to be honest, I didn’t like her fp.. but changing a program in the middle of the season is tough!!  Ganbatte in AWG!!

Lastly, Omedetou Satoko for your 3rd champion!!  The first mistake in the FP took me by surprise honestly and I couldn’t help but scold her.. lol.. but then she did everything nicely.. Otsukare and good luck from here on!!!   –I can’t but laugh at her stoic reaction when she was first, umm, you should react more Satoko chan!!!-.  Her last reverse spin is always beautiful..

Satoko will go to the three coming competitions 4CC, Worlds & AWG!!  Ganbatte!!  And with her goes two young skaters Mai & Wakaba, I think that’s good.. yep..

Go Team Japan!!  Good luck & Fight!!

+ this boy and his pooh! 

La Virgen de la Anunciación (en italiano, “Annunciata di Palermo”), es un cuadro de Antonello da Messina del Primer Renacimiento. Se trata de una de las obras maestras del pintor, realizada entre 1474 y 1476, en la que aplica el más alto grado de su arte. El cuadro,  de pequeño formato, (45 × 34,5 cm) constituye uno de los tesoros de la Galleria Regionale della Sicilia en Palermo, y una de las más célebres pinturas de Sicilia,


Cordón Umbilical;
Es una estructura tubular de unos 50 cm. de longitud promedio que esta formada por dos (2) arterias que saliendo del bebé se dirigen a la placenta y una (1) vena que originándose en la placenta se dirige de regreso al bebé, todo esto rodeado de una especie de gelatina firme (Gelatina de Wharton) recubierta por un fino envoltorio. Al hablar de arterias y venas inferimos que el CU es un componente vascular que permite el flujo sanguíneo entre el bebé y su placenta.
Cuál es la función del cordón:
El feto no “respira” y nunca tiene hambre dentro del vientre materno. Aunque lo veamos con “movimientos respiratorios” y tragando dentro del vientre materno (por Eco) él solo está ejercitando ciertas funciones muy importantes, pero sin valor nutricional. Todo lo que necesita el bebé proviene de la madre en forma de oxígeno y nutrientes que se encuentran en la sangre materna y que filtrados por la placenta son derivados hacia el bebé mediante el Cordón Umbilical.
El bebé depende del Cordón para vivir y desarrollarse hasta estar listo para nacer, si por alguna razón la circulación del cordón se obstruye repentinamente el feto fallecerá en cuestión de 3 a 5 minutos.
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